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  • Simple Ways to Achieve #BetterHealth in The #NewYear

    The new year presents everyone with opportunities to make all kinds of healthy changes. A chance to lose weight. To work uninterrupted in building and rebuilding your body. A chance to get back on track with healthy eating habits. A chance to mend broken relationships. A chance to RIGHT wrongs. A chance t...
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  • #Healthy #NewYears Goals and #EatingRight Doesn't Require Overthinking It

    Healthy meal preparation requires discipline. You have to want to get healthy. You have to want to lose weight. You have to want to build muscle. You have to want to live a healthier lifestyle. And change comes with putting faith and works into action at full strength by doing the transformation work and getting out of your comfort zone. Despite how many times you've failed transforming the way you look, feel, and think, always know you can begin again regardless of your age. Every day is an opportunity for new beginnings. It's the new year and you're ready to make healthy changes. It's time to cut out the alcohol, beer, marijuana, drugs, stop talking to the ex-girlfriend to an ex-boyfriends, and get out of your pump. Get yourself down to the local grocery store or supermarket and fill up your shopping cart with healthy foods. Leave the pizza and the buffalo wings alone. The cheesesteaks; you have to give those up too! It's time to stock up on lean meats like Turkey, salmon, scallops, sea bass, lean steak, vegetables for juicing and the juice machine, pomegranate juice, and leave the cooking oil, butter with saturated fat, and sliced cheese on th...
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  • #PattiLabelle Discusses #SweetPotatoPie With #SteveHarvey

    Are these sweet potato pies healthy? If you go back to the old Southern days and ways of sweet potato pie preparation, Southerners and sweet potato pie followers used major amounts of refined sugar, sometimes used Vanilla extract, lots of eggs (high in cholesterol), and possibly pounds of butte...
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  • Benefits of Long Term #Cardio

    Are you feeling sluggish possibly because of your nutrition and lack of walking or jogging? Perhaps feeling slower than usual because of aging or lack of sleep? If you've answered yes to one or all of the questions, it's time for you to make healthy changes and get back on track with cardio and exercise. Did you know increased cardiovascular output improves sleep patterns? That's right. According to, cardio not only improves sleep and exercise performance, but "Not getting enough sleep causes a number of consequences--inability to focus on cognitive tasks, heart problems, energy-depletion, and weight gain--just to name a few." ...
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  • #Transformation: #JuicingVegetables to #LoseWeight

    Did you know juice fresh vegetables and drink the juice you nurture your body to live enzymes and electrolytes to sustain daily energy? Whether you thought about it or not, drinking fresh pressed juice from your juice machine does more than assist in the process of weight loss transformation. You invest in your personal health and reduce the need to visit your local doctor, helping you save money on healthcare visits. Drew Canole, founder of FitLifeTV keeps p...
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  • Creative Way to Kickstart Your #Metabolism

    In hopes of succeeding daily, whether it's spiritual posture, strengthening existing relationships, or even recalibrating your human metabolism in becoming a human fat incinerator, you must step out of your comfort zone. Stepping out of the comfort zone is uncomfortable, but only a feeling for the moment and to make you stronger through experiencing "mental turbulence." Most of us have a routine we follow in the morning, which consists of waking up, showering, getting the kids potentially ready for school, going to our day jobs and so forth. One way to think outside the box in lifting your metabolism higher is by doing cardio first thing in the morning twice a week on an empty stomach. Performing cardio on an empty stomach first thing in the morning doing one hour non-stop on the treadmill or walking at your local park burns stored b...
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  • What Purpose Does #Ashwaganda Serve in the #Body?

    What is Ashwagandha? Watch this educationally informative video by founder Drew Canole and learn about the amazing herb Ashwagandha that contains beneficial health properties.

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  • Contributing Editor
    started a topic #Garlic for #WeightLoss?

    #Garlic for #WeightLoss?

    Did you know you can use garlic to potentially lose weight and get back in shape? Garlic can not only help you lose weight and get in shape, but also, assist in digestion. It''s a fact garlic helps boost the immune system. And, incorporating garlic into your daily diet and fruit-vegetable juicing regimens, you can potentially lose weight long-term, while boosting your immune system and getting healthy. According to Shape, this is what they have to ...
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  • Inspiring #JuiceRecipe For Reduction of #AbdominalGirth

    Slimming down for the purpose of looking good for summer and staying in shape year round should be your ultimate fitness priority. Maintaining a healthy midsection accelerates confidence, humility, and commands people to see you in a positive light. If you're not already an owner of a juice machine, now is the time to c...
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  • #HealthyEating Tip of The Day

    Instead of preparing lean meats and fish in gravy, sauce, or in a pan with liquid, it''s a better practice to pre-season your lean meats, and tofu, before cooking. Place Tofu, lean meats or fish in a steaming pot, and steam your foods instead of preparing them in sauce or gravy. By doing things this way, you elimi...
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  • Can #Vegetarians Meet Daily #Protein Intake Requirements?

    Vegan bodybuilders struggle with getting the right amount of protein in their daily diets. Though they avoid eating meat such as beef, pork, chicken, turkey, venison and so on, there are creative ways to meet daily protein requirements for muscle growth. The following excerpt is borrowed from a Facebook fanpage: "...
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  • Erik and Maleka Help You Get #BackonTrack With #WeightLoss #Transformation

    A down to Earth couple who's been through the trenches of adversity has not only lost the weight and became inspiring transformation success stories on Muscle and Fitness, but also launched their own blog to inspire others to be the change. Transformation shows you yourself. Erik and Maleka genuinely help make good people better with their inspiring blog posts and YouTube videos. Take a listen to what they're saying and get excited now about making healthy changes....
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  • Inspiring #WeightLoss #Transformation of Tevante has a beautiful weight loss transformation success story on a gentleman named Tevante. He was a blubberhound in high school and often rejected. Depressed, he continued eating and falling deeper into the web of unhealthy weight gain. As CNN reports in the article, he started losing friends "they were fake friends anyway." If you were fat and depressed and people walked away from you, chances are, you too would be eating like there's no tomorrow and not caring about losing your health. Ironically, through faith and staying on track with ...
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  • #BuffietheBody Demonstrates Ab #Exercises

    Buffie the Body is out of the #musicbusiness. She's running her own businesses now. And, she's firing up her #YouTube channel with "lots and lots of content." #Exercise videos, that is. If you've been slacking on #losingweight and off track with your #transformation, perhaps #Buffie will inspire you with her #workout videos. She's showing how to build lower abs and build your biceps in this snippet. Looking for a creative and fun way to get back on track with your workout and goals? Join the discussion and stay t...
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  • Creative Ways to Increase Cardio Output and Weight Loss

    Staying on your cardiovascular A-game can be a lifetime uphill battle. Exercise is a wonderful way to naturally increase your energy doing it first thing in the morning when an empty stomach. Post workout car...
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