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  • #BuildingYourBusiness: #MakingMoneyOnline is Mentally Liberating

    The beauty of building a business on the World Wide Web either from your home computer or laptop is that once your business starts making satisfactory money on the web, it allows you extra time to spend with your family and spouse. If you ever wondered what it's like to start a business from scratch and work towards accomplishing the life of a .com lifestyle, continue reading. It's certainly not a get rich quick overnight operation. There's lots and lots of work involved, as you'll have to also write "lots and lots of content." When you build your online business from scratch to the point of making money online steadily, not only is it mentally liberating, but it allows you to free up your time. The truth of the matter is building a business on the World Wide Web from scratch without resorting to paid online advertising services is very difficult, especially when you are a one-person operation. Launching and oper...
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  • #ListentoYourCustomers: It's Good to #GetFeedback

    You want your product or service to work. You don't want people rejecting you from jump street. Listening to your customers and their needs is essential and the key to your business success. Another words, don't put the cart before the horse. Pay attention to people as they will give off key words and phrases during the course of the conversation letting you know what they desire. Don't be so quick try to sell them something either because believe it or not, customers silentl...
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  • How Serious Are You About #GoingGlobal?

    2017 business networking update: The United States government is hosting a gov't contracting event by AmericanExpress.com in Atlanta, Georgia Tuesday, January 31, 2017 starting at 8:00 a.m. The contracting and networking event will be held at the Atlanta Marquis hotel. The mayor of Atlanta and others from major corporations will be in attendance. Learn more here and view the January 31st networking agenda here. Taking your business global on the World Wide Web has unique advantages. For starters, it'll potentially allow you to benefit from passive free traffic years to come. Though taking a business global on the Internet can somewhat be challenging, it's also a labor of love. Excited about launching a business and taking it global? Or, are you still procrastinating and dreaming about getting organized? Video sponsored by OPENForum.com...
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  • Why You Will be Broke for the #RestofYourLife

    You’re probably one of those people that dream of starting their own small business and never bothered to put your ideas in action. You watched everyone else who you grew up with in your local neighborhood prosper, weather it be by graduating from college and getting a good paying job in their field, starting a business and striking it rich, so on and so on. You never moved forward with your life in the manner you desired. You are afraid of risk and what people would think or say about you if you failed in a business venture. So you settled for a measly low-paying day job that pays absolute peanuts and feel like a corporate slave and most likely living in a shack somewhere on skid row. You chose to live this way voluntarily because you’re afraid of success and diving into the abyss of entrepreneurial uncertainty. You’re looking forward to passing 20 the 25 years on your current job and retire with a can of beans pension in monthly retirement income. You’re one of those people who complain and whine about every little thing whether ...
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  • It Sounds Like #Mexico is Not Paying for the Wall

    Was Donald Trump honest while campaigning for president on the topic of who's going to pay for the US-Mexico wall?
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  • Contributing Editor
    started a topic Things #DonaldTrump Proved to the World

    Things #DonaldTrump Proved to the World

    Donald Trump's presidential victory sent a clear and concise message to the world. What was the message? You don't need previous experience to be United States president. A good track record in business, strong business and political connections, and a bold mouth at that. Donald Trump's presidential victory says a lot more than what seen and heard. He prospered beyond traditional rules of having previous experience as a congressman, senator, or memb...
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  • Knowing When to Quietly Sever Some #BusinessRelationships


    is against "divorce and remarriage." It's "null and void." The Bible clearly speaks out against divorcing your spouse and marrying someone else while your 1st spouse is still living. The young lady in this video mentioned she's divorced. That is ok by the law of the land among people, but has not a leg to stand on before the creator of the universe. Have you ever been in business for yourself and made a small pact with someone in your line of work only to find out later when things didn't go your partner's way concerning you, they start to indirectly and subliminally call you names? Su...
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  • BelieveinaBudget.com Hosts Online Workshop for Aspiring #Entrepreneurs

    Image:BelieveinaBudget Pinterest continues to positively grow beyond expectation. Businesses are flocking to the world's most popular online pinboard to create Pinterest business accounts and pin their products and services with and without a company website in hopes of reaching new customers and converting them into repeat customers. But not everyone is using Pinterest for business. While some know Pinterest is th...
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  • Staying Humble in #OnlineMarketing is a Must

    Gaining ground in influential marketing is a moment of self examination. It's also humbling because freewill online marketing guarantees no one success or millions. Humility is key in ...
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  • Overcoming Adversity With a #VisionaryMindset

    Lord Jesus thy God

    is the solution for overcoming any challenge toward success in business or anything good you put your mind to.

