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5 Sad Truths About #AnabolicSteroid Use

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  • 5 Sad Truths About #AnabolicSteroid Use

    #Steroids is not good for your #health - http://www.drewrynewsnetwork.com
    Image: KidsHealth.org

    Would you agree that people who use androgenic anabolic steroids sought "easy street" as a means of instant success? Some people would possibly agree that those who took steroids cheated in life. While anabolic androgenic steroids is a means of gaining a step ahead of competition in life, the person who takes it actually ends up paying in the end. How so? Steroid use only provides "temporary victory." It can build muscle in a short timespan, increase exercise output in lifting heavier weights, produce feelings of euphoric superiority over others, and have steroid users feeling that the world evolves around them. Not quite.

    Here are five truths about steroid use that are quite sad to know:

    1. It creates an addiction for the AAS user and possibly gets them hooked to the point of staying on it for life.

    2. You cheat yourself in the long run because your liver will go bad from Steroid toxicity. Getting off of roids will require heavy PCT because you will feel tired and drained of ambition to pursue good things in life.

    3. Creates false sense of well being. You think you're doing good in the moment because your body is glistening with all that muscle and you're getting attention from people like never before. Truth is, it's only a temporary feeling and look. You can't be 60, 70, or 80 with that kind of body naturally. And when least expected, your cell receptors will start to slowly reject the AAS and that's when things will really start to go downhill for you.

    4. Pride. Makes some steroid users feel they're better than regular people. Know your role. That muscle is artificial. Get back on track and humble yourself. Drop the roids and go natural.

    5. Prone to heart attack. High levels of artificial testosterone creates high cholesterol in which the oil sometimes seeps through the pores of the skin, liver toxicity overload, and if a heart attacks happens in the moment, a high chance of instant death.

    Steroids may be an avenue for people to easily cheat. Think to yourself if it's really worth going down that route and losing out in the end. It's just a cheap thrill. Don't do it. The founder of this site never took AAS a day in life. You can achieve good things the natural way. Believe in yourself and put in the honest effort to accomplish greatness. Ignore steroids.