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  • #NYCTravel: Be Sure to Make a Pitstop by the #PoloRalphLauren Store in Manhattan

    Ralph Lifshitz, a.k.a. Ralph Lauren grew up in Bronx, New York as a poor boy. The once former stock boy for former retail clothing giant Alexanders employed Lauren as an hourly employee back in the heyday along with BrooksBrothers.com. Having 0% experience in the clothing retail industry, Lifshitz-Lauren sought to impact the fashion industry with his new line of retail merchandise known today as Polo.com. At the time of his retail clothing launch, Ralph had no clue how far he would get with his entrepreneurial mindset. In his high school yearbook, he said he wanted to be a millionaire. With a visionary mindset, he achieved more than that. Today, the fashion retail merchandise icon surpassed his goals and shows no sign of slowing down while coming close to 80 years old. Looking to make a few stops while in New York City coming from out of town? Drewry news network recommends you stopping by the Polo mansion located @: 867 Madison Avenue New York, N.Y. Tel: (212) - 606- 2100 More content coming soon discussing Polo by Ralph Lauren. Share this post on Faceboo...
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  • 5 Reasons Why #TommyHilfiger Will Stay Rich

    You have to give Tommy Hilfiger his credit and respect when it's due. He's been in the retail merchandising game since 1985. 18 years after Polo.com founder Ralph Lauren started his retail clothing journey. The iconic figure Mr. Hilfiger who oversees Tommy.com, like his counterpart Ralph Lifshitz-Lauren of the Bronx, started his clothing marketing journey straight out of New York City. He wasn't always this super rich and built his billion dollar business he runs today from humble beginnings. Tommy Hilfiger understands the importance of making comfortable and memorable clothing designed with the person in mind and with the intent of leaving a lasting positive impression on his target market for years to come. This is only part of the reason why Tommy Hilfiger will always be a billionaire. Five quick reasons why Tommy Hilfiger will always be rich: 1. He's concerned about what people think. Tommy creates quality clothing with people in mind. He's concerned about Fabrics, color blends, what colors people like most in clothing, sizes of clothing, and how people feel wearing his stuff. If Tommy only made his clothes with a one track mind, he might be working a nine-to-five job. Hilfiger understands the importance of creating quality clothing to please people. Design quality clothing keeping people's interest close to your heart as a clothing designer and you'll always be successful like Tommy. 2. His affiliate program was once hosted on ImpactRadius.com. It's unclear if he still deals with that affiliate merchant portal operated by Lisa Riolo and associates. That's right. Mr. Hilfiger is in affiliate marketing. He understands the importance of networking through affiliate marketers for the intent of increasing sales of Hilfiger merchandise online. His affiliate program was on the Impact Radius affiliate network. As it's unclear for now if he's still running the Tommy Hilfiger affiliate program, DNN will keep you updated in the future on which affiliate marketing portal Tommy partners with. He used to allegedly offer affiliate RSS data feeds for Tommy Hilfiger affiliate to directly ...
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  • #WordPressPlugins: #GoogleAMP for #WordPress is a Must Have

    Catering to the mobile audience is an absolute must for side hustlers, bloggers, and affiliate marketers across the world. WordPress + AMP by Google.com provides...
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  • Spiritual #WeightLoss: Finding Inspiration In Your Journey To Succeed

    GOD's love means more than anything in this world! The struggle makes us stronger in all we do. Each day, a majority of us struggle. Throughout all life experiences, take a look at the good things that have came out of you. These good qualities may be anywhere from becoming a more determined person to succeed, going the extra mile to having compassion toward someone who may have been less than a...
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  • #SideHustle: Unleashing Your Entrepreneurial Potential by Working for Yourself

    How many Americans will create and rely on secondary income for financial stability in the next 5 to 10 the years by working on an online home business money project? Most Americans quietly worry if they'll have enough money to retire on after they're done with their careers. Working from home online is the biggest discussion today on news channels and in financial magazines. How many Americans on estimated average do you think will adapt to the mindset of creating a secondary income by working from home in their spare tim...
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  • #SideHustle: The Importance of Good #MarketingResearch for Your Business

    Promoting any product or service to a target market in hopes of benefiting from recent peak sales and encouraging ongoing business requires companies and sole proprietors to conduct necessary research to better understand the needs of people. It’s easy for anyone to throw something on a market for sale without a comprehensive understanding of who their selling to in hopes of encouraging blind sales. Smart marketers understand research, whether it’s small surveys or in depth, is needed even if it is for the purpose of selling a product or service priced under $10. Not only does companies and marketers need to know what they’re talking about when promoting a product of service to their target audience, but have this retained knowledge for future reference as a means of staying one step ahead of competition. Not only is market research required for successfully executing any sales promotion, but leave the long-lasting impression that any sales promotional mission is dead without doing your homework first before pushing anything to the ma...
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  • #NYCTravel: Places to Visit in New York City

    #Travel to #NYC for #sightseeing in #Manhattan, #FarRockaway, #LongIsland, #Brooklyn, #Queens, #FlushingQueens, #Harlem, #StatenIsland, #ConeyIsland, #SheepsheadBay, #TimesSquare, #Chinatown #CanalStreet, and #UpStateNewYork - https://drewrynewsnetwork.com/forum/new-york

    In New York City, there is always something to do for those who live there or sightseeing if you plan to travel from out of state. From riding the New York City subways at night from any borough, eating out at restaurants, or walking around Manhattan's Times Square, New York always has something adventurous for its residents to do. And, the beauty of living in New York City is that you can always find something or do seven days a week.