    The World Wide Web provides unlimited opportunities to visionary entrepreneurs who strive to value customers and provide value. In today's world of information technology, we see visionary entrepreneurs and actions such as Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Larry Paige and Sergey Brin of Google, Larry Ellison of Oracle, Pierre Omidyar and make Whitman of eBay, and Chad Hurley formally of YouTube having enough faith to put their ideas into action. They created their startups with the sole intent of putting people first, and effectively promoting their companies to the masses "target audience" on the web. And they knew they would all have to start from humble beginnings and work their way up to greatness. With a visionary mindset, they achieved just that. And so will Drewry with God's

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    Amazon's Jeff Bezos walked away from a successful career. He studied and began to master the unlimited potential of what the World Wide Web could do for web-based businesses. This visionary leader took a unique approach to selling books on the Internet is competitors haven't and the concept was not only selling books direct to the general public online, but implementing a unique Associates partner-publisher program; something other companies haven't fathomed. He started Amazon from a small apartment in California with his stock of books in his apartment shipping to customers. His humble beginnings and outlook of where he wanted Amazon to be afforded him time to analyze competition, master SWOT marketing tactics, and most importantly, build and sustain loyal relationships with his book customers-publishers.

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    Also related: Succeeding online as a dream come true He understood the concept that relationships would sustain his business through trying economical times and continue to move product successfully. Where is Amazon on the product lifecycle? I believe Amazon continues to stay in the maturity stage and on their A + game, because they introduced themselves to the ...
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  • Did #Facebook Succeed Penetrating Chinese Markets?

    If Facebook succeeded making its presence felt in Chinese internet markets, the social network possibly gained leverage in tapping more than 400 million users. What's the world's famous social network's next business move? Bloomberg...
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  • #Forbes Preaches Importance of Early Entrepreneurship

    Forbes continues to be a positive business leader in the world of valuable financial information sharing. DrewryNewsNetwork respects Forbes, as well as the other wonderful financial information titans. In an article on the Forbes website, it talks up the sensitive and thought-provoking topics of "Starting a Company When You're 25, Not 52."

    Are you getting organized with NO delay when it comes to being the CEO of your own business, or just procrastinating and allowing time to pass you by?...
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  • Can #SirRichardBranson Succeed Challenging the #DeathPenalty?

    Why is Virgin.com founder and billionaire philanthropist Sir Richard Branson interested in possibly challenging authority on the grounds of repealing the death penalty? How does he gain from doing so?...
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  • #WilmingtonDelaware Dubbed #MurderTown by #ABCTelevision?

    #murdertown dubbed by #ABCTelevision and #JadaPinkettSmith? - http://www.drewrynewsnetwork.com

    There’s really few safe places in the city of Wilmington to go nowadays. If you’re walking in the city down a city block, you’re possibly bound to have someone act is if they’re about to walk up on you for whatever reason. Some people walk past others in the city of Wilmington and say things to create trouble, such as hurling insults, asking strangers why they are looking at them, and so on. And sad...
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  • #Forbes Offers Ideas on Businesses Anyone Can Start With Almost no #Money

    Stop looking at your current situation and what you don't have. The best of the best started businesses in the worst times of their lives. What makes you so different from them? It's all about having a positive mindset in doing the transformation business work. Not sure what kind of business you should start? No worries. Just watch the video by Forbes and be inspired to get started while feeling financially uncomfortable. The Forbes YouTube video discusses seven different businesses you can start tomorrow with virtually little or no money. Acting on faith without a clear vision is how most entrepreneurs st...
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