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  • #KimKardashian Inspires Everyone With Her 70+ #WeightLossTransformation

    It's a tough job for a new mother to lose weight after giving birth. She has emotional challenges to deal with. A new mother has to deal with weight gain challenges. Challenges such as those takes a toll on the mind. Why? A mother has so much to deal with at once. Kim Kardashian is showing the world mothers c...
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  • #LosingWeight by #JuicingVegetables: Possible?

    One thing most people today don't think too much about is changing their mindset by watching what they put into their bodies. Is this you? Looking to lose weight and feel like a new person inside out? Truth be told you have to change the way you eat and think. No if's, and's, or but's about it....
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  • New York Rapper #FatJoe Achieves Honorable #WeightLossTransformation

    He Lost 88 Lbs? Not fat Joe from the Bronx. Him??? You knew him as a heavy set rapper from Bronx, N.Y. way back in the day. He was been long time friend to rapper big pun before pun passed away from obesity and heart failure. The one they know as fat Joe transformed into a health-conscious person. He achieved quite an admirable transformation of health. He lost over sum 80 + lbs. Making a transformation of inner and outer self is no easy job for anyone. Rich, ...
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  • Achieve #HealthyChanges in Faith Beyond #EatingHealthyFood

    Doing more than what’s expected will do more than put you on the fast track to long-term success. When you do what is expected of on a regular basis and then some, it's virtually destined goodness will favor you. Going above and beyond in daily productivity, exercise, and doing for others in building quality relationships...
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  • Juicing #Watermelon Rhine Works for #WeightLoss? Who Does That?

    Juicing fresh fruits and vegetables has more health benefits than you can imagine. In watching calorie consumption, getting down the pounds, reducing carb and sodium intake while increasing electrolyte absorption into the body, slice Watermelon rinds small enough , so they can be juiced inside of an automated juicing machine. This may sounds weird and awkward, but juicing watermelon rinds are not only good for the body, but, watermelon is the most neglected and nutritiously beneficial part of the watermelon. Believe it or not, the watermelon rind contains all of the nutrients and digestive enzymes your body needs to effectively function. If you were to cut the rind into small halves and juice the watermelon rind in a juicing machine, you can then mix another fruit or vegetable in making the juice tasty. Drinking watermelon rind juice alone after juicing it in a juicer may not taste very appealing, but something can be added to it to dress up the taste. ...
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  • How To Accelerate #FatBurning For Increased Health and Vitality

    As we become increasingly productive with work, children, and necessary actions to stay afloat in life, staying physically fit can be quite challenging. Fat burning from cardiovascular activity in the morning, fitting a workout into your list of daily activities and keeping the weight off, in staying lean and toned, is a job within itself. With a few helpful pointers which’ll be potentially useful to you in your fitness journey, perhaps you'll be able to see additional progress made throughout your physical transformation. The daily routine of getting up, getting the kids ready for school, dropping them off, heading to work after...
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  • Rapper #FatJoe Achieves Honorable #WeightLoss Transformation

    After seeing many of his friends die from obesity and other health related issues, rapper Fat Joe from Bronx, New York decided it's time to make healthy changes in his life. Who would ever think this fried chicken lover would reverse his physique to become healthier and lighter? In the video, ...
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  • 5 Possible Ways to #LoseWeight and Increase #Bowel Output

    #weightloss and #bowel #movement

    It takes a lot of determination to lose weight and build your dream body. It's certainly not an overnight operation. If you find yourself frustrated in the moment in the beginning or middle of your weight loss journey and not losing weight like you desire, don't fret. It's not the end of the world. Perhaps it's time for you to edit your diet, sleep patterns, and most importantly, cut out food and drink 2 to 3 hours before bedtime. Studies have shown when you cut food and drink off 2 to 3 hours before bedtime, the body finds it easier to burn off excess calories while in REM sleep mode.

