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Simple Methods to Earning Steady Traffic Using #Twitter

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  • Simple Methods to Earning Steady Traffic Using #Twitter

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    There’s no question that Twitter is helping many major U.S. and offshore companies build their business while providing value to their Twitter followers. As the famous micro-blogging service, founded by Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone and company focuses on helping people get their messages across online by ways of tweeting, Twitter also allows businesses to not only find new potential customers, but, also communicate directly with people on the microblogging service.

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    U.S. and offshore businesses can establish a meaningful presence on Twitter in many ways. For starters, a company can build new Twitter followers, by way of personal direct messages to their followers. When companies take time to individually answer people's tweets from others Twitter profiles, this not only shows companies are taking personal interest in their customers and potential new customers, but, they are concerned with quality over quantity. It's easy for any company, foreign or domestic, to send out a direct mass message to everyone, and not have any personal intercommunication with their followers on Twitter.

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    Another meaningful way of building a meaningful presence on Twitter is by creating video responses and posting to their Twitter profile. Believe it or not, consumers would feel more compelled and motivated to buy something from a company, if the company were to answer their Twitter followers, via video response. YouTube provides a free and immediate means of doing so. By uploading a video to the company's YouTube corporate channel, they can easily benefit from SEO, meaning “search engine optimization,” by including a link to their corporate domestic or foreign online site in their video description, along with a well written and uniquely optimized video description detail. After the YouTube video response is uploaded and your video description and link is inserted in the [video description] section, you can enable an application within your YouTube account, to have your YouTube videos automatically posted to Twitter, without lifting an extra finger to manually post your newly uploaded video to YouTube to your corporate Twitter profile, in personally responding to a follower of your corporate Twitter profile.

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    There’s virtually unlimited ways of building a meaningful presence syndicating your content to Twitter and keeping your followers on Twitter excited about what you have to offer. All it takes is a creative mind, persistence and patience in building your Twitter followers. Goodness will come into fruition for your company if you create quality content and syndicate it daily to Twitter. Remain positive, keep the faith, and most of all "stay the course.”