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Why You Need a #HomeGym and #Treadmill

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  • Why You Need a #HomeGym and #Treadmill

    There's times you just don't feel like getting in your car and going to the gym. A home exercise machine and home treadmill can help you accomplish just as much transformation fitness results as your local gym. Many days come in people's lives whereas they don't feel like getting in their car and driving to the gym. It's okay. When those feelings kick in, most people refer to exercising at home the old school style. It could be laying on the floor in your bedroom or living room doing old-school lower ab leg raises. Perhaps even doing push-ups. Maybe Roman chair workouts doing them all with your kitchen table chairs. Or perhaps doing pull-ups in the backyard on that old swing set. When you don't feel like going to the gym and being around people, having a home gym and in-house treadmill is a wonderful way to stay on top of your transformation fitness game. Not everyone has taking advantage of this option. However, the possibilities of owning a home gym and treadmill of virtually endless. The long-term vision and goal should be to own one, because it contributes toward better health and vitality for years to come.

    This is one thing a lot of people don't think about. Guess what it is? You see, having your own home gym and treadmill has benefits beyond working out in the comfort of your apartment or home. One of the benefits of working out and doing cardio at home on your exercise and cardio machines is that you're able to monitor cooking your healthy food at the same time, but you can also have the refrigerator near your exercise machine. For example, if you choose to have your home treadmill and weightlifting machine in the living room, it's not that far away from the kitchen. So in between workouts, you can pretty much get up in going the kitchen and check on the status of your healthy food being cooked or steamed on top of the stove. That means if you're steaming cajun seasoned catfish and vegetables together in a large steaming pot, you can periodically check up on the progress of your food in between working out on your home exercise machine. How convenient is that? Very.

    A great thing about owning a home treadmill and exercise machine is that it promotes less procrastination in your life. If you keep your home exercise and cardio machine close at bay, you'll feel inspired to investing your personal health every time you look at it. Also, working out and doing cardio at home will inspire you to take nutritional supplements regularly for better health. When you work out in the morning and do cardio at home, you don't have to worry about getting completely dressed as if you were going to a traditional gym and being around people. That's another fringe benefit about owning your own cardio machine and weightlifting gym at your residence.

    Another fringe benefit is that you don't have to pay monthly membership fees as if you were joining the gym. However, if you didn't join a gym, it's not recommended to cancel your membership, because there may be days you want to be around people when you're working out and doing cardio. There's a feeling that grows within us at times that makes us do an extra set or two on any weightlifting machine, or perhaps going an extra 20 min. to half hour on the treadmill, knowing that certain people is around us in the gym and watching our progress. With that said, keep your gym membership, but also seriously consider acquiring your own home treadmill and cardio machine, so that you never fall off the bandwagon of your transformation fitness journey. Be inspired to make healthy changes in your life despite any adversity and never give up on yourself.