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  • Transformation Through Character and #Health

    Transforming into healthier living holds unique benefits. The human spirit is lifted into a higher positive state. Mental clarity settles in, allowing the mind to engage into deeper intellectual activities, such as pursuing...
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  • Helpful Hint for Increased Energy and Living Healthier

    Let your light shine and live to your fullest positive potential that GOD wants you to. Always trust in Jesus and HE will see you through. Time and time again, dnn emphasizes the importance of exercising first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. When you exercise on an empty stomach first thing in the morning, you allow your body to burn stored amounts of body fat. In addition, you also use up unhealthy calories as energy to get you through your morning exercise and post workout cardiovascular activity. The only thing you shou...
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  • #NewCastleCounty: #Delaware Employment Update

    This post is an employment update in New Castle County, Delaware for the week of April 16 through 23, 2018. Not everyone is actively aware of employment opportunities and specific jobs available throughout New Castle County. This employment update will possibly help active Delaware job seekers find gainful employment and satisfactory salaries. If you know someone actively seeking work or looking to change careers, feel free to share this post with them on Twitter.com, LinkedIn.com, and Facebook.com. Employer: Tech Mahindra Americas - This wonderful opportunity located in Wilmington, Delaware is an office job as an assistant in the field of logistics and sourcing. If you’re located outside o...
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  • Side Hustles Allow You to Liberate Yourself from Corporate Enslavement

