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  • #OJSimpsonParoled: Former #NFL Star #OJSimpson Finally Coming Home from #Prison

    It looks and sounds as if former NFL.com football celebrity and retiree O.J. Simpson will be home from prison this year. A parole board in Nevada shown in the video above from NYTimes.com recently granted him parole, as O.J. occasionally smiles. It's ironic even O.J.'s alleged Victims are supporting his move to come home from jail. And we wonder of what terms will worked out behind the scenes for OJSimpson.com was granted parole. What's your thoughts on this? Will OJ be out of prison for a short period of time for someone tries to violate his probation? Or will he succeed ...
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  • #MoneyandEternity: Does It Mean Anything in the End to Have #Money and Not Help Others?

    Billionaires Index Daily Update, July 20, 2017Evergrande Group's Hui Ka Yan is today's biggest mover on our Billionaires Index. He's $1.69 billion richer.Posted by Bloomberg Television on Thursday, July 20, 2017 This post is personal commentary from Drewry News and doesn't reflect the opinion nor thoughts of its advertisers... Can you take money with you in the long run? Let that mentally marinate. Money is always good to have. In fact, humans need it. We get up in the morning, go to work or run our businesses in hopes of earning an honest day's pay. Money is a necessity in life to pay bills, satisfy legal obligations, grow business ventures, and so on. We need money to buy food, keep gas in our cars, and so on. But what does it mean to be w...
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  • #NewsFromNewYork: 5 Borough News Roundup in #NewYorkCity

    Renting or buying property in New York City can sometimes be a headache. The New York Times has a thought-provoking article on apartment hunting in NYC. Back in the day in the late 1970's, a person could possibly rent an apartment in Brooklyn for as little as under $100 a month. This was the era when former New York Governor and now deceased Mario Cuomo. was mayor of the big apple. Times back then were simpler as the cost of living was significantly cheaper. Of course, rent in Manhattan was always sky high unless you lived in Harlem or the Bronx. The N.Y. Times article goes on to mention if July is a good time of the year to search and rent an apartment in New York City? That depends. To rent an apartment nowadays in Manhattan, look forward possibly to paying $1,500 and better on a month to month basis. WHile it's uncertain how much rent will be in a New York City housing project, you can still look forward to shelling out over $1,000 monthly. Rne twill allegedly continue to skyrocket not just in Manhattan, but throughout the rest of the boroughs of NYC years to come. Moving around in New York City - NYTimes.com Some people are allegedly moving to New York City possibly just to get a free ride on college tuition. New York City Gov. Andrew Cuomo, son of now deceased former Gov. Mario Cuomo, announced early 2017 there would be free college available to residents of the big apple. Free college tuition in New York City has certain conditions. You're obligated after graduation to contribute at least a few years of service working in New York City. If you move out of New York or unable to meet your obligation of working in New York after graduating from college and getting your free ride through any New York City college, you're required to allegedly paid back all the tuition money. Some people might be moving to New York just to shack up with relatives and use their address as a means of getting a free ride through college from New York City government. New York is not the only state to offer residents tuition free college. Having a free scholarship on the government dime is a "blessing," and entitles anyone striving for excellence to get organized to earn "good money." Anyone who qualifies for free college tuition on Uncle Sam's dime should use it to their fullest potential and go non stop award achieving the goal of graduating with their bachelors or Masters degree in their field of expertise so they can showcase their skills that to where the employers and the world. Free college tuition in NYC - CNBC.com Have you ever heard of anything like this? According to an article posted by the Brooklyn Eagle, a judge in Brooklyn allowed a gun toting suspect two more months of freedom to prove himself as he got caught drinking in public and failed to report what he did to the court. Brooklyn judge Pamela Chen, noted in the Brooklyn Eagle article, dealt with gun suspect Mr. Tyson Jeffries in court, as it's noted h...
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  • #MarketingonPinterest: Are #AffiliateMarketers and #Bloggers Using #Pinterest to Its Fullest #Marketing Potential?

    Dear bloggers and online marketers,

    Are you consistent with your Pinterest marketing? Did you know Pinterest is free of charge to join and no longer requires an invite? If you run a blog or full-time online business and not using the free social image pinning site to leverage free traffic and increase your online revenue potential, chances are you're leaving long $ gUaP $ on the table.

    Related: Pinterest and running with big name advertisers - NYTimes.com In a December tweet posted on Twitter.com, studies show: Study shows Pinterest shoppers spend 77% more than Facebook shoppers http://t.co/TaoRTGAmMe— Bloomberg TV (@BloombergTV) December 3, 2013 ...
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  • Recommended WordPress plugins to enhance the functionality of your WP installation.

  • #YoastSEO: This #WordPress Plugin Should Be Installed in Your #WPPlugins

    Yoast SEO is a priceless WordPress plugin every blogger should have. It works beautifully right out of the bos after downloading it and installing it on your dedicated server's Wp-plugins section. Once installed, the Yoast WordPress plugin automatically optimizes your WordPress blog title and content to get a better crawl by Bing.com, Google.com, and YaHoO.com. It does w...
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  • #JobsinDelaware: 3 #DelawareEmployers Looking to Hire #QualifiedJobCandidates in #NewCastleCounty

