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  • #HolinessinGovernment: When Will Politicians Reintroduce #Prayer Back into #PublicSchools?

    Can #government and #religion #coexistpeacefully? -

    Open freewill disclaimer: The Lord Jesus Christ who is God and God alone is shamelessly and willingly acknowledged by this site. This site is NOT ashamed of the Lord Jesus Christ!

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    They say they trust God printed on money. Many politicians allegedly reject religion across the board. It’s always “two different things” among them. The thought of implementing government and religion together in unity is like mixing oil and water in the back of most people’s minds. Religion plays an enormous role naturally in structuring and maintaining an organization spiritually and otherwise. Many people and most politicians want to keep religion out of government due to their personal feelings. One of the main reasons is because of homosexuality. It prohibits two men and two women coming together and making a proclamation as one flesh. Homosexuals are against religion because of this reason and want to keep religious laws out of government. Homosexuality is wrong because a man was not created for another man to be intimate with. Nor was a woman made to lay with another woman as she would with a man. Homosexuality is WRONG! drewry news network speaks out openly AGAINST homosexuality and AGAINST homosexual marriage! A man and woman were created to come together as one flesh; not two men and two women. Scriptural law discusses living a righteous life and staying away from abominat...
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  • #PlayCool: Acting and Dressing the Part Traveling to #ForeignSoil

    Planning on traveling to another country on behalf of your job or as part of your own business venture? You may want to think things through and do a tid bit of homework before getting on that plane to outer lands. If you accepted an assignment to work in another country with an organization, what are some of the perceptual errors you would strive to avoid? A few suggestions on being smooth in foreign lands: 1. Overtalking - saying the wrong thing...
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  • 5 Reasons Why #DwayneJohnson From #WWE Will Never be #USPresident

    Dwayne the rock WWE Johnson finally made the decision to run against in 2020 with movie celebrity Tom Hanks riding shotgun as a V.P. candidate. Who can imagine Dwayne the rock Johnson in the oval office as a real president of the United States with Tom Hanks as vice president? Let's face it. These two gentlemen are nothing more then comical celebrities. They're entertainers. Not politician...
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