    Five natural and potential ways to increase bowel movement and accelerate natural long-term weight loss:

    1. Do cardio in the morning on an empty stomach before starting your work day - It's a difficult habit to adjust to but give yourself roughly about six weeks until your mind and body gets used to performing this morning routine. The key to success in staying consistent with cardio is not starting out doing one hour on the treadmill or elliptical bike. Allow yourself time to get adjusted to doing cardio by starting out to do 10 to 20 min. on the treadmill or elliptical bike in the morning on an empty stomach. Doing so will get yourself in the positive habit of doing cardio and you'll slowly start to feel the unhealthy weight coming off. Once your body gets used to doing cardio and the unhealthy weight starts coming off it'll be easier for you to do cardio as your heart rate will also increase. As your heart rate increases you'll slowly become addicted to doing cardio whether it's in the morning or whenever. Cardio in the morning on an empty stomach before starting your work day will also increase bowel movement and long-term weight loss, putting you closer toward your goal of potentially getting back in those slim fitting clothes.

    2. Supplement with L-Arginine - this is an amazing supplement that triggers natural release of growth hormone. Always consult with your doctor for starting any supplement routine as everyone's body is different. People who supplemented with L-arginine have benefited from increased cardiovascular output, better sleep patterns, improved intimate encounters with their spouse, and increased bowel movement. Yes, L-arginine promotes healthy bowel output especially when taken on an empty stomach before cardiovascular activity. The good thing about supplementing with L-arginine is the body can't get enough of this beautiful and isolated amino acid. L-arginine was researched and became isolated as a standalone amino acid in the late 1800s to this very day. Did you also know L-arginine is just as powerful as creatine and assists the body in naturally building muscle and increasing memory retention? L-arginine is also responsible for the build up of nitric oxide in human muscle tissue as well as an amino acid used in turbo kits to make cars go faster (NoS). L-arginine is not to be ignored when looking to increase exercise in cardiovascular output as well as increased bowel movement.

    3. Psyllium husk - this is a natural fiber beneficial to the human body. People who are fixated on losing weight long-term should consider using this amazing supplement in their diets. Psyllium Haas is available at your local health food store. Always consult with your physician before starting any supplement regimen. Psyllium husk is a beautiful supplement because it binds to roughage in the digestive system and pushes out the old stuff. End result? Long-term weight loss, a healthier colon, decreased headaches, and increased desire to exercise more and run often. Psyllium husk is an exception to the rule mentioned above because you can take this before bed. It will help you lose weight by waking up in the morning feeling full and pushing you to release more bowels in the morning resulting in a healthier and lighter feeling. For more information on psyllium husk you can visit your local health store as recommended or perform a search in your favorite search engine.

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    4. Drink Prune juice - Natural prune juice available at your local supermarket is a natural fiber laxative your digestive system will love. You are being forewarned that it will give you the runs as this drink is not recommended to take before bed. You will wake up in the middle of the night back and forth to the restroom. Prune juice is good to take in the morning after you've completed your cardio or morning exercise "post workout prune juice." Prune juice immediately works like psyllium husk in terms of binding to roughage in your digestive system and releasing with no delay. Drinking prune juice at least three times a day and sometimes backing with psyllium husk will really put your weight loss efforts in overdrive. And once again, insult with your physician before starting any kind of supplement regimen.

    5. Supplement with L-arginine before marathon training - A wonderful thing to know about supplementing with L-arginine before training for a marathon is that it will help increase bowel output in a matter of hours. Marathon training with L-arginine will do a few things to you. First, you will sweat pillars of sweat like there is no tomorrow. Second, your clothing will start to smell like ammonia. Don't fret at your workout clothing starting to smell like ammonia because this is when you know the L-arginine supplement is working. What L-arginine is doing is actually flushing out the bad ammonia from your system. L-arginine is also promoting increased bowel movement and helping your body feel lighter during marathon training. L-arginine will also stimulate deep sleep for potentially up to 10 hours or more after completing marathon training. This is a good thing because arginine has stimulated the release of natural growth hormone in your body. You'll also increase bowel output upon awakening.

