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  • #FacebookMarketing: Should You Care if People Like or Don't Like Your Content on #Facebook?

    Some people and companies don''t possibly focus on the frequency of people liking their content posted to their Facebook walls and Facebook fan pages. While they may possibly be focused on meaningful engagement, their purpose may just be to have their content seen by Facebook profile users or sell something direct. Does it really mean anything if people do or don't click the "Facebook like" button on new content posted to Facebook profiles and fan pages? OPENForum discusses this sensitiv...
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  • #FalselyAccused: #NorthwesternUniversity Can Potentially Help You Get #Exonerated

    Northwestern University is committed to helping the falsely accused and wrongfully convicted-imprisoned get a fair chance at potential exoneration. The state of Florida has by far the worst track record, especially Broward County, of wrongful convictions and imprisonments. If you're a minority living in Florida and someone falsely accuses you even with no evidence and you have no paid lawyer, depending on what your Felony score is, you may quality not only for a cost-free public defender, but also on the day of the supposed trial get a last minute offer or "adjudication withheld," in exchange for ...
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  • Racist #NewYorkLawyer: He's Apologizing 'Like a Little Boy Should' (Opinion)

    He looks a bit hispanic himself, don't you think? The racist NY lawyer is reported by NYPost.com to have "apologized" for his racist rant. DNN's opinion of him is his job and office space are now allegedly in jeopardy since he wrongfully mouthed off. Soon, his bank accounts mig...
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  • #SideHustleMillionaire: Achieve #SavvyMarketer Status Through Meaningful Social Engagement

    It takes more than posting links to products and services one walls of social networks to become a savvy marketer. Meaningful relationship building on social networks, such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are wonderful ways to not only get out your SWOT marketing messages, but also build deeper relationships with those who affiliate with you online. Mea...
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  • #SideHustleMillionaire: You Can Start an #OnlineBusiness With Less Than $1,000

    How to get a business off the ground with less than $1,000 and as little effort as possible from CNBC. Everybody's talking about it. Bloomberg.com, Forbes.com, CNN.com, MarketWatch.com, NASDAQ.com, Fool.com, Reuters.com, CNBC.com, Inc.com, Entrepreneur.com, and everyone else. The era of the side hustle is taking over the way people think and view traditional employment today. Long gone are the days of job security regardless how many college degrees you have. If your employer or someone on the job has it out for you, they will plot on you in secrecy for your demise. You have to have a backup plan in today's era of employment uncertainty and information technology such as having ...
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  • #SideHustleMillionaire: Dnn is Appreciative of Increased Support from Readers

    Dnn has been working rather hard today in overdrive on the site content, striving for excellence in serving you meaningful pages. It's a beautiful labor of love in striving for excellence to serve you with good...
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  • #FamilyDrama: Enduring Hardship of Dealing With Slander by Jealous Family Members

    Apostle Gino Jennings of First Church in Philadelphia preaches on the sensitive topic of "jealousy." Do you have jealous family members that had it out for you since childhood? Do you have a jealous aunt, uncle, or cousin who envied you since childhood and continued harboring that jealousy-hatred against you during adulthood when you've done ...
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  • #Facebook is Seen by Some People as Doing Shiesty Deeds by Tracking Your Actions Online

    This is a scary thing to know. facebook can track where you go around the web even if you're not on fb or if you've deactivated your account. Additionally, if you have your business name on your Facebook personal profile and talk about ...
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  • #NewYorkCity: Tourism is Always at an All Time High

    You can achieve more than getting lost in midtown Manhattan if you're from out of town. Toirists of the big apple come from every part of the earth to feel the beautiful experience of what it's like to be in New York City. However, it's too easy to "get lost."...
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  • #SideHuslteMillionaire: Stop Worrying About What People Think and Get That Side Hustle Going

    Want to defeat the day job scene? Sick and tired of being sick and tired? Judged by your employer, peers, family, and phony people who only hang around you when they think you're doing good and have a few bucks to your name? Sick of people ignoring you and then trying to speak direct or speak through other people when they see you or know you have money? It's time to distance yourself from those kinds of folks and get that side hustle going. Fear failure? Are you scared of not succeeding? Are you excited about getting another cushy job that pays a can of beans? Stop feeling blue and get glad. Starting an online side hustle can possibly put you in the drivers seat to be a near future side hustle millionaire. Michelle Schroeder-Gardner, Ryan Biddul...
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  • #SideHustleMillionaire: Prosperity and Success Stimulates Humility

    All things good can be achieved with The LORD Jesus Christ to help you. If you have a spirit in you willing to go through awesome trials and tribulations, willing to be sland...
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  • #Forbes: Video on Entrepreneurship for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

    Throughout America, many entrepreneurs tirelessly work 12 hour plus days, in running their businesses effectively. The most successful entrepreneurs in America and across the nation endured countless adversity, in beating the odds at being a successful business person, while being a genuine inspiration to others. Running a business and being an "honorable entrepreneur" is serious work. In this...
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  • Rejected to #Millionaire: They Come Running Back When They See You 'Doing Good'

    Is this the truth? Rejecting the wrong man only puts him closer to getting rich and forgetting you exist. A savvy thinking man gets glad, not mad....
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