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  • #Postmatic Helps WordPress Bloggers Achieve #BlogRelationship Goals

    Own a self hosted WordPress blog? Great! WordPress bloggers who own self hosted blogs have complete functionality over the look and feel of their sites. They have have 100% control over administrative settings able to upload plug-ins as they please. WordPress bloggers have the grand ability to create content on the go and install content scheduling WordPress plug-ins Download: WordPress content scheduling plugin to automatically publish new content while unattended from the computer resulting in keeping the target audience engaged long-term. Relationships are everything on the World Wide Web and play a key role in full-time bloggers and online marketers income potential from affiliate marketing. Postmatic.com is the ultimate solution for WordPress bloggers to build deeper sustainable relationships. This wonderful solution keeps readers engage...
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  • Putting Dreams and Thoughts Into Action: Building a Profitable #OnlineBusiness With Content Worth Reading

    How long does it take to start making money with blogging and content marketing? This is something new and experienced online marketers wonder about. If you're creating rich and valuable content on a daily basis and building sustainable long-term relationships with readers online from corners of the world who read your articles and blog posts or webpages, it should be an estimated two years befor...
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  • Walking by Faith When #BuildingaBusiness

    It's a beautiful thing to know that blogging alone can build an online company from scratch. As content is king on the internet, blogging daily and sharing useful information will do wonders for the creative publisher in two years time or less. Dedication, effort, humility, and persistence will see you through the turbulent and humble beginnings of your blogging ambitions and put you in a position of leadership in due time. Keep moving forw...
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  • Contributing Editor
    started a topic More #Content Coming

    More #Content Coming

    Content of character and humility is full strength gained. The transformation business work is challenging creating content from scratch but totally worth experiencing the awesome online marketing journey. ...
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  • #Google Wants You to Use The #GoogleShare Button for Increased #WebExposure

    For bloggers, Internet marketers, online corporations and work at home professionals, this is a dream come true. Since the Google plus social network is launched, they've experienced virtually instant overnight success gaining millions of new profile users. Since its launch, Google + has not only experienced rapid growth, but is rolling out additional features, to enhance personal social profiles and Google plus business pages. Some of these additions help bloggers and Internet marketers extend their content reach, in search engine results pages. ...
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  • #BasicBlogTips Founder #MsIleane Recommends These Blog Tools for Content Marketing Success

    Content will always be king on the internet. As long as you're writing lots and lots of quality content and publishing frequently, your SEO will naturally improve. However, as some people get tired of typing on the keyboard when creating content from scratch, there's valuable tools to help bloggers and universal content marketers make the job of content writing easier.

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  • #GumGum Allows #Affiliates to Earn Revenue from Images

    What the heck is that and what does it mean? Some wonder in the affiliate marketing and blogging world who know nothing about the company. If you're one of many who own Twitter and Facebook profiles and upload photos daily to your social networking accounts, chances are you're making those social networks richer off of your efforts without knowing. When you own a blog or website and frequently update your site with engaging images and site content, you'll have the ability to earn revenue from image adverts in the footer of your photos. How cool does that sound when it comes to affiliate marketing and making money online? It's something you should be excited about because images drive traffic from Google image search and increase your potential to make more money from affiliate networks and affiliate programs.

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    Getting Started With Gum Gum You possibly own a blog or website discussing your favorite topics such as pets, video games, politics, health, oil and gas, or any other widely discussed subject. With Gum Gum, every image on your site uploaded recently or in the past will now have image advertisement embedded in it. Here...
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  • Using Paper.li and Pinterest for #SocialMediaMarketing

    Paper.li is one of the web's most popular content aggregation service. Have you heard of it? If not, now you know and will have the ability to flirt with their technology of using it to amplify the reach of your blog or website content to potentially reach new audiences.

    According to Bloomberg BusinessWeek, the content aggregation service started out as a small Swiss online startup. With Paper.li, you can syndicate your personal twitter stream and create an online newspaper for others to view. The benefit of doing so is it drives traffic to your tweets and RSS feeds you syndicate into the Paper.li content aggregator. You can also aggregate other content for your personal viewing into Paper.li such Bloomberg, CNN, Forbes, Google +, NBC, New York Times, OPENForum, Reuters, TechCrunch,The Economist, Time, and more. Syndicating your content to Paper.li as a publisher and creating an online newspaper with this service possibly increases traffic and natural SEO backlinks. The possible benefit is an increase in online sales and steady streams of long term traffic. Respected internet millionaire and motivational speaker Guy Kawasaki discusses Paper.li on YouTub as a means of natuirally growing your online business.

