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  • #Forbes Offers Ideas on Businesses Anyone Can Start With Almost no #Money

    Stop looking at your current situation and what you don't have. The best of the best started businesses in the worst times of their lives. What makes you so different from them? It's all about having a positive mindset in doing the transformation business work. Not sure what kind of business you should start? No worries. Just watch the video by Forbes and be inspired to get started while feeling financially uncomfortable. The Forbes YouTube video discusses seven different businesses you can start tomorrow with virtually little or no money. Acting on faith without a clear vision is how most entrepreneurs st...
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  • #RagstoRiches is a #StateofMind Anyone Can Achieve

    True transformation champions understand succeeding in anything in life entails going through countless times of trial and error. Failure doesn't mean it's the end of the world for you; it's valuable learning experiences from failed business ventures or relationships that one learns where they went wrong. Failure is the catalyst for a person to abnormally succeed beyond expectation. How can you learn from failing if you become content to the point of staying down and not trying again? There is ...
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  • How to #Succeed in #Business by #GayleKing

    She's a hard working woman and stays on her entrepreneurial A+ game. She's doing the transformation business work and moving full steam ahead. Gayle King continues to be an inspiration of female leadership and innovation. She sits down in a interview discussing business,...
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  • Contributing Editor
    started a blog post Is It Possible to #StartaBusiness and Multitask?
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    Is It Possible to #StartaBusiness and Multitask?

    One thing many people don't know about starting a business online is that you can work on it in your spare time. You can keep a day job, work on your college degree, not worry about paying employees, and maintain a piece of mind building your business on the web from scratch. While it takes a signi...
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  • Having the Mental #Muscle for the Hustle to Succeed in #Entrepreneurship

    Transitioning into entrepreneurship is never easy. If you want it, you'll be willing to go through the awesome changes. As many people think starting a business and making money is a virtual piece of cake, it's a harder journey to travel vs. working the traditional 9 to 5 workshift. You have to create your own healthcare fund,...
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  • Building Meaningful #Relationships and #Learning Your #TargetAudience

    The best Internet marketers are those who don't try to put forth their best foot selling something to someone on social networks. Getting to know your audience sometimes requires having a general conversation. It can be about something completely off-topic. In fact, when you use a natural method known as "socia...
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  • Helps #Bloggers Understand Their Target Audience

    In today's age of information technology and ever-so-changing search engine algorithms, bloggers and dedicated internet marketers need the necessary tools afforded to them to help them process certain data. It's the age of "big data" we live in today. As affiliate marketers and bloggers seek to better understand their audience and serve them effectively, they also need an all-in-one solution to help increase workflows and increase online revenue potential. is the transformation business solution for affiliate marketers, bloggers, and website owners. Using this service will help bloggers and online marketers not only better understand their audience, but...
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  • #Fundable Lets You Create #BusinessCrowdfunding Campaigns

    #Fundable lets #you #create #online #fundraising #campaigns and #pages to #raisemoney on the #web to #startabusiness -
    Image: The world wide web subliminally proves itself to be a virtual cash machine. And that's exactly what it is. For those who use the World Wide Web to raise money online causes, the web certainly help you achieve your goals. Whether it'...
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  • Changes #Successful #BusinessLeaders Go Through

    Anyone can be a leader. It takes a true leader to inspire people to be their absolute best. True leadership comes from the heart and is seen more than just an average job with a bi-weekly take home paycheck. Ever thought why some people are more successful than others? It's most likely due to dedicated entrepreneurship in going above and beyond in their business endeavors. Entrepreneurs dedicated to being the best by serving others without expectation is ...
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  • #Transform a #Hobby into a #Profitable #OnlineBusiness

    Psst. Yeah you. The one reading this. Did you know the Internet is an open business opportunity for anyone earnestly desiring to start a web-based venture? It doesn't matter how small your idea. Or, how small your business you desire to launch online. No college degree required. Nevertheless, a degree is alway...
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  • How Would You Build a #Business From Scratch?

    #SirRichardBranson and #others #speak on #Forbes about taking #risks as an #entrepreneur and #starting a #business -

    If you had no help, unemployable, broke, and fake friends and family turned their back on you, what would you to do make a transformational life comeback? Would you fold up and go live at the YMCA? Sleep on a park bench? Sit around and whine about what's not right in your life and blame others for your failure? Or, put your heart, soul, and back into starting a business from scratch and faifully build from the ground floor up?

