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#Zumba: Alberto Perlman Starts Venture Out of Inspiration

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  • #Zumba: Alberto Perlman Starts Venture Out of Inspiration

    Ever wondered who invented Zumba? Was the business started out of inspiration or desperation? Alberto Perlman started the venture out of inspiration while having dinner at his mom's house. In fact, when he invented the idea a decade ago, it was a small potato idea. With no business plan or model in mind at the time, he moved forward. He was NOT successful with it starting out. However, he never gave up. And today, because of his business persistence, he is super successful with his Zumba business.

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    Today, his Zumba business is in over 100 countries. He's surely doing the transformation business work out of "inspiration."

    What's holding you back from living your business dreams? Money? No job? Working too many hours on your job? Fear of failure? Many of today's larger than life business owners were scared starting out because they had no clue if they had a bright future in running a successful business. You have to risk it all to get somewhere in life. Prospering in longevity requires faith in self. Do the transformation work now and be inspired to start your own business. You are what you think.