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Overcoming Adversity With a #VisionaryMindset

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  • Overcoming Adversity With a #VisionaryMindset

    Lord Jesus thy God

    is the solution for overcoming any challenge toward success in business or anything good you put your mind to.

    The World Wide Web provides unlimited opportunities to visionary entrepreneurs who strive to value customers and provide value. In today's world of information technology, we see visionary entrepreneurs and actions such as Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Larry Paige and Sergey Brin of Google, Larry Ellison of Oracle, Pierre Omidyar and make Whitman of eBay, and Chad Hurley formally of YouTube having enough faith to put their ideas into action. They created their startups with the sole intent of putting people first, and effectively promoting their companies to the masses "target audience" on the web. And they knew they would all have to start from humble beginnings and work their way up to greatness. With a visionary mindset, they achieved just that. And so will Drewry with God's

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    Amazon's Jeff Bezos walked away from a successful career. He studied and began to master the unlimited potential of what the World Wide Web could do for web-based businesses. This visionary leader took a unique approach to selling books on the Internet is competitors haven't and the concept was not only selling books direct to the general public online, but implementing a unique Associates partner-publisher program; something other companies haven't fathomed. He started Amazon from a small apartment in California with his stock of books in his apartment shipping to customers. His humble beginnings and outlook of where he wanted Amazon to be afforded him time to analyze competition, master SWOT marketing tactics, and most importantly, build and sustain loyal relationships with his book customers-publishers.

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    He understood the concept that relationships would sustain his business through trying economical times and continue to move product successfully. Where is Amazon on the product lifecycle? I believe Amazon continues to stay in the maturity stage and on their A + game, because they introduced themselves to the market at a time when others did not take a certain approach toward business on the web in the 1990s. They grew in virtually little time, added new products to their companies such as Amazon Kindle and services such as Amazon prime, matured significantly over the years, and experienced small bouts of decline. I believe Amazon continues to stay "like eBay and Google" in the maturity stage of the product lifecycle, because they virtually stay ahead of their game providing services that not only their customers need, but services used by businesses.


    These visionary entrepreneurs understood the fact they had to retain a long-term vision and start out small before reaping the fruitful benefits of success. EBay started almost as a virtual mistake when Pierre, back then the software coder, sold the broken laser pointer on the site for a mere $15 after writing and successfully coding the eBay site. Experiencing the success from the sale of the $15 broken laser pointer, his vision grew. From there, he continually move forward and incorporated new ideas along his entrepreneurial journey. One of his new ideas was to allow people to create auction profile pages which would indirectly give the company free advertising via word-of-mouth.

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    His company virtually grew overnight by not only having a long-term vision where he wanted the company to be, but most importantly, getting people deeply involved on eBay through auction bidding. Where is eBay today on the product lifecycle? While they're not in the business of creating their own products, they provide an exceptional service through providing people in Avenue to create free profiles and sell their goods in exchange for a small fee collected after the customer makes a purchase. Because eBay came up with this concept back in the late 1990s, I personally believe they will always be at the top of their lifecycle of providing a quality service for people to sell their products and services, and will always be acknowledged as the elite leader in their niche.


    Google started out of the dorm room in the late 1990's like Facebook started out of a dorm room also in 2004. Despite having virtually no funds of their own to move forward with their sophisticated search engine project, Sergey Brin and Larry Page of Google successfully managed to find an investor willing to invest $100,000 into the future search engine giant. These visionary leaders started from humble beginnings and didn't know how successful they were going to be. Not only did they refuse to allow the temporary situation of financial dampening to hinder their dreams from coming into fruition, they managed to work on the project and grow it to the point of being into a home garage in Menlo Park.

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    They came up with the concept of writing sophisticated search engine algorithms with the intent on providing the world with updated valuable information in such a manner no search engine has done. They provide a valuable service which is updated search engine results minus their search index cluttered with spam or duplicate content, and selling quality advertisements against search engine listings.