    Forbes has an interesting article discussing the topic of business you can start from scratch. Twenty businesses you can start with literally no money.

    Food for thought about...
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  • Blogging is Joy To The Soul and Good for Business

    Blogging allows anyone to creatively express their feelings. Blogging can help anyone earn a decent living. Blogging is more than making money from ads on the world wide web. Blogging is information marketing on steroids, inspiring aspiring bloggers to succeed in their blogging endeavors. Blogging helps to keep a positive mindset. If you desire to start an internet career in blogging for business, anyone can start our for free with Blogger by Google. Blogging for free is the easiest way in producing unique and quality compelling content while meaningfully connecting with others on the world wide web, and increasing your search engine rankings. Need inspiration to start blogging ? Take a look at the useful reading resource links below. Get started today working faithfully to build your online presence....
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  • Believing in Yourself is The Real Transformation

    Have you ever had someone throw you away without explanation? Just up and go with a stone cold heart? If you've answered yes, chances are, it possibly happened to almost everyone else. Whether it's a business or personal relationship that went sour for whatever reason, it doesn't mean the end of the world for you. It takes a vision for your life to prevail over adverse events. Adversity is guaranteed to enter your life. No one is immune. It takes something life touching for a person to finally "get it." And, when you get it, grow from it, and discover new creative ways of mentally progressing, all one can do is use their gifts discovering new potential within. Forbes has a very interesting article on the humble beginnings of Waste Management CEO Wayne Huizenga. From a high school jo...
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  • Try Your Hand Now at Entrepreneurship With YEC

    If you believe you have the entrepreneurial muscle for the hustle, you can and will achieve excellence. That is, if you strive daily to get organized. Anyone, no matter how many jobs you've been fired from, no matter how many dates never worked out, no matter how much family hates you, can succeed starting a business from scratch. When it comes to the real world of entrepreneurship, the wheat is separated from the tears. Another words, those who put things into action vs. the wannabees who sit back and dream about success are parted from one another.

    Looking to gain knowledge and succeed while striving for excellence as an entrepreneur?

    Young Entrepreneur Connect is a site that inspires people from all walks of life to consider full-time entrepreneurship.

    Featured on:
    • ABC News
    • Atlantic
    • Bloomberg Businessweek
    • CBS News
    • CNN
    • Fast Company
    • Forbes
    • Fortune
    • Fox Business
    • Huffington Post
    • Mashable
    • MSNBC
    • Time
    • TechCrunch
    • TNW
    • Washington Post
    • Wall Street Journal
    The site is by invite only, but you can apply for possible acceptance. Will you cut the mustard and make the grade in getting accepted?

    Take the leap of faith now and apply for YEC with no delay here.
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  • Starting a Business Online is The Way to Go

    #success is #attainable if you #believe and do the #transformation #business #work as a #faithful #entrepreneur -

    Still skeptical about taking a leap of faith and acquiring your own dedicated server and starting a business blog or website? If the answer is yes, you're procrastinating on your own future success. Nowadays, starting a business on the internet is the move. Yup, the new business steelo is getting up and running online. Even if you have no prior business experience, no college degree, know nothing about doing business online, or what have you, you can still get a good web host and install CMS "content management system" software such as Drupal, Joomla, Pligg, or WordPress "all are free" on your dedicated server and quit delaying on getting organized with starting your online business.

    Webpreneurs Who Succeeded In 2004, Gina Binachini and Marc Anderssen started, later acquired by in 2011. Back in the day, Tom Anderson and Chris DeWolfe started and later sold it to Rupert Murdoch for a whopping half a billion + dollars. PayPal started in 1998 and didn't know how successful the company would be later down the road. Meg Whitman and Pierre Omidyar started eBay and sold the 1st item as a broken laser pointer for less than $15. Michael Arrington started the famous multi-million dollar WordPress blog site in 2005 "former CEO of," and later sold to AOL for $25 million. Bob Parsons founded in 1997 and wasn't named Go Daddy back then. Kara Goldin of started the company in 2004 and a former employee of Om Malik of started the famous WordPress blog after quiting his day job. Arianna Huffington started "blog by" in 2005 after experimenting with blogging and gaining a better understanding how search engines send traffic to blogs after publishing posts. Darren Rowse of started the...
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