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#WilmingtonDelaware Dubbed #MurderTown by #ABCTelevision?

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  • #WilmingtonDelaware Dubbed #MurderTown by #ABCTelevision?

    #murdertown dubbed by #ABCTelevision and #JadaPinkettSmith? - http://www.drewrynewsnetwork.com

    There’s really few safe places in the city of Wilmington to go nowadays. If you’re walking in the city down a city block, you’re possibly bound to have someone act is if they’re about to walk up on you for whatever reason. Some people walk past others in the city of Wilmington and say things to create trouble, such as hurling insults, asking strangers why they are looking at them, and so on. And sad to know, a person can be murdered in Wilmington, Delaware off of the strength of looking at someone or saying something that shouldn’t have been said to a complete stranger. Is the city of Wilmington safe to live in anymore? Once upon a time in the heyday, Wilmington was a place where you could be somebody and prosper by living peacefully. Some people beg to differ today with the statement that Wilmington is a nice place to live and work. DrewryNewsNetwork says never give up on a city or state just because it has it’s share of adversity. And that means don’t give up on Wilmington just because there’s a few bad apples. There is still hope for Wilmington to rebound and prosper. Despite that there's very few safe places in Wilmington, prayer can protect anyone from unknown danger. Just because there's negativity looming in the city doesn't mean it has to get you.

    How to Avoid Problems in Wilmington

    If someone has something to say to you deemed offensive, ignore them and walk away. You are no less of a person because you didn’t feed into what she or he said to you. Regardless if you’re right and they’re wrong, keep your mouth quiet and keep walking. That’s the difference between life and death not just in Wilmington, Delaware, but anywhere.

    Having problems with someone on the job in Wilmington? Be respectful and keep your distance. Don’t argue with people you work with in Wilmington. You don’t know who knows who. Regardless of what the person on the job has to say about you whether it’s true or a lie, stay humble. Humility has a way of pricking a person’s heart to leave you alone or have them repent to you when least expected. And humility is good to have in Wilmington because it’ll keep you safe from unexpected harm.

    Murders in Wilmington

    ABC Television and Jada Pinkett Smith shouldn’t be filming any TV show in or about Wilmington, Delaware. They need to go find something else to do, because it’s not just Wilmington, Del. that’s dubbed “murder town.” There’s places in the west, midwest, south, and elsewhere where bad things happen. Yes, murders happen almost everyday in Wilmington, but there’s still positive things about Wilmington to shed light on.

    Many of the murders in Wilmington “or perhaps all murders” are over petty stuff. Because this one doesn’t like this one. Or someone is hustling on a block where they are taking over someone’s territory. Or for whatever other reason. Maybe there’s a shortage of jobs in Wilmington? Who knows. People who are in the struggle and become restless may possibly feel irritated and potentially motivated to do something out of their mind. All you can do is pray for them and hope they rebound into becoming a better person. Many murders in Wilmington can be avoided simply by walking away from someone and leaving the matter alone. Most people are determined to get the last word in an argument or start a fight or pull a gun in Wilmington during an argument. Violence is not the transformation solution to unity in the community.

    Possible Ways Violence Can be Reduced in Wilmington

    The Wilmington Riverfront needs more businesses to occupy empty space where stores once occupied. Bring more businesses to the Wilmington Riverfront and target inner city youth for employment and training. Give them hope. Create more programs in Wilmington for people with certain life challenges. Perhaps these are some of many solutions to reducing violence in Wilmington and a way to reduce and diminish the negative image Wilmington possibly has in the minds of others.

    Bottom line: ABC Television and Jada Pinkett Smith should move on with other business projects and not film any TV show called “Murder town in Wilmington, Delaware.”