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Dangers of Walking Alone in #Brooklyn

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  • Dangers of Walking Alone in #Brooklyn

    If you've never been to Brooklyn alone, not born in Brooklyn, nor experienced the real life as a Brooklynnite, don't walk from Brooklyn alone. No matter if it's Flatbush Brooklyn, Brownsville Brooklyn, any part of East New York Brooklyn, Crown Heights, Ditmas park, Mill basin, Marine Park, Bensonhurst, Fort Hamilton, Park slope, Clinton Hill, or Fort Greene. Back in the early 80s and mid-1990s, Brooklyn was somewhat safe to walk through alone, even if it was neighborhoods where you knew absolutely no one.

    Starting in the mid to late 1990s, if you sometimes walk through a neighborhood alone and was in your teenage years or early 20s and had on name brand clothes such as Polo by Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, triple fat goose, or a Shearlin sheepskin coat, Lo Life, Decepticons, Flatbush pulley kids (F.P.K.), Steam team, or NBC "night breed cons - a branch of Brooklyn decepticons" would run up on you and rob you for your money and clothing, and your Michael Jordan Nike sneakers. Nowadays Brooklyn is nothing nice to walk through alone as you're likely to be robbed or killed "most likely killed" if caught walking through a neighborhood at the wrong time and have no family or friends in the area.

    Dangers of walking through Brooklyn alone:

    1. Heads peeping your steelo (your outfit, car, and appearance if you're an undercover NYPD officer).
    2. NYPD immediately profiling you as a suspect though you've committed no crime.
    3. Allegedly being followed by gay people.
    4. Followed into a NYC Brooklyn housing project elevator and held at gun point.
    5. Surrounded by massive heads and anything likely to happen.
    6. Sliced in the face with a razor blade.
    7. Having a slick scam ran on you.
    8. Allegedly frisked by NYPD and possibly being falsely accused.
    9. Being provoked by strangers while walking through any neighborhood resulting in a potential fight or gun battle.
    10. Fast driving people possibly run you over while crossing the street and not care.

    If you travel to Brooklyn, be sure to go with someone that's either from Brooklyn or somewhere in New York City.