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3 Easy Ways to Succeed in #AffiliateMarketing

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  • 3 Easy Ways to Succeed in #AffiliateMarketing

    Most people in America today are sick and tired of the average life. They go to work for eight hours a day and feel no way out of the rat race. Affiliate marketing provides a meaningful way out and a renewed hope toward financial wellness. Affiliate marketing is revolutionizing the way people think today. Online marketing has truly changed the history of human thought. As this is not traditionally taught in American high schools, marketing on the web is a process of an online business owner partnering with a company that has an affiliate program and sells products and services through affiliated partners on their blogs and websites in hopes of selling their goods at a cheaper price and eliminating the middleman. Affiliates basically earn a commission when she or he sells a product or service through their blog or website that has their link encoded into the advert on their site. This is how they earn what's called commissions from promoting different online programs and build their sites, traffic, and long term earnings to a point of potentially using internet marketing to earn a good living.

    While most people think getting started in this line of work requires thousands of dollars up front in starting a blog or website as a side hustle alongside daytime employment, truth is, you can get organized and started virtually pennies on the dollar. It will be most likely less than five hundred dollars to start out. The only serious investment required is your mind. You must be willing despite your age to adapt quickly to a new way of thinking. You can't earn good money without putting out some money, right? Okay. Now that we're past that, continue reading and discover how changing your mindset and getting serious about your new online side hustle will help supplement your existing income.

    Top three ways to succeed in affiliate marketing:

    1. Purchase a domain name. This is going to let everyone know your official online presence. This is your internet real estate corner. A domain name tells people you're serious about your business and people will respect you more for having a domain. Also bear in mind to always pay a few years up front for your domain renewal fees. The reason for doing so is that you'll never have to worry about not having the money later down the road to pay domain renewal costs if you're not earning big money yet from promoting affiliate programs. Paying up front also gives bloggers and affiliate marketers a piece of mind to focus more on their content and building meaningful relationships through social promotional channels.

    2. Install WordPress only on your web hosting package. After acquiring your domain name, opt only to install WordPress. The reason for doing so is because WP is the most flexible CMS on the web. There's thousands of free WordPress plugins that'll help you succeed in optimizing your content, sharing your content virally on multiple social networks without lifting an extra finger, and more. Blogging with WP also helps affiliates add helpful WP plugins that'll make the process of promoting affiliate products easier, such as plugins that help increase the possibility of adding affiliate coupon XML data feeds with their encoded link already embedded, increasing the likelihood of earning more money from datafeed programs. All in all, you don't want to be without WordPress on your dedicated server.

    3. Write quality long form content. This can't be stressed enough. The good thing about creating long form content "even if it takes you a few hours to write long pages" is that there's a WP content scheduling plugin available for free to download and upload to your server in the wp-plugins section. The reason for having the content scheduling plugin is to give you, the blogger, a piece of mind knowing the content you just wrote and proofread can be published to your blog anytime or date you specify. The end result of this is having blogs post completely unattended from your computer and keeping your blog fresh with updated and quality content. If you publish at least one post a day over a certain amount a few hundred or thousand words," chances are, you'll improve your traffic building potential from search engine by being bumped up higher in search engine results pages. Another benefit from publishing frequently to your blog and keeping content updated is having it shared on social networks. When your blog posts are seen regularly on social networks, it builds trust. And when you see increased amounts of positive feedback from your published content, that alone will inspire you to keep writing and serving the people with quality information, resulting in more money earned from affiliated online programs promoted on your blog.

    Now that you're curious and inspired to take the leap of faith into the abyss by experimenting with affiliate marketing and blogging and content marketing, what's your game plan for taking the first action step toward turning your dreams and ideas into fruition?