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  • #HolinessinGovernment: When Will Politicians Reintroduce #Prayer Back into #PublicSchools?

    Can #government and #religion #coexistpeacefully? -

    Open freewill disclaimer: The Lord Jesus Christ who is God and God alone is shamelessly and willingly acknowledged by this site. This site is NOT ashamed of the Lord Jesus Christ!

    This is an opinion and truth post by drewry news network and does not reflect the outlook or mindset of its advertisers.

    They say they trust God printed on money. Many politicians allegedly reject religion across the board. It’s always “two different things” among them. The thought of implementing government and religion together in unity is like mixing oil and water in the back of most people’s minds. Religion plays an enormous role naturally in structuring and maintaining an organization spiritually and otherwise. Many people and most politicians want to keep religion out of government due to their personal feelings. One of the main reasons is because of homosexuality. It prohibits two men and two women coming together and making a proclamation as one flesh. Homosexuals are against religion because of this reason and want to keep religious laws out of government. Homosexuality is wrong because a man was not created for another man to be intimate with. Nor was a woman made to lay with another woman as she would with a man. Homosexuality is WRONG! drewry news network speaks out openly AGAINST homosexuality and AGAINST homosexual marriage! A man and woman were created to come together as one flesh; not two men and two women. Scriptural law discusses living a righteous life and staying away from abominat...
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  • #ListentoYourCustomers: It's Good to #GetFeedback

    You want your product or service to work. You don't want people rejecting you from jump street. Listening to your customers and their needs is essential and the key to your business success. Another words, don't put the cart before the horse. Pay attention to people as they will give off key words and phrases during the course of the conversation letting you know what they desire. Don't be so quick try to sell them something either because believe it or not, customers silentl...
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  • #NikeSneakerReview: #AirUnlimited 1994 #DavidRobinson Classics

    #DavidRobinsonsneaker #classics by #NikeAirUnlimited -

    This is the 1994 classic version of the David Robinson NIke Air Unlimited vintage sneakers. It's predicted the suede version of this Nike Air Unlimited sneaker by David Robinson was unavailable back in the mid-1990s and allegedly only the multi-colored White, Black with Green trim sneaker. Nevertheless, Nike made a nice comeback by bringing this beautiful vintage sneaker into existence once again.

    Cost The cost? Roughly around $160 when it first debuted the sneaker market allegedly in late 2016. The price of this Air Unlimited David Robinson sneaker slowly but surely dropped as sneaker retailers moved on with bringing in new invento...
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  • #HealthBill: Will Delaware Benefit Health Wise from Legalizing #RecreationalMarijuana?

    Is this a move on Delaware Governor John Carney's part allegedly out of inspiration or desperation? Delaware already has marijuana legalized for medical marijuana card holders. But will recreational marijuana benefit Delawareans overall? You be the judge....
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  • #BenefitsofTransformation: Benefits of Transforming While Increasing Your #HealthandVitality

    Transforming into healthier living holds unique benefits. The human spirit is lifted into a higher positive state. Mental clarity settles in, allowing the mind to engage into deeper intellectual activities, such as pursuing higher educational studies, and public speaking. Achieving a transformed physique is a fringe benefit in living happy and healthy. There's a difference in outlook of life in an average person that performs no exercise, versus someone who invests time into cardiovascular or weightlifting activity on a regular basis. The person that does not exercise most likely tends to be a little more edgy in attitude. What this means is that they get angry easily, and leans toward being anti-social with folk who exercise or engage in a positive lifestyle. This is because when we don''t exercise, mo...
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  • #Businessand Faith: Faith and Works in Starting and Running a Profitable #OnlineBusiness

    In all you do as an entrepreneur who is starting out online, just know that success will not happen for you overnight. It's a very patient process. Until you start to see viable results from your online business, continue pressing forward. A majority of the world's most successful entrepreneurs online and offline were once the biggest losers during their humble beginnings. Each and every entrepreneur had to overcome some kind of adversity and act on a leap of faith before becoming a huge success. From not finishing college, to living at home with your mother past a certain age, not having money to buy nice things and to take someone out on a date, and so forth. Entrepreneurs who achieved their dreams endured hardship faithfully. And with the free world of the world wide web called the internet, the world can be your oyster in starting and building a successful online business. Taking that leap of faith on your behalf is "long overdue." Starting your online business is not as hard as you think. Believ...
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  • #BrooklynHalfMarathon: Did #CaseyNeistat Win if He #Ran in The #HalfMarathon?

    Casey Neistat on YouTube posted a video today about a Brooklyn half marathon. Marathons are interesting and uplifting to run. Why? When your body loses the unhealthy fat and in a state of consistent fat burning and heightened cardiovascular mode, believe it or not, your body will benefit from a natural form of Euphoria. It's not the type of Euphoria associated with drugs ...
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  • #YouTubeVideoMarketing: Believe and #YouToo Can Prosper

    Image: YouTube reviewer above earns a virtual fortune through one simple video marketing tactic? When it comes to the power of YouTube, never underestimate how sharing online video can drastically improve your web visibility, video profit potential and long-tail search engine traffic. There's folk today quietly committed to building residual income alone from video content and earning a full time living from A New York Times article from the past better explains how you can effectively use "YouTube video marketing" to earn online income from advertisers. It also discusses someone who's no longer has a day jobber and "earning healthy YouTube video money." The story is truly inspiring to those desiring to take the leap of faith to full-time internet marketing and video marketing as an avenue of potentially earning a full-time living. ...
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  • #SuzanneSomers: Former #ThreesCompany Actress Now in #AffiliateMarketing

    If you were one of millions who watched former hit TV sitcom Three''s Company starring Suzanne Somers, you know who she is. Since the former hit TV sitcom went off air in the mid-1980s, Somers has been keeping herself busy with numerous business projects, maintaining an active status simultaneously in the world of show business. And today, she''s now in the world of affiliate marketing introducing her own affiliate program to affiliate marketers. intro...
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  • #PlayCool: Acting and Dressing the Part Traveling to #ForeignSoil

    Planning on traveling to another country on behalf of your job or as part of your own business venture? You may want to think things through and do a tid bit of homework before getting on that plane to outer lands. If you accepted an assignment to work in another country with an organization, what are some of the perceptual errors you would strive to avoid? A few suggestions on being smooth in foreign lands: 1. Overtalking - saying the wrong thing...
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  • #CommissionJunctionUniversity: Meetup September 2017 in #SantaBarbara

    #affiliatemeetup #sponsored by #CJUniversity in #SantaBarbaraCalifornia @ #FessParkerDoubleTreeResort -

    A beautiful thing to know about the Internet is affiliate marketing is here to stay. If you have no clue what affiliate marketing is, it's a process of promoting online retailers' products and services in exchange for earning an [affiliate commission]. "Affiliate commission" is commissions earned as an affiliate marketer partnered with an online retailer in agreement of promoting their products or services. People from all walks of life including those who are unemployed and employed are quietly engaging in what's called "affiliate marketing," placing themselves financially in a grand position to earn a hefty fortune in affiliate commissions.

    'CJ Affiliate by Conversant' Commission junction, now known as CJ affiliate by Conversant is a beautiful affiliate network based out of Santa Barbara, California. The company has been in existence since 1998. Their mantra is to meaningfully bring advertisers and publishers to gather for the sole purpose of working together online to i...
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