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  • The Perfect #Healthy Combination: Coconut Shrimp

    Men looking to build lean muscle by eating right, exercising, and doing cardio put themselves in a position for a bright future of living a healthy lifestyle. When anyone puts the right nutrition in their body such as healthy seafood like Shrimp, striated muscle is naturally build from the ground...
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  • Bodybuilding.com Roundtable Discussion on #GoodSolidNutrition

    It's always a virtual uphill battle to stay on track with cardiovascular consistency, eating right, and exercise. Your eating is what's most important in the journey to transform your body. You can exercise, do cardio, and run all the marathons you want. However, if your diet game is off track, you...
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  • Contributing Editor
    started a topic 4 Simple Ways to #BuildSolidAbs

    4 Simple Ways to #BuildSolidAbs

    Image: MuscleandFitness.com There's hope for anyone to build an attractive and muscular midsection regardless of adversity or age. Whether you're 50 pounds overweight, 100 pounds overweight, or even 150 pounds overweight, faith, hope, and putting faith to work reverses the feel and look of being bent out of shape. Changing your eating habits is part of the abdominal transformation solution. Doing cardio sometimes an em pty stomach first thing in the morning will not only promote increased endorphin flow in your body, but also keep you inspired toward keeping your cardiovascular activity up to par, resulting in defining a lean midsection and promoting long-term weight loss. Getting out of your comfort zone is another key to success in building an attractive stomach. If you're willing to get out of your normal pattern of doing what you want whenever you want and exercise + eat right + cardio when your body and mind doesn't feel like it, you'll most likely achieve more then building an attractive s...
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  • Bodybuilding.com Shares Tips for #EatingRight

    This is the video for you to watch times over. That is,if you're looking to get back on track with your workout and goals. Eating right is essential not only for muscle building, but transforming your mind, heart, and body starting from the inside. Did you know food affects attitude? What you p...
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  • #Bananas and #Testosterone: Do They Go Hand in Hand?

    Ever wonder why Monkeys stay strong and productive? It's due to high consumption of bananas. Did you know one banana supplies enough Potassium and B vitamins to sustain an intense one house treadmill cardio session? Did you also know having a banana before running a marathon assists in reducing muscle cramps? And, did you also know bananas can help men potentially boost Testosterone naturally? The B vitamins in a ba...
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  • Getting #BackonTrack With #EatingRight

    Everyone makes mistakes in nutrition and exercise. Lessons learned are priceless life experiences engineered to enhance positive character traits. Honesty makes anyone a better person and shows humility. If you make a mistake in your exercise by skipping a day, eat something you shouldn't, do...
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  • #HealthyEating Tip of The Day

    Instead of preparing lean meats and fish in gravy, sauce, or in a pan with liquid, it''s a better practice to pre-season your lean meats, and tofu, before cooking. Place Tofu, lean meats or fish in a steaming pot, and steam your foods instead of preparing them in sauce or gravy. By doing things this way, you elimi...
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  • #HealthyEating: #Blueberry Sauce with #Chicken?

    Struggling with creative ideas in putting together a healthy dish? Check out this inspiring video that'll motivate you to stay on track with eating right and moving forward with living a healthy lifestyle.

    Related content: Eating right and dialing in symmetry ​Overcoming protein deficiency ​Raw food juicing...
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  • #EatingRight: #Mandarin #ShrimpSalad by #LiveStrong

    Whether you're striving to stay on track with eating healthy, seeking creative ways to prepare inspiring meals to lose weight, or preparing for a bodybuilding contest, creativity plays a huge part in the success of your transformation. As "creativity fuels profitability," creativity also fuels fitness ambitions and assists every day people like yourself in achieving nutrition and weight loss goals. Staying one track with a healthy lifestyle and consistently eating healthy on a daily basis can be an uphill battle. A determined mindset helps anyone stay in line with eating right and achieving fitness goals. LiveStrong.com shares inspiring YouTube video for people looking to increase "meal preparation creativity." As you can see, the healthy meal is "Mandarin shrimp salad." This is one of many healthy meals anyone can put together in as little as 5 min. All you need to do is either steam or boil some shrimps "be sure to devein the shrimps," peel anywhere from 5 to 10 Mandarin oranges and slice thin, and place a bunch of spinach in the bowl. This is an ideal meal ...
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  • Fried #McDonalds Style #BigMac Video Posted to #Instagram

    A food blogger posted a video to Instagram.com of a McDonalds.com style fried big mac. Is this a creative solution for eating right? Is a friend big...
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  • #EatingRight to Improve #Health and Maintain Longevity

    Healthy eating and transformation goes beyond an 18 week fitness journey. It's a lifetime journey striving for excellence. Getting organized across the board with maintaining consistent good solid nutrition, cardiovascular activity, exercise, and positive thinking are feasible goals anyone can achieve. When you do the transformation work in your mind and heart of having faith and putting faith i...
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  • #HodgeTwins Shows How to #EatRight at a #Buffet Restaurant

    Eating right is essential to the success of building a lean body. Not only does it help build quality muscle and promote positive anabolism, but it also reduces the stress load on your metabolism. OfficialHodgeTwins.com known as the Hodge twins from YouTube.com shows how to consume a healthy...
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  • TheBump.com Helps #PregnantMothers Make #HealthyChoices

    Are you a pregnant soon to be mother? If the answer is yes and looking for a wonderful site to help you make healthy choices as an expecting mother, this is just for you. TheBump.com is a beautiful site for expecting mothers. They discuss pregnancy related topics such as eating right, exercise, intimacy with ...
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  • Faith and Making #Healthy Changes as a #NewYears Resolution

    #Transformation is a #complete #process of #spiritual and #physical #curation and a #rehearsal for #eternal #perfection - www.DrewryNewsNetwork.com/forum/health

    Transformation is so much more than regaining your health on the outside. It's always good to eat right, exercise, and do cardio. What about getting in good solid spiritual nutrition? The word of GOD first in your life will help you...
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  • Creative Ways to Increase Cardio Output and Weight Loss

    Staying on your cardiovascular A-game can be a lifetime uphill battle. Exercise is a wonderful way to naturally increase your energy doing it first thing in the morning when an empty stomach. Post workout car...
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