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    These are just a few of many ways to lose weight and increase bowel output. Natural methods and supplementation works toward reaching your health and fitness goals if you stick to a consistent plan for transformation success. As with anything, you have to keep doing the transformation work even when you don't feel like going the extra mile. Always remember that you were doing this for yourself and not to please anyone because transformation is a lifetime journey as well is your personal healthcare investment. Be inspired to make healthy changes and never give up...
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  • Contributing Editor
    started a topic ​Benefits of #WeightLoss

    ​Benefits of #WeightLoss

    Losing weight is more than looking good on the outside. It's a state of mind and journey for life. There's so much more to it then getting a smaller waist, fitting in those skinny jeans again, eating smaller meals, and feeling like a different person. What some people don't look at or think about before a...
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  • How to Stay on Track With #EatingRight for Long Term #WeightLoss

    Consistent weight loss and staying on track with healthy changes requires consistency. Cardio, eating the right foods, exercise, sleep, and supplementation play a crucial role in the reshaping of your body. Especially the eating part. Truth it, you are what you eat. How's your new year's heal...
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  • Simple Ways to Achieve #BetterHealth in The #NewYear

    The new year presents everyone with opportunities to make all kinds of healthy changes. A chance to lose weight. To work uninterrupted in building and rebuilding your body. A chance to get back on track with healthy eating habits. A chance to mend broken relationships. A chance to RIGHT wrongs. A chance t...
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  • #Healthy #NewYears Goals and #EatingRight Doesn't Require Overthinking It

    Healthy meal preparation requires discipline. You have to want to get healthy. You have to want to lose weight. You have to want to build muscle. You have to want to live a healthier lifestyle. And change comes with putting faith and works into action at full strength by doing the transformation work and getting out of your comfort zone. Despite how many times you've failed transforming the way you look, feel, and think, always know you can begin again regardless of your age. Every day is an opportunity for new beginnings. It's the new year and you're ready to make healthy changes. It's time to cut out the alcohol, beer, marijuana, drugs, stop talking to the ex-girlfriend to an ex-boyfriends, and get out of your pump. Get yourself down to the local grocery store or supermarket and fill up your shopping cart with healthy foods. Leave the pizza and the buffalo wings alone. The cheesesteaks; you have to give those up too! It's time to stock up on lean meats like Turkey, salmon, scallops, sea bass, lean steak, vegetables for juicing and the juice machine, pomegranate juice, and leave the cooking oil, butter with saturated fat, and sliced cheese on th...
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  • #PattiLabelle Discusses #SweetPotatoPie With #SteveHarvey

    Are these sweet potato pies healthy? If you go back to the old Southern days and ways of sweet potato pie preparation, Southerners and sweet potato pie followers used major amounts of refined sugar, sometimes used Vanilla extract, lots of eggs (high in cholesterol), and possibly pounds of butte...
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  • Benefits of Long Term #Cardio

    Are you feeling sluggish possibly because of your nutrition and lack of walking or jogging? Perhaps feeling slower than usual because of aging or lack of sleep? If you've answered yes to one or all of the questions, it's time for you to make healthy changes and get back on track with cardio and exercise. Did you know increased cardiovascular output improves sleep patterns? That's right. According to Active.com, cardio not only improves sleep and exercise performance, but "Not getting enough sleep causes a number of consequences--inability to focus on cognitive tasks, heart problems, energy-depletion, and weight gain--just to name a few." ...
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  • #Transformation: #JuicingVegetables to #LoseWeight

    Did you know juice fresh vegetables and drink the juice you nurture your body to live enzymes and electrolytes to sustain daily energy? Whether you thought about it or not, drinking fresh pressed juice from your juice machine does more than assist in the process of weight loss transformation. You invest in your personal health and reduce the need to visit your local doctor, helping you save money on healthcare visits. Drew Canole, founder of FitLifeTV keeps p...
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