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    If you live in Brooklyn, you're in for a treat. With so much to do in Brooklyn, you can always start your fun filled adventures, by hanging out at Coney Island. Coney Island has fun filled rides, and a boardwalk for couples to take romantic walks on. Also, people can enjoy themselves at Coney Island by playing the fun filled games, such as skee-ball, arcade games, and so much more. When hanging out at Coney Island, people also enjoy themselves by being delicious frog legs and cheese fries at Coney Island Nathan's, located on Surf and Stillwell Avenue, in Brooklyn, New York.

    Related: Brooklyn for tourists: 10 things you should do - Newsday.com NathansFamous.com Real heads from Flatbush know the Russian rule Coney Island Brooklyn. Jewish run Crown Heights Brooklyn and own most of the apartment buildings in the Bronx and businesses in Manhattan. West Indians run the restaurant scene up and down Flatbush Avenue. Sybil's Bakery is still on Flatbush and Church Avenue in Brooklyn, still around the corner from DrJays.com and Erasmus Hall High School. ...
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  • #MovingOn: Finding Inspiration to Move Forward Successfully After a Breakup

    #relationships and how to #handle yourself after #dating #rejection - https://drewrynewsnetwork.com/forum/dating-relationships-marriage

    Breaking up is never an easy thing to do, especially when you're deeply in love with your partner. Letting go of feelings you have for someone you truly care for is not an overnight goal that can be easily accomplished. However, breaking up can give someone a lot to think about in terms of self-improvement and analyzing where the relationship went wrong.

    Getting dumped is never an easy emotion to deal with, no matter how long you have been with the other person. If you're getting dumped during a relationship, it potentially feels like it's the end of the world in the moment. However, as the dumping is taking place, it's always a good thing to not have any communication with the person who dumped you afterwards. Why? You don't want to seem desperate in getting them back. You don't want to seem like a stalker. And most of all, getting dumped should be a time for you to analyze yourself to see ways that you can improve as a person, even if you potentially did nothing wrong during the relationship.

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  • #ITWorks: You Can't Ignore This Opportunity in #Delaware

    Located in Wilmington Delaware, IT Works by Tech Impact is dedicated to helping people from all walks of life in the state of Delaware achieve a quality education and put there technical knowledge to good use. Tech impact is helping everyday people like you obtain Cisco IT and Microsoft A+ certifications with the intent of helping you get the best salary possible working at top Delaware companies. They cater to youth between 18 to 26 years. If your love is for anything related to side hustles and technology, this may be your grand opportunity to capitalize on this unique offer for a free education by it works by Tech impact. The good news about obtaining this free education from it works is that it's a 16-week information technology training program, according to their flyer. If you're a person that has a good work ethic of showing up to the game and on time, this is definitely your call to capitalize on this wonderful offer. The program is free of charge according to the flyer and all you need to do if you don't have your own transportation is to ask someone ...
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  • #Relationships and #Responsibility: A Message for All #Men Across the #World

    #Men being a #gentleman and #different from an #average #man - https://drewrynewsnetwork.com/forum/dating-relationships-marriage

    All men should only consider meeting a woman who's equally yoked spiritually in the church of Holiness. But if you meet a good woman elsewhere, value her with your heart and gentlemanly actions. Bring her to church with you so the two of you can become equally yoked. A woman's heart is not to be trampled upon, nor is she to be cheated on. If you already have a good woman...
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  • #EatingHealthy: Do You Feel You Can Live a Completely #Vegan Life?

    Truth: Living a 100% vegetarian life is not easy for anyone. Even if you've never been a carnivorous being, there comes times in everyone's lives where they eat food outside of their rules. Living a 100% vegan life requires much discipline. One reason why many people today avoid trying to live a 100% vegan life is because of not possibly getting enough protein in their daily diets. Another reason is because some people would arguably agreeing it's just too difficult to accomplish and maintain. Truth is, the human mind can achieve anything positive it focuses on. ...
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  • #Blogging: Using #WordPress is the Best Choice for Your #SideHustle

    The beauty of blogging goes way beyond making money online from putting up content. You have to really love what you do because blogging in any niche is challenging, as one has to stay on a creative and competitive edge in order to thrive successfully in Bing.com, Google.com, YaHoO.com, and social networks such as Pinterest.com, Twitter.com, Facebook.com, YouTube.com, and everyone else's tube. if you love what you really do in being bloggy, then your online job will be prosperous and so cushy....
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  • #SideHustle: It's Never Too Late to Start Your Own Business Regardless of Age

    Have you ever had anyone near you tell you you're too old or it's too late in life for you to start your own business and should resort to your regular day job for financial security? If you ever heard those ugly words from anyone whether it's a family member, narcissist employer, phony friend, or someone you know in your neighborhood, it's because they don't want you to live to your full potential and flourish ahead of them in being a productive individual of society. People who have a tendency of trying to instill limiting beliefs in others are nothing more than natural born narcissists. They will indirectly speak to you and tell you everything you're short and such as weight loss, finances, real estate, etc. What you may or may not see in yourself in the moment someone else will. The narcissist, whoever it is, will say and do things to suppress your personal beliefs. Believe it or not, negative thoughts and sayings from others have a unique way of positively encouraging a person to start a business and use past negative experiences to...
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  • The Ironclad truth about eating raw salmon

    Did you know the human body was not made to ingest raw meat of any kind? When you eat raw or medium rare beef, pork, or Seafood such as raw salmon on a bagel with...
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