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Watch Your Friends and Learn

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  • Watch Your Friends and Learn

    Virtually everyone in life has a friend or friends that makes us think too much. Some people who have certain friends and may have enjoyed a wonderful past with them living life carefree. As years go by, some people discover their friends may change in character. As a result, the friendship may silently and slowly dissolve.

    What is the definition of a true friend? Someone who will unconditionally support you. Someone who will not judge you despite anything. Someone who does not care what others think of you. Someone who does not mind being seen in public with you. Someone who may possibly support you in certain situations without expectation. A true friend sees the good in someone despite their current or future flaws.

    When a friendship dissolves some may sit back and wonder why. It can be because of anything. Maybe they judged you according to your finances. Perhaps because of your current position in life. Maybe because you don't wear the right outfits. Or talk a certain way. Possibly because of the kind of car you drive. Who knows? If a friend walks away from you maybe that is a blessing in disguise.

    Having a so-called friend walk away from you can be a good thing, because it gives you an opportunity to reflect more on self-improvement. Additionally, some friendships are indirectly formed just to help people pass time in life during certain phases. The things you used to do with certain people in past years you may not do any more which can contribute to the dissolving of a friendship. Don't go chasing those people. Let them go and sit back quietly watching you make amazing progress without them. Stay humble in the process of personal and spiritual growth. Be thankful for the experience of having that friend in the moment and move forward productively without looking back or speaking to that individual ever again. They are not worth your time. Continue striving to maintain humility toward folk who walk away.

    Growth is painful yet beautiful. Strive for excellence tirelessly and never give up getting organized spiritually. This is the beauty of true transformation.