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How To Accelerate #FatBurning For Increased Health and Vitality

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  • How To Accelerate #FatBurning For Increased Health and Vitality

    As we become increasingly productive with work, children, and necessary actions to stay afloat in life, staying physically fit can be quite challenging. Fat burning from cardiovascular activity in the morning, fitting a workout into your list of daily activities and keeping the weight off, in staying lean and toned, is a job within itself. With a few helpful pointers which’ll be potentially useful to you in your fitness journey, perhaps you'll be able to see additional progress made throughout your physical transformation.

    The daily routine of getting up, getting the kids ready for school, dropping them off, heading to work afterwards, dealing with the boss, and staying tied up in your work projects on the job can take one’s mind off of staying intensely focused in the gym. It happens to almost everyone. The good news is...there is a stay to stay counterproductive, and perhaps get in a great workout, or maybe some cardio before starting your day at work.

    Here are a few helpful suggestions on how to accelerate fat burning:

    * Perform cardio ‘walking, jogging, or light running’ 5 to 20 minutes in the morning on an empty stomach

    Some people have discovered this method quite useful in burning stored bodyfat, while feeling mentally sharper on their day job, before starting work.

    * Workout on an empty stomach in the morning before or after taking the kids to school or going to work

    Exercises performed in the morning on an empty stomach will burn calories and automatically place the body into a 'calorie burning furnace', thus reducing high levels of bodyfat.

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    * Wait 30 minutes to one hour after cardio or a workout to consume a protein shake

    Waiting one hour after cardio or weightlifting exercise to drink a delicious protein shake, you allow your body to burn additional fat calories, thus, becoming potentially leaner, in a shorter period.

    * Don’t eat 2 hours before bed

    If you can resist the urge not to consume anything before bed, this may potentially be a useful suggestion in accelerating bodyfat loss. You see, while the body is in ‘REM-deep sleep mode’, you’re repairing, regenerating and revitalizing yourself for the next day. And, while you’re sleeping, you’re still burning calories. It's known as “sleep cardio.”

    * Steaming meats, soy, vegetables

    Steaming food is not only a healthy way of dieting, but can also be beneficial to potentially cutting down sodium retention in your body. In addition, when you steam meats, such as steak, chicken, turkey and so forth, you allow the extra hidden fat in these meats to mostly steam out, thus helping you to consume a meal which is lower in fat, versus cooking meat in heavy gravy or sauce, which may bind to the meat after being cooked, adding to levels of sodium in the body, and extra calorie buildup. Try steaming for a 3-6 week period of time and let me know how it works out for you! =)

    Hopefully, these useful tips will inspire you to make healthy changes and get going in the morning before going to work and or dropping the kids off for school. Most of us know the feeling of multitasking in the morning. If we truly desire to accomplish something to our positive satisfaction, somehow, someway, we all make a way to fit something or someone into our daily schedules, regardless of how busy we get in our lives. Lastly, waiting one hour after cardiovascular activity or a gym workout to consume a protein shake works wonders for muscle building, cardio recovery and maintaining lean muscle.