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Why It's Wise to Start a #Business While Looking for a Job

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  • Why It's Wise to Start a #Business While Looking for a Job

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    Truth: Starting a business in the midst of your greatest challenges can bring out hidden strengths in you. Adversity is a silent teacher of perseverance.

    What's your reason for starting a business? Are you sick and tired of low-paying jobs or how your supervisor or boss treats you as a less than individual? Are you sick and tired of coworkers looking at you sideways for whatever reason? Or perhaps annually submit manual and online applications for potential employment only experience rejection after rejection? Whatever your motivation is for starting a business you should learn to use adversity to succeed to your fullest positive potential. There's a reason why you experience countless challenges day in and day out.

    Maybe you're college-educated and looking for a better paying job while currently out of work. You're one of those people that faithfully submit online applications for employment in your field of interest on a daily basis. Perhaps you're not doing anything or saying anything wrong in your resume. Maybe the economy is bad. Perhaps your resume boasts too much experience for an employer to pay what you truly worth. This is the time you need to consider starting your own business whether traditionally or on the World Wide Web. Reason being because as most people sit around waiting for an employer to possibly called unsworn interview, they become financially and emotionally depleted slowly but surely. Do you want to be one of those people? Have you fell in the class of being one of those people in the past where as you were financially depleted and emotionally drained because you with long periods of time without gaining stable employment? If the answer is yes, you need to start a business now. The little bit of money you possibly have saved up is what you need to use to put your idea of a business into fruition.

    Perhaps you're one of those people that wants to start an online business working from home and doesn't know how to get started. If this is your case, all you need to do is to take the initial first action step and purchase a domain from any of the online web hosting services available in your preferred search engine. A domain name costs less than $20 a year. Once you have that done, then you can proceed to purchase web hosting to host your own blog or website. The niche topic of your website can be anything you want. Or perhaps you could possibly start a blog coaching people on your personal experiences of employment rejection. You can blog about your employment rejection and your personal feelings toward it mentioning something in the ballpark of "I felt this kind of way and that kind of way when I opened the e-mail to see I've been overlooked for job interview." People will read your blog and possibly relate to what you're saying in your blog post. You can also offer valuable tips in your employment rejection-employment job search coaching blog to job applicants seeking to sharpen up their job interviewing skills and things to say and not to say on a resume. This is one of many great ways of starting a small and profitable creative online business before, during, and after experiencing employment rejection.

    It's Not the End of the World

    Never feel like it's the end of the world just because you keep getting rejected from jobs feel you're qualified for. Perhaps a job is not for you despite having countless college degrees. Let your positive light shine by starting a business and believing you can prosper. Little do you know you'll be an inspiration to people from all walks of life you don't even know from a can of paint. Believing yourself every step of the way and do the transformation business work no matter how hard it is to get your business off of the ground. You'll be a champion for life and look back years later happy that you achieved the transformation of entrepreneurship while helping others succeed along the way.

    Never never forget where you came from when you succeed in overcoming employment rejection. Don't look down on anyone who struggle and. Reason being because you may have to revisit humble beginnings again someday in the event anything possibly happens in your journey of entrepreneurship. Even the super rich sometimes stumble. Stay humble, hungry, and always be of service to others. That's true transformation of the heart.