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  • #BrooklynHalfMarathon: Did #CaseyNeistat Win if He #Ran in The #HalfMarathon?

    Casey Neistat on YouTube posted a video today about a Brooklyn half marathon. Marathons are interesting and uplifting to run. Why? When your body loses the unhealthy fat and in a state of consistent fat burning and heightened cardiovascular mode, believe it or not, your body will benefit from a natural form of Euphoria. It's not the type of Euphoria associated with drugs ...
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  • #YouTubeVideoMarketing: Believe and #YouToo Can Prosper

    Image: YouTube reviewer above earns a virtual fortune through one simple video marketing tactic? When it comes to the power of YouTube, never underestimate how sharing online video can drastically improve your web visibility, video profit potential and long-tail search engine traffic. There's folk today quietly committed to building residual income alone from video content and earning a full time living from A New York Times article from the past better explains how you can effectively use "YouTube video marketing" to earn online income from advertisers. It also discusses someone who's no longer has a day jobber and "earning healthy YouTube video money." The story is truly inspiring to those desiring to take the leap of faith to full-time internet marketing and video marketing as an avenue of potentially earning a full-time living. ...
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  • #SuzanneSomers: Former #ThreesCompany Actress Now in #AffiliateMarketing

    If you were one of millions who watched former hit TV sitcom Three''s Company starring Suzanne Somers, you know who she is. Since the former hit TV sitcom went off air in the mid-1980s, Somers has been keeping herself busy with numerous business projects, maintaining an active status simultaneously in the world of show business. And today, she''s now in the world of affiliate marketing introducing her own affiliate program to affiliate marketers. intro...
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  • #CommissionJunctionUniversity: Meetup September 2017 in #SantaBarbara

    #affiliatemeetup #sponsored by #CJUniversity in #SantaBarbaraCalifornia @ #FessParkerDoubleTreeResort -

    A beautiful thing to know about the Internet is affiliate marketing is here to stay. If you have no clue what affiliate marketing is, it's a process of promoting online retailers' products and services in exchange for earning an [affiliate commission]. "Affiliate commission" is commissions earned as an affiliate marketer partnered with an online retailer in agreement of promoting their products or services. People from all walks of life including those who are unemployed and employed are quietly engaging in what's called "affiliate marketing," placing themselves financially in a grand position to earn a hefty fortune in affiliate commissions.

    'CJ Affiliate by Conversant' Commission junction, now known as CJ affiliate by Conversant is a beautiful affiliate network based out of Santa Barbara, California. The company has been in existence since 1998. Their mantra is to meaningfully bring advertisers and publishers to gather for the sole purpose of working together online to i...
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  • #SupplementYourIncome: Earn Easy Money by #TakingOnlineSurveys

    #makemoneyonline and stay #employed by #takingonlinesurveys and #earninggoodmoney -

    Donald Trump doesn't plan on making life simple for the poor and middle working class. Are you unemployed, j.o.b. (just over broke), working hand to mouth in struggling paycheck to paycheck to make ends meet? Do you have an internet connection and worrying how you're going to land a 2nd job to make ends meet? Fret no more. Did you know the internet is open season for anyone anywhere with an internet connection to make money online either by blogging, promoting affiliate programs on blogs and websites, video marketing on, or by taking surveys for money? Yep, that's right.

    The easiest money made online is not just promoting an affiliate program on a blog or social networks, but taking surveys and reviewing some of the most famous department stores and brands.

    What is "Global Test Market?" makes it 100% simple for anyone anywhere to join free of charge. At the time of this post, Global Test Market ranks 3,657 in the United States on Alexa. Global test market is gladly in the business of helping people...
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  • #BloggingforBusiness: Are You Going to Finally #GetStarted or What?

    Blogging is a very lucrative venture. Most people that started a blog either started it as a hobby or started blogging without having a clue what they're doing. And that's okay. Why? Blogging allows anyone to not only create a visible presence on the Internet and unleash rambling thoughts in the back of their mind, but transform it into a profitable business that yields fruitful income years to come. The beauty of blogging is it doesn't require you to have a college degree, previous employment experience, doesn't require you to traditionally be dressed as if you where heading into the workplace, and no sales quotas. That's right. Blogging is a freelance opportunity out worries of meeting sales quotas. Maybe you're one of those people in a current sales job whereas your pressure or maybe not even pressured to meet a sales goal monthly or weekly. You can use the same energy from your sales job to create a blog and turn it into a business that yields fruitful income for you years to come instead of continually making your employer rich. All that's required on your part is ...
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  • #JohnLegend: Now In the Business of Helping People #FalselyAccused Get #Exonerated

    The LORD Jesus Christ is
    GOD and GOD alone

    and acknowledged by drewry news. This open proclamation to the world online is of freewill made shamelessly and voluntarily.

    #JohnLegend for #criminaljusticereform joins #Wharton - his #almamater -

    Fact: The American legal system is not perfect. Especially in Florida. What wrong conviction and infliction is placed upon a person is
    GOD's job to fix and use whomever HE pleases to fulfill HIS perfect will. When you falsely accuse someone of a crime they never committed and think you've gotten away scott free and/or filed a false police report against someone and think it's swept under the rug and no one knows, all you need to know is GOD knows. And until you get it straight with GOD and exonerate the person you falsely accused, you must stand accountable for your false accusations on the day of Pentecost.

