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  • Simple Methods to Earning Steady Traffic Using #Twitter

    There’s no question that Twitter is helping many major U.S. and offshore companies build their business while providing value to their Twitter followers. As the famous micro-blogging service, founded by Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone and company focuses on helping people get their messages across online by ways of tweeting, Twitter also allows businesses to not only find new potential customers, but, also communicate directly with people on the microblogging service.

    Related: Doubling Twitter traffic - Social Media Examiner U.S. and offshore businesses can establish a meaningful presence on Twitter in many ways. For starters, a company can build new Twitter followers, by way of personal direct messages to their followers. When companies take time...
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  • #PaidBacklinks Ruin Business Reputations

    Paid backlink building is in no way good for business. SEO Roundtable speaks on Google's Matt Cutts discussing the negatives of paid links. On a paid backlink SEO site, they mention the following nonsense:

    "Need Help with Your Link Building?

    Although our Link Wizard makes it easy to build an effective and sustainable link portfolio, we also have an internal SEO team that will build your links for you FOR FREE if you purchase at least $100 in credits.

    Just create a new link advertiser account or log into your existing account.

    Then, click the red “Free Link Placement” graphic on your dashboard home to get started

    Related: Earn SEO respect by building links naturally How could they profess something to be free, yet, ask people to purchase at least $100 in credits? If something is free, it's free, right? This sounds like a scam. If you engage in purchasing paid backlinks to inflate your SEO, truth is, your site w...
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  • Build a Respected #WebPresence by Following Directions

    To be residually blessed by God, help others who strive for excellence to honestly succeed in business.

    In the marvelous world of the internet and ever-so-changing search engine algorithms, bloggers, internet companies and work at home folks are always striving to accomplish better search engine rankings. They work hard at creating unique content from scratch. They engage meaningfully on social networks. They may sometimes write articles and press releases. They may upload videos to their YouTube channel every day, or, every other day. Some may even go out of their way to boost search engine rankings and increase their positions in search engine results pages by way of purchasing inbound links. Buying links to improve your search engine ranking is not such a good practice.

    Unique Content Works Wond...
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  • 5 Easy Ways to Build Your Business With #ContentMarketing

    Building a content based blog or website with a bright future in mind is a patient process. First, you have to decide what the niche topic of your site will be about. Then, what type of CMS publishing platform to use. Third, you have to be mindful the dedicated web hosting package or cloud server you decide to go with as your hosting platform has enough bandwidth, RAM-disk space, and multiple IP addresses on the hosting administratie side in case you want...
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  • #ContentMarketing Automation on Steroids

    Scott Jangro, founder of speaks at an Affiliate Summit West 2015 event on the topic of content marketing and social sharing. Content marketing is a job within itself and often times tough to maintain as a one-person...
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  • Pepperjam Network Publisher Webinar Series: Be In the Know With #SEO

    The following is provided by Pepperjam Network, an eBaY company: Pepperjam Network Publisher Webinar Series: Be In the Know With SEO Join the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts at Pepperjam for this four-part webinar series specifically for publishers. We’ll explore the keys to attracting an audience and, more importantly, how to keep ...
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  • Quality #Content and Steady Web Traffic Equals #PassiveIncome

    Josh Coffy, founder of Flight Media recently released a free downloadable guide for new and experienced online marketers. Whether you’re new or intermediate in the world of Internet marketing, everyone seeks unique...
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  • #ContentMarketing to Improve Long Term #SEO

    The content marketing game is unpredictable. There’s sites such as WordPress blogs or static HTML websites ranking differently in the United States online regardless of domain age. A blog or website that’s been online for less than 2 years can have better SEO vs. a WP blog or static website that’s been online for 5 to 10 years due...
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  • #PressRelease #Marketing is a Must for Generating #Sales

    Writing a good press release requires experiencing trial and error. The best press release optimizers in today's SEO and online advertising fields all experienced countless times of failure. Yes, you can always learn how to write a good press release after investing in a good press release company to have one written for your business. Bottom line is, you need press releases online to instantly generate buzz about your online business and drive eyeballs to your onlin...
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  • Creative Ways to Optimize Your #WordPress Blog

