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5 Easy Ways to #DriveTraffic and Sales

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  • 5 Easy Ways to #DriveTraffic and Sales

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    Content is and always will be keying on the World Wide Web. Blogging is rated among the top 10 as a stable means of driving traffic and revenue from affiliate programs. Social media marketing through times over as a stable means of building and sustaining positive relationships with the target audience. Affiliate marketing proves itself to be a stable means of making money online and working from the comfort of your laptop part-time or full-time. That said, there is no one definitive approach to driving traffic and sales.

    Here's 5 recommended ways to drive traffic and sales
    • Blog 1-3 times daily in "long form content," meaning 1,000 words or better each post.
    • Post videos frequently to your YouTube channel with links back to your blog or website for more information.
    • Take time to answer questions from your audience on social networks and don't be hard up to push them an affiliate link.
    • Build your e-mail list naturally and send e-mail newsletters with cloaked affiliate links in them.
    • Experiment from time to time with Google AdWords and Facebook ads. Rumor has it running Facebook PPC advertising is slightly better than AdWords. Who knows?
    • Note: Don't directly post affiliate links to Pinterest. They have a filter in place to block it.

    Discover your true internet marketing potential and put your creativity to work after watching the educational video above compliments of Affiliate Summit.