    Syndicating your personal RSS feed in your online paper will allow you to easily share content with others. You can simply promote your Paper.li by way of Facebook, e-mailing family and friends, and consistently creating lots of quality content for people to read and enjoy.

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  • Publisher Notice for #PepperjamAffiliates

    Pepperjam Network affiliates who own blogs and websites striving for excellence to get organized in improving long tail SEO and long term search engine optimization are invited by Pepperjam affiliate network to join this Tuesday's webinar to be held June 14, 2016. The webinar will discuss SEO and using creative White hat methods to improve search engine marketing goals.

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    What Pepperjam has to say about SEO: "Search engine optimization (SEO) is basically akin to acquiring free leads or drawing visitors —the polar opposite of Paid Search efforts, which involves paying for ...
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  • Simple Methods to Earning Steady Traffic Using #Twitter

    There’s no question that Twitter is helping many major U.S. and offshore companies build their business while providing value to their Twitter followers. As the famous micro-blogging service, founded by Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone and company focuses on helping people get their messages across online by ways of tweeting, Twitter also allows businesses to not only find new potential customers, but, also communicate directly with people on the microblogging service.

    Related: Doubling Twitter traffic - Social Media Examiner U.S. and offshore businesses can establish a meaningful presence on Twitter in many ways. For starters, a company can build new Twitter followers, by way of personal direct messages to their followers. When companies take time...
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  • #PaidBacklinks Ruin Business Reputations

    Paid backlink building is in no way good for business. SEO Roundtable speaks on Google's Matt Cutts discussing the negatives of paid links. On a paid backlink SEO site, they mention the following nonsense:

    "Need Help with Your Link Building?

    Although our Link Wizard makes it easy to build an effective and sustainable link portfolio, we also have an internal SEO team that will build your links for you FOR FREE if you purchase at least $100 in credits.

    Just create a new link advertiser account or log into your existing account.

    Then, click the red “Free Link Placement” graphic on your dashboard home to get started

    Related: Earn SEO respect by building links naturally How could they profess something to be free, yet, ask people to purchase at least $100 in credits? If something is free, it's free, right? This sounds like a scam. If you engage in purchasing paid backlinks to inflate your SEO, truth is, your site w...
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  • Build a Respected #WebPresence by Following Directions

    To be residually blessed by God, help others who strive for excellence to honestly succeed in business.

    In the marvelous world of the internet and ever-so-changing search engine algorithms, bloggers, internet companies and work at home folks are always striving to accomplish better search engine rankings. They work hard at creating unique content from scratch. They engage meaningfully on social networks. They may sometimes write articles and press releases. They may upload videos to their YouTube channel every day, or, every other day. Some may even go out of their way to boost search engine rankings and increase their positions in search engine results pages by way of purchasing inbound links. Buying links to improve your search engine ranking is not such a good practice.

    Unique Content Works Wond...
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  • 5 Easy Ways to Build Your Business With #ContentMarketing

    Building a content based blog or website with a bright future in mind is a patient process. First, you have to decide what the niche topic of your site will be about. Then, what type of CMS publishing platform to use. Third, you have to be mindful the dedicated web hosting package or cloud server you decide to go with as your hosting platform has enough bandwidth, RAM-disk space, and multiple IP addresses on the hosting administratie side in case you want...
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  • #ContentMarketing Automation on Steroids

    Scott Jangro, founder of Shareist.com speaks at an Affiliate Summit West 2015 event on the topic of content marketing and social sharing. Content marketing is a job within itself and often times tough to maintain as a one-person...
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  • Pepperjam Network Publisher Webinar Series: Be In the Know With #SEO

    The following is provided by Pepperjam Network, an eBaY company: Pepperjam Network Publisher Webinar Series: Be In the Know With SEO Join the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts at Pepperjam for this four-part webinar series specifically for publishers. We’ll explore the keys to attracting an audience and, more importantly, how to keep ...
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