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#Forbes Preaches Importance of Early Entrepreneurship

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  • #Forbes Preaches Importance of Early Entrepreneurship

    Forbes continues to be a positive business leader in the world of valuable financial information sharing. DrewryNewsNetwork respects Forbes, as well as the other wonderful financial information titans. In an article on the Forbes website, it talks up the sensitive and thought-provoking topics of "Starting a Company When You're 25, Not 52."

    Are you getting organized with NO delay when it comes to being the CEO of your own business, or just procrastinating and allowing time to pass you by? Working for someone for 30-40 years today is nothing like the olden days, when you could work for someone else for thirty or forty years, and not worry about job security or if you're going to make it to retirement. Working for a company today is still good to do: just be mindful you're getting good pay and benefits so you can retire with a healthy pension.

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    DrewryNewsNetwork agrees with Forbes, and also recommends starting when you're young, so you don't look back on your life and say to yourself quietly "I wish, I wish. only if I had the courage to start back then.” Yes, it's more work than a day job and no guarantees of your financial success. However, it's a "beautiful struggle." Build your OWN business, so you don't have to have no one telling you what to do in order to get a paycheck. You run your own show as CEO. Success takes longer, but it's all worth doing the transformation work. The founder of DrewryNewsNetwork knows what "struggle" is and the meaning of putting in work to make things come into fruition.