    Ever been falsely accused of something? Been to prison? Forced to accept a plea deal to avoid going to prison for a crime you never committed and had to plead out - deferred adjudication because you didn't have the funds for a paid legal defense team? Forced to accept adjudication withheld due to faulty evidence or a rigged trial to spend years in prison and feel like you're rotting? Your moment of exoneration may be right around the corner.

    Related: John Legend for criminal justice reform -

    John Legend is trying to close a jail

    John Legend is joining the fight to close this jail.

    Posted by Mic on Tuesday, May 9, 2017

    Shortlist of exoneration projects for the wrongfully accused - con...
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  • #AffiliateNetworks: Recommended #AdNetworks for #Bloggers

    Bloggers and Internet marketers sometimes find it an uphill battle to find quality ad networks to partner with. You may be one of millions of bloggers who have a niche based blog site centered around the topic of computers and technology, fashion, science, or travel. You create content daily and has a loyal target audience that willingly comments on every post you publish to your blog. It's not that difficult finding quality advertisers to partner with because there's tons of money to be made online. "...
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  • #StartBloggingNow: Why Are You Leaving #Money on the Table?

    If you didn't already know, there's a quiet army of freelance bloggers in various age groups blogging their way to earning millions of dollars in affiliate sales commissions from high-end retailers. Most of them don't have day jobs or a real world job. They only blog. They're the people who get paid to blog all day long about anything they want and have a loyal targeted audience they cater blog posts to. These bloggers partnered with high end online retailers for the purpose of earning a...
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  • #Jordan5Retro and #KobeJordan9Retro: #SneakerReviews Coming Soon

    Coming up momentarily on this site are reviews on the Nike Air Jordan retro 5 and Air Jordan retro 9 Kobe Bryant editions. Check back regularly as reviews will be posted soon....
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  • #Blogging: From Hobby to Full-Time Profits is Possible for You

    The Internet allows the average person to put creative ideas and strengths to work from their home PC or laptop with startup costs varying from little to nothing. Transforming passion to profit by starting a hobby niche based weblog known as a “blog” allows an inexperienced blogger to gain valuable business freelancing experience without prior experience. Although it takes time for a person to naturally build the strength of a blog through creative writing and building personal relationships with their target audience, it’s possible for anyone to launch a blog from inception and grow to the point of it potentially ranking among elite commercial business blogs, with the intent of command millions in the future through selling advertising space. Additionally, you can diversify your income potential partnering with with reputable affiliate networks, thus achieving busi...
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  • #PeopleFirst: Unwritten Rules for #OnlineBusinesses

    #CustomerPersonalization and #meaningfulbusinessrelationships are always good for #business -

    Businesses operating on the World Wide Web should make relationship building with their target audience the first action step for web business success. It’s those precious moments when businesses take time to personally respond to social media comments, answer e-mails, and upload videos to YouTube answering individual consumer questions personally that builds rapport and trust with potential and established online consumers. Serious businesses operating online who value relationships with their audience understand that it’s not all about selling something in the moment; yet, earning consumer loyalty, earning positive word-of-mouth advertising to others. Fair pricing is an absolute must an an unwritten rule "in most cases offering free shipping as a way of showing customers you appreciate their business."

    Personalization - Consumers or opted in subscribers who receive customized content from companies feel special when the body of the message begins with addressing them by first name. An example would be an e-mail newsletter. E-mail newsletters formatted by companies use sophisticated automation software to customize individual e-mails by addressing consumers...
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  • Contributing Editor
    started a topic #Retro9KobeJordan: Sold Out?

    #Retro9KobeJordan: Sold Out?

    These Air Jordan Retro 9 Kobe Bryant sneakers from RUVilla was a hot commodity that they sold out "with no delay." As you may or may not be able to possibly purchase a pair online, your best options would be to search the web for more information. Perhaps these's possibly a few authorized online retailers that may have them in stock for children, females, grade school edition Kobe Jordan senakers, and some left possibly for men. Places to try online for "Kobe Jordan 9 Retro by Nike": Check back soon for a comprehensive review of the Jordan Kobe Retro 9 sneaker by
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  • #JordanRetro16: Sneaker Review Coming Soon - #AirJordanNike16

    This just in... Michael Jordan Air Retro 16 fresh off the truck less than one hour ago from the time of this post. Check back soon for an upcoming review discussing the famous Air Jordan Retro 16; a classic Jordan vintage sneaker ....
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  • #InternetSideBusiness: Why #Pinterest Will Always be on Their A+ Game will always do good for online businesses. It's a free social platform where anyone can create an account and promote virtually anything as the police. The only cost involved is your creativity, effort, and time. Pinterest will always be on their A + game because it's a visually driven business and personal social network. People from all walks of life come together for common causes. Affiliate marketers can freely promote affiliate links without worry and gain valuable marketing experience toward earning a full-time income for themselves or gain valuable marketing experience for the purpose of placing on an employment resume as an acquired skill. Pinterest will always be on their A + game because people who hold down day jobs and use the visual business social network as a means of promoting their side hustles will rely on it to drive scores of traffic to their blogs, marketing landing pages, and websites as a means of increasing their probability of generating residual supplemental income. Using Pinterest for ...
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