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Humility is A Must in the World of #Business

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  • Humility is A Must in the World of #Business

    It’s easy for most people to start a business from scratch and amass millions without a drop of humility in character. It’s also easy for most entrepreneurs to feel they’re better than others after amassing millions and billions from business ventures. Humility plays a key role not only in the launching of a business and contracting business deals, but also keeping a slice of humble pie at bay for ensuring business stability. While some entrepreneurs who refuse to show their humble side amass millions and possibly billions in their entrepreneurial endeavors, their temporary victory someday will come to a screeching halt when least expected.

    Humility Opens Doors of Opportunity

    Humble entrepreneurs discover opportunity when least expected. Entrepreneurs who keep humility instilled in their characters and hearts discover opportunity when least expected. People quietly observe attitudes of highly successful entrepreneurs and potentially form silent opinions of them. This is why it’s important for entrepreneurs to stay humble year round and even when no one is looking. Humility is transformation of the heart. People who do business with you want to know the real you. They will test you at times by rejecting your products and services just to see “how you will act.” Transformational entrepreneurs striving for excellence demonstrate characters of humility and understand they are human like everyone else and can fail. Humility will unexpectedly bring about an e-mail or phone call from a customer or business wanting to do business with you all off of the strength of your humble character. The beauty of getting business without fishing for a is that you invested 0% effort.

    Humility goes further than saying and nice words to a person’s face and dumbing down in the moment. Humility will take an entrepreneur further than expected in their ventures when they strive to build and maintain positive and successful business relationships across the board. Humility will inspire an entrepreneur at times to offer a product or service to a customer free of charge because they value them. Humility will inspire an entrepreneur to give away money to charity or the community to increase closer relations and openly demonstrating care for others. Humility will open a door for an entrepreneur to get a million-dollar contract without bidding for the contract. Humility will open every door welded shut in due time if you treat customers right and maintain positive relationships.

    Coming Down Like the Tower of Babel

    Some entrepreneurs get entangled in the success of their business that they dismiss the importance of treating others well. They may possibly overwork their employees and talk down to them as if they’re less than the dirt in the ground. Some entrepreneurs treat others like a garbage landfill. This attitude is possibly because they are comfortable in their business and financial status and dismiss how their actions and words negatively impact others. These types of entrepreneurs think in the moment and possibly concealed with arrogance.

    Whether the act of arrogance is out of inspiration or desperation of making more money in their businesses or puffed up in their life status in the eyes of people, they should understand that building on an unstable foundation and pushing humility to the back burner will sooner or later open the portal of failure and tumbling down like the tower of Babel.

    In biblical days, man tried to build a tower and became entangled in self as he progressed in the expansion-height of building his tower. In those times when man’s arrogance grew as he saw his tower coming into fruition and assuming he would make it to the promised world. He failed and his tower collapsed. Moral of the story; don’t get puffed up and self because when you think you’re better than others your plan will fail and will have no face in the eyes of others. Humility wins in the long run.

    Never forget to lift others up toward greatness in your entrepreneurial ventures so you stay successful and maintain a feeling of self worth. That’s the heart of true transformation.