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The Story of #JamesRobertson in #Detroit Continues to Inspire #Americans

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  • The Story of #JamesRobertson in #Detroit Continues to Inspire #Americans


    gives everyone strength to press on when they feel as if they can't. Strength and honor is in seeking the Lord for your full strength to press on in life's most challenging moments. This is why it's important to honor our Lord Jesus Christ, because that's when you will find strength to continually honor HIM for all HE has done and continues to do in your life.

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    James Robertson is an honorable transformation champion for change. He walks 21 miles daily to work, according to the article on msnbc.com. His car broke down in 2005 and continued struggling since. He continues to do the transformation work at full strength, despite not having a car. He shows up at his job with [perfect attendance], puts his money where his mouth is, and shows everyone "without saying it" who has the "mental muscle for the hustle." Truly, James is a transformation inspiration.

    A 19-year-old college student discovered Mr. Robertson's story of struggle. After feeling his pain, the 19-year-old college student created a GoFundMe.com fundraising page for James.

    Please donate to James Robertson's page on GoFundMe - supported by DrewryNewsNetwork.com

    In less than two days the msnbc article says, the 19-year old college student successfully raised $145,000 plus (now over $191,000) for Mr. Robertson. People across America felt James' pain, contributing gleefully for his opportunity to own a new car plus full coverage insurance, instead of hiking it to work everyday 21 miles on foot. Going to work everyday on foot for 21 miles is like running a half marathon 13.1 miles + more. In fact, hiking 21 miles to work daily is almost the same as doing a 26.2 mile marathon on an empty stomach.

    gets the glory first for allowing James to inspire America with his amazing transformation success story of never giving up walking 21 miles to work. He has a true heart of humility and iron will to never allow anyone or anything stop him from moving forward. He conveys a positive message to everyone you can do all good things you put your mind to, if you trust in The Lord thy GOD for your full strength and inspiration.

    DrewryNewsNetwork.com thanks msnbc.com and Al Sharpton again for shedding positive light on this story. Truly, James is doing the transformation work at full strength, because The Lord Jesus Christ gave him the strength to persevere.