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    Google sought to differentiate themselves from search engine competitors by offering an array of free Google services such as Google knol, blogger by Google, an assortment of free applications, Gmail, and more. Some of these free services including Gmail continue to provide value to people who don't want to pay for leisure services such as external e-mail, as Google serves advertisements inside the e-mail inboxes to keep the service free of charge. In my mind, I personally believe Google will always be at the top of the food chain in their product lifecycle because they continue to be an innovative company that thinks lightspeed ahead of competitors. They've created outstanding products that others haven't thought of providing to their users such as free blogs, contextual advertising publisher programs, useful applications to implement in blogs and websites or Web servers, and search appliances. These quality goods successfully withstood the test of time in terms of product life cycle growth, maturity, and demand for these products. Most importantly, these applications and services have not only created a demand, but also consumed by businesses and people in their personal and working lives.


    YouTube was started in 2005 as a small video sharing project by Chad Hurley and Steve Chen. These two visionary leaders started the world's most popular online video streaming service on top of a pizza shop in California. Like Amazon, eBay, and Google, YouTube had the work themselves from the ground floor up in terms of building their business online. What do all of these companies have in common? They knew they had an awesome product or service to provide for people to enjoy on the web and sought to bring people together online meaningfully so their businesses could thrive. Chad Hurley and Steve Chen understood the power of online video sharing and web stream. YouTube provided Mr. Chen and Hurley capitalized on open season of opportunities by reaching an untapped market that would virtually heed to their call overnight. They became the master of their niche in online video. There acknowledged today as the leader in Web video.

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    They brought people together from around the globe, businesses, government, and everyone else to their site successfully. Where will YouTube be in the next 10 years? They will continue to be the world's leading online video distribution platform and surpassing expectations leaving investors with nothing but smiles on their face and having a sense of total satisfaction.

    These entrepreneurs succeeded through visionary thinking. They didn't look at their situation in the moment. They knew where they desired to be and slowly worked toward achieving their goal. They transformed beyond the norm making mistakes along the way but never giving up. A champion mind strives for excellence getting organized tirelessly because they feel what they do is a labor of love. When you have a positive and driven mindset for success and include Christ in your business plans, you're guaranteed to succeed as long as you put HIM first and operate in faith at full strength steamrolling over adversity.

    Video Marketing and Demand Creation

    Rarely do you hear anything negative about people shying away from using YouTube for personal or business reasons. It's a fact that online video converts viewers into customers faster than sales squeeze pages from blogs or websites. It easier for advertisers to sell ads against the video and gain curiosity of customers faster, converting into buyers virtually immediately. Yes, YouTube is at the top of the product lifecycle in the maturity stage because they'll continue to mature for years to come offering more features to their YouTube publisher partner program.
    There are four stages in the product lifecycle.

    The introduction stage allows companies to present their products and services in a manner unlike others. They explain what their product or service does through showcasing benefits. Savvy companies who market effectively to their target audience saves the best for last: mentioning price. During their introduction, they seek to build interest in their product or service and build relationships.

    The growth stage is where a product or service starts to gain popularity and create demand. The growth stage demonstrates a need for the product of service by people and businesses and how important it is to their lives.

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    The maturity stage is where a product of service has gained a good reputation and is in continual demand. The manufacturer or company who created the product or service also has the obligation in the maturity stage to maintain the value of the product or service in order for it to stay in demand. This may include additions to the existing product or service, modifications to the existing product or service, and strive to retain market share. While demand rises, it's important to stay humble in all business operations in order to grow mentally and entrepreneurially with a visionary mindset.

    The decline stage "the sad part about products or services losing value or demand," is the stage where a product or service loses value due to either market saturation, economical downturn, or a poorly developed product or service. During the decline stage, manufacturers distribute products that experience heavy bouts of decline are most likely manufacturers failed totally invest quality in the product. This can result from taking shortcuts to develop a product and quickly saturating the market in hopes of a turnaround overnight profit without providing 100% value to customers. These kinds of manufacturers possibly think in the moment and shun away from thinking long-term about the consequences of providing less than 100% products and services to their target audience.

    'Progressing Beyond the Norm With Humility'

    The decline stage can also result from arrogance. Some entrepreneurs get ahead of themselves. It's a traditional mindset that kicks in after accumulating mass wealth and takes time to hunker down the arrogance. Humility and adversity will bring some entrepreneurs back into reality. It may potentially be a turning point for self-evaluation-room for improvement, and work toward achieving the goal of shifting character traits to becoming likable among customers and distributors, putting a visionary mindset for success in the driver's seat for long term success after experiencing a taste of humble pie. Everyday is a beautiful learning experience to grow beyond expectation.