    Unsure how to setup a WordPress blog and get your blogging career going in hopes of becoming a super affiliate? This line of work is for dedicated and visionary minded entrepreneurs. Affiliate marketing, blogging, and making money online full-time is not a get rich quick operation. Blogging is joy to the soul and a labor of love. It's a process of crafting your blogging skills and improving yourself along the way, slowly transitioning when least expected into a potential super affiliate. If you seek ways to optimize your WordPress blog and better your chances of making more money as a blogger and affiliate marketer, view the slideshow above ...
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  • Are Long Term Strategic Objectives Necessary for #Success in #InternetMarketing?

    Do you think it is wise to set “long-term” strategic objectives when it comes to Internet marketing? DrewryNewsNetwork believes every online marketer needs to do so. It’s necessary for the long-term success of companies to have objectives set in place. How else will companies survive without them?

    The founder of DrewryNewsNetwork had no idea how to get started such as acquiring a domain name, web hosting, nor how to install a blog or website only dedicated web hosting package. There was no long-term vision: only thought in the moment of getting online one way or another. While the founder sat stuck on stupid like a sitting duck in 2005 and had no long-term strategic objectives nor Internet marketing experience, it didn't deter the CEO from playing the game of patience and learning along the way about...
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  • Don’t Bother Trying to Boost #SEO With #ArticleMarketing Anymore

    Want to know the ironclad truths about getting good rankings in search engines? It’s certainly not promoting your site with article marketing. Back in the day, article marketing was the truth when it came to getting free exposure to sites and boosting long-term SEO. After many Google panda and Google Penguin updates and quiet algorithmic changes, Google and other search engines no...
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  • The Truth About #ContentMarketing as a Business

    #contentmarketing as a #parttime or #fulltime #onlinebusiness -

    Search engines such as Bing, Excite, Google, and YaHoO! scour the web 24 hours a day looking for fresh and informative content to crawl and list in their search engine results pages. Search engines give preference in terms of listing blogs and websites publish informative content daily in a higher position in search results pages. Bloggers and other content creators who take time to create informative content from scratch and provide useful links relevant resources for more information end up receiving more organic traffic in the long run vs. sites who scrape content from others illegally, sites who publish 1 to 2 paragraph blog posts-webpages will only seek quick indexing in the moment by search engine spiders in search results pages, and sites who only publish 1 to 2 sentences that may possibly published 10 to 20 times daily " the sites possibly consist of entertainment-music industry blog updates on your favorite music artists." Another words, the more quality time a blogger or content creator invests in publishing something worthwhile to read that's not a quick blurb, the more they are rewarded by search engines without resorting to paid one dime in advertising to get residual traffic from search engine results pages.

    Building Your Business Site With Content One thing millions of everyday people don't know is they can start a blog or website without prior experience. Getting started is not as difficult as most people think. You'll first need a domain name and web hosting package to host your blog-website on. Once a domain name and web hosting has been secured, you can install blog or website software on your web hosting package as the first step in getting started "building your business site with lots and lots of content." WordPress i...
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  • Contributing Editor
    started a topic The Truth About #Twitter

    The Truth About #Twitter

    It's time to revamp your content marketing tactics if you're one of many who are guilty of not harnessing the full business marketing strength of Twitter is by far the world's number one online microblogging community for people from all walks of life to connect on and businesses to establish credibility-visibility. It costs absolutely not...
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  • Helps #Bloggers Understand Their Target Audience

    In today's age of information technology and ever-so-changing search engine algorithms, bloggers and dedicated internet marketers need the necessary tools afforded to them to help them process certain data. It's the age of "big data" we live in today. As affiliate marketers and bloggers seek to better understand their audience and serve them effectively, they also need an all-in-one solution to help increase workflows and increase online revenue potential. is the transformation business solution for affiliate marketers, bloggers, and website owners. Using this service will help bloggers and online marketers not only better understand their audience, but...
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