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  • New York Rapper #FatJoe Achieves Honorable #WeightLossTransformation

    He Lost 88 Lbs? Not fat Joe from the Bronx. Him??? You knew him as a heavy set rapper from Bronx, N.Y. way back in the day. He was been long time friend to rapper big pun before pun passed away from obesity and heart failure. The one they know as fat Joe transformed into a health-conscious person. He achieved quite an admirable transformation of health. He lost over sum 80 + lbs. Making a transformation of inner and outer self is no easy job for anyone. Rich, ...
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  • Achieve #HealthyChanges in Faith Beyond #EatingHealthyFood

    Doing more than what’s expected will do more than put you on the fast track to long-term success. When you do what is expected of on a regular basis and then some, it's virtually destined goodness will favor you. Going above and beyond in daily productivity, exercise, and doing for others in building quality relationships...
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  • FitlifeTV Canole Discusses #Depression

    Depression is likely to start kicking in as your body ages. No one can completely halt the aging process in their bodies. Eating right by ingesting good solid nutrition, exercise and cardiovascular activity are some of the keys to accomplishing transformation excellence. Many people can suppress feelings of depression by incorporating new healthy patterns while possibly feeling renewed feelings of passion for life. If a person desires a better lifestyle, it starts with positive thinking and doing everything else needed to ach...
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  • Enduring Tough #FinancialTimes After Starting a Business Online

    In today’s super information highway, anyone can become an internet millionaire. Earning large checks on the internet are merited based on effort. If you apply yourself wholeheartedly, it will happen. The internet today is a means of income for many. The world wide web is nothing more than a huge portal of information readily available to the world. One can earn a decent living online just by supplying the masses with relevant and useful information in the form of fresh content. Fresh content is an assortment of pictures, videos, text, articles, snippets, and so forth. Building up your online...
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  • Benefits of True #Transformation

    Transforming into healthier living holds unique benefits. The human spirit is lifted into a higher positive state. Mental clarity settles in, allowing the mind to engage into deeper intellectual activities such as pursuing higher educational studies and public speaking. Achieving a transformed physique is a fringe benefit in living happy and healthy. There’s a difference in outlook of life in an average person that performs no exercise vs. someone who invests time into daily cardio or weight lifting. The person that doesn't exercise most likely tends to b...
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  • #Transformation: Against All Odds and Winning

    It pays to think positive, achieve a quality education, and set attainable goals to succeed in defeating the odds. Today's job market is competitive to the infinity power. With a good education, even if a day job is not for you, you can still be an innovative thinker and affect the lives of others. Education is something no one can take from you once achieved. Can you potentially transform the mindset of others with a college education? Absolutely. Knowledge is power. People will listen to you as long as you have something enriching for them. Chip Conley used adversity of his boss not listening to him with an idea that ...
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  • Positive #BusinessCommunication Yields Quality Transformational Results

    Our vernacular in conversation and body language plays a major role in how we directly convey messages to others. Staying congruently on our business A+ game consists of positive business communication, both verbally and physically. It determines the avenue in which any relationship will be railroaded. This is why it's important in business and life whether relating to people professionally and perso...
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  • Rapper #FatJoe Achieves Honorable #WeightLoss Transformation

    After seeing many of his friends die from obesity and other health related issues, rapper Fat Joe from Bronx, New York decided it's time to make healthy changes in his life. Who would ever think this fried chicken lover would reverse his physique to become healthier and lighter? In the video, ...
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  • Contributing Editor
    started a topic Laws for #BuildingMuscle?

    Laws for #BuildingMuscle?

    Are there really laws to muscle building when transforming your body? Maybe. Maybe not. When it comes to building defined muscle, there are some laws. Laws such as exercise first then perform post-workout cardio. There may be laws to muscle building such as "watch what you eat." There may also...
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  • Contributing Editor
    started a blog post #GoodMorningAmerica
    in News


    Don't forget today that this is the day that the Lord Jesus,

    of all creation, has made. Give


    the praise and glory for another day

    HE has made! DrewryNewsNetwor...
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  • #Transformation: #JuicingVegetables to #LoseWeight

    Did you know juice fresh vegetables and drink the juice you nurture your body to live enzymes and electrolytes to sustain daily energy? Whether you thought about it or not, drinking fresh pressed juice from your juice machine does more than assist in the process of weight loss transformation. You invest in your personal health and reduce the need to visit your local doctor, helping you save money on healthcare visits. Drew Canole, founder of FitLifeTV keeps p...
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  • Former #FlatbushBrooklyn Native #LouFerrigno Converses With #KaiGreene #Backstage

    This is a defining moment of Kai Greene of Brooklyn talking with Flatbush Brooklyn O.G. and former Incredible Hulk TV show star and former Mr. Olympia Lou Ferrigno. Ferrigno and Greene discuss bodybuilding, yesteryear's technology, doing the transformation muscle building work, and more. This is sheer bod...
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  • Getting #BackonTrack With #EatingRight

    Everyone makes mistakes in nutrition and exercise. Lessons learned are priceless life experiences engineered to enhance positive character traits. Honesty makes anyone a better person and shows humility. If you make a mistake in your exercise by skipping a day, eat something you shouldn't, do...
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  • Erik and Maleka Help You Get #BackonTrack With #WeightLoss #Transformation

    A down to Earth couple who's been through the trenches of adversity has not only lost the weight and became inspiring transformation success stories on Muscle and Fitness, but also launched their own blog to inspire others to be the change. Transformation shows you yourself. Erik and Maleka genuinely help make good people better with their inspiring blog posts and YouTube videos. Take a listen to what they're saying and get excited now about making healthy changes....
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  • #AndersonCooper of #CNN Walks Through #Charleston - #DylannRoof Receives #Forgiveness

    When you do the transformation work in your heart genuinely, you learn to forgive. You forgive out of inspiration. Whether Dylann Roof is sorry or not for the murders he's accused of, the victim's families have spoken out and forgave him. That's true transformation of the heart. Charges by the Charleston Police Department: Dylann Roof Warrants When anyone does a child or children of ...
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