    Who said getting a job in Delaware has to be an uphill battle? Not if you have a willing mind to leverage every job opportunity presented to you. Of course, you're not going to get hired by any and every employer in Delaware right away even if you have the right job qualification credentials, simply because every Delaware employer operates differently. Have you taken a moment to examine your resume to see where you can include highly sought after skills and hot keywords that'll make your Delaware resume interceptable by automated Delaware employer resume filters? In other words, employers in Delaware use automated resume filtering systems to filter out resumes they consider "fluff resumes," which are simply resumes either with not enough content and relevant keywords, or [fluff resumes] with too many keywords that may be deemed as "Delaware resume spam." If you haven't yet optimized your Delaware employment resume and looking for a job now, this is the grand moment for you to get organized with no delay and have a resume professional resume writer critique you, so your Delaware skill set and "Delaware employment career objective" will be deemed "worthy for hire" in the eyes and minds of prospective employers throughout New Castle County, Delaware. ...
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  • #DelBlogger #AntoinetteBlake Streams Inspiring #FacebookVideo from #Alibaba in #NewarkDelaware

    Ali Baba the best Middle Eastern Food in Newark, Delaware #DelawareBlogger #bloggerslife #MiddleEasternCuisine #netde #SocialDEPosted by Antionette Blake on Friday, July 14, 2017 Delaware blogger Antoinette Blake, known as the inspiring blogger from DelBlogger.com, continues to inspire the masses on Facebook.com. Her award winning blogs and videos on Facebook and YouTube.com continue to inspire and engage people in the state of Delaware. In fact, Mrs. Blake loves to create and stream live web video on location while enjoying lunch and dinner at carious restaurants. Stay tuned for more in the near future discussing Antoinette Bl...
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  • #Covfefe: Why Does #Russia Continue to #HackAmerica?

    Drewry News Network recently experienced a bit of Russian intervention. As mentioned in previous forum posts and possibly a blog post, DNN News reported that Russians successfully managed to hack one of Drewry's passwords on a social bookmarking site. The Russian hacker who hacked DNN's social bookmarking password posted what looked to be "Russian affiliate links," trying to make money online by posting "Affiliate links to Russian shopping websites to earn Russian affiliate commissions." Slightly before the Russian hacked DNN's social bookmarking account password, the DNN website was slowly being bombarded with "generic and spammy Russian site registrants," with strange e-mail addresses. Below are direct e-mail spam addresses some Russians use to register on websites: ...
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  • #FailingBlogs: #XONecole.com Performing 'Miserably' in #SearchEngineRankings

    Business and lifestyle blogger Necole, formerly know as Necole****** dot com, is now known as XONecole.com. Necole started out as a struggling blogger who earned her way to blogging fame and possibly earning millions of dollars from advertisements and partnerships through her blog. Necole, who is highly intelligent and ambitious, blogs on trending topics such as relationships, business, entrepreneurship and starting from the bottom, employment, and more. But now it seems as if her blog XONecole is terribly failing. What's happening here? ...
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  • #YouTubePartner: Earn #YouTubeAdMoney from a #YouTubePartnership

    Earning #YouTubeAdMoney from a video partnership is not as hard as it seems. Creating meaningful and engaging online video content will help to build your subscriber base. Writing a keyword rich video description after you've uploaded your video will attract video search traffic to your YouTube video channel. Uploading videos and creating unique video description content will not only build your video subscriber base and build channel views, but staying persistent will help you to accomplish potential YouTube partner status in due time. The first step towards becoming a potential YouTube partner is to get into the consistency of uploading videos to your YouTube channel every single day. When uploading videos to your YouTube channel, be sure to write a meaningful description of what your YouTube video is about. Writing two or three sentences will not cut the mustard toward building your YouTube video search traffic. To be effective at YouTube video marketing and building your subscriber base, it's always a positive and common practice to write at least a 1 to 2 paragraph description of what your YouTube video is about. Go for the gusto if you have the time and creativity to publish a 500 to 1,000 word video description. The beauty of doing so is getting a better SEO rank if you include links to your blog or website in the YouTube video description field. The keywords and content embedded in your YouTube video description will be indexed by major search engines and available to search on YouTube and Google organic search results pages. It's also a good practice to include relevant tags in the tag description of your newly uploaded YouTube videos. If you've uploaded a video about relationship and online dating, you shouldn't include keywords in the tag description about tec...
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  • Contributing Editor
    started a blog post #RussianHackers: Why Are They #HackingAmerica?
    in News

    #RussianHackers: Why Are They #HackingAmerica?

    In a previous post on Drewry News, DNN discussed how the Russians allegedly meddled in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. And now, they're allegedly and most likely hacking social media accounts. Have you changed your password lately on your social network account? It might be time to do a "password change refresher," as Russian hackers are quietly and secretly gaining access to some social networking accounts.

    Related: Tr...
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  • #RussianHacking: From #Politics to #SocialNetworks - CHANGE your PASSWORD NOW!

    Ladies and gentlemen… Russia is not playing. They are very intelligent people who know exactly what they're doing. And while it's highly likely they allegedly meddled in the 2016 United States presidential election, they're allegedly nowadays going after your personal social networking accounts. It doesn't matter who you are. If you have a high trafficked social networking profile on Pinterest.com, Twitter.com, Facebook.com, or even YouTube.com, you better watch your back online. Russian masterminds nowadays are going after social networking accounts without Americans exactly knowing what the Russian agenda is. Is the suspected hacking politically motivated or financially driven to sci-fi money out of Americans? Who knows. Now is the time to change the password on your social networking account if you haven’t already done so. Russia continues to be a trending topic in the world since the alleged meddling in the 2016 election with Clinton vs. Trump. And the issues concerning Russian hackers and politics cont...
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