    For people that know nothing about the side hustle and how to use it to their advantage of potentially quitting their day job in the future, they need inspiring stories to read from across the web for their personal online business inspiration. Some people are still in the dark wondering what a side hustle is. For those who are still wondering about side hustling, it's pretty much starting a side job without applying for a physical second job. In other words, whatever is passionate to your heart such as freelance writing, buying and selling online, selling old things out of your apartment or house, arts and crafts, Sports commentary, building and selling websites, or helping people find the best discounts online to use at their favorite internet department store, there's pretty much a market for everything and you can make a side hustle out of it. Everyday people are quietly starting side hustles from the comfort of your home computer, laptops, or even working from their smartphone using a WiFi connection, the speech recognition function on their smartphone, and creating content in their Google Docs smartphone applications. Truth is, the side hustle is quietly making some people online millionaires. Now's the time for you to get organized with no delay and start your side hustle, so you can break free from your cushy day job and be the entrepreneur you've always dreamed of and achieve financial freedom. The easiest side hustle you could start right now from the comfort of your home, smartphone, or laptop computer is launching your self hosted WordPress blog. To achieve this, you'll need to purchase your own domain name-URL address, rent a dedicated web server, and install WordPress on it. Once you have your WordPress blog installed on your dedicated server and domain name configured, you can come up with a niche topic for your blog. A few good Niche topics would be comic book reviews, reviews on laptops, sneaker reviews, free math tips for struggling math students, free tips for people looking to improve their English grammar, or brand name Fashion reviews. Or how about starting a review blog based on best stores to shop at at certain times of the year and how to look for clearance items in a particular store? These are some of many ideas for a review blog you can start as a side hustle and grow it into a full-time business, putting you in the future potential position of quitting your day job and humbly faking your narcissist employer on the way out the door. Side hustle blogging is a good way to post your thoughts and a blog about how you feel about anything and include affiliate links to that product or service in hopes of earning sales and commissions. Side hustle blogging is a lucrative business because people use blogging as a means of earning a 100% living. And it works. These articles discussing the side hustle will hopefully inspire you to get organized with no delay and put your creative side hustle business ideas into fruition now with the intent of growing your online hustle from the ground floor up: 1. Side Hustle Spotlight: The Actor/Blacksmith Who Makes Things That Last - Backstage.com published an interesting article on February 15, 2018 about an actor blacksmith from New Jersey as a side hustle. In the time when Paul Salvetti is not acting, he works his side hustle as a Blacksmith at the red Mill Museum Village. This is his unique way of keeping himself busy when he has no acting gigs. He feels his Blacksmith side hustle is filling to him because it’s something that doesn’t require special credentials. Moreover, Paul feels the Blacksmithing side hustle helped his acting, as mentioned in the article. Side hustling nowadays is definitely a good thing. It provides a feeling of financial security, and less reliability on traditional forms of employment. 2. These Three Olympians Somehow Find Time To Side Hustle - Side hustles are surely nowadays the way to go. FastCompany.com just published an interesting article on the same topic Backstage on the trending topic of “side hustles.” The Fast Company article discusses three American olympians “side hustle,” when they’re not training for the American olympics. Running a side hustle is not just for people looking to transition from the nine to five day job scene to running their own full-time online business. Ryan Robinson of RyRob wrote an interesting side hustle story on Fast Company. He’s also a contributor for Forbes.com and other online magazines. Ryan is a dedicated side hustler who always strives for excellence to inspire people to take online side hustling seriously as a way of life and being the best entrepreneur possible. Ryan goes in discussing gold medalist Kelly Clark. She’s an American olympic athlete with a side hustle as a “furniture maker.” Kelly took side hustling entrepreneurship to the public 9th step as the article mentions “this year’s Winter games could reportedly be her last Olympic appearance.” Clark found accelerated success in her side hustles outside of her life as an athlete, according to the Fast Company article. Furniture is a lucrative business because people are always looking for something trendy for their living rooms, bedrooms, and purchase furniture as “conversation pieces.” Clark’s company is known as Sparrow Creative. She also gives back from her side hustle success through her charity known as the Kelly Clark foundation. She helps youth with valuable resources as a means of bringing out the best in them and reaching their fullest life potential. 3. Earn Passive Income by Starting a Side Hustle - DailyBeast.com has an interesting article about earning passive income by starting a side hustle. Everyone is talking in today's era of information technology about starting an online project on the side and not relying on a day job for employment security. Where is traditional job security at today? If you’re disliked by your narcissist employer or your employees for Spiritual reasons or no reason, you'll most likely find yourself set up for future termination whether you like it or not. There is scripture in the Bible that says in so many words that “a person should rejoice when they are removed from the company of others.” Termination is a subliminal positive thing because it brings out the entrepreneur and best in anyone who dedicates themselves to succeeding in their side hustle and above and beyond spiritually. Doing the transformation spiritual and business work requires anyone to gain vast experience in countless adversities. And being wrongfully terminated and setup are just a few of many adverse experiences which can turn out spiritually fruitful in the long run as well as financially rewarding. 4. 5 Insider Tips to Making $15000 Off Your Side Hustle - StudentLoanHero.com shares valuable inside tips to potentially earning $15,000 from side hustling. This inspiring article written by Jordi Lippe-McGraw writes about the author and founder of student loan hero, Mr Kevin Han. Back in the day, Kevin had over $80,000 of student debt which he paid off in two and a half years through working side hustle gigs. He decided to take a risk and get out of his comfort zone as a lawyer that paid a handsome salary. According to the article, though the salary Kevin earned as a lawyer was healthy, he still had to get out of debt and resorted to side hustling as a means of satisfying debt quickly. The article goes on to mention that Kevin earned $14,000 in 2016 from side hustling, and over $16,000 in 2017. As a way of mentally getting used to side hustling, he opened up his mind to overcoming the fear of trying almost anything. He's doubled and dabbled with an array of side hustles. Most importantly, Kevin preaches about monetizing everything you're doing online and offline. He even goes on to recommending that you always look into new opportunities. Staying on your A+ game with the newest opportunities is a great way of keeping your head financially above water in the game of side hustling to financial freedom. Lastly, Kevin speaks on treating side hustle income as bonus money. Some people ar...
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  • Is Marketing Research Necessary to Conduct as an #AffiliateMarketer? Maybe!

    Quality marketing research allows marketers to gather sensitive data to analyze and compare against quantitative and qualitative data to make informed marketing decisions before making attempts to promote any product or service to a target audience. Savvy marketers don't go into a marketing promotion blind and force feed and audience with services and products in hopes of possibly reaping a return on investment as a form of marketing instant gratification. They gather and analyze data as a means of knowing beforehand what they're getting themselves into. The following information below is a sample analysis how some marketers would gather qualitative and quantitative data in their q...
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  • #Pinterest: An All-in-One Solution for Your Business

    Striving to improve your content marketing, increase sales potential, and build a loyal audience? If so, would you rather take the time to pin manually to Pinterest.com? Or use an automated service like Buffer.com CoSchedsule.com HootSuite.com PostPlanner.com Tailwind.com to outsourse your Pinterest marketing and content scheduling? Pinning manually and using automation both are good and here's why. Not everyone has time to manually sit at the computer, write organic Pinterest descriptions, and pin content to their profile. They might have day jobs. Some people might not have that mindset to do so. It's all up to the person if they want to sit and write content manually to their Pinterest profile or prefer paying. Automated pinning services are great because they provide a piece of mind to content marketers and those selling online to diversity their energies into others internet marketing related things. Pinterest for business helps people from all walks of life improve content marketing potential, directly promote affiliate links with or without a blog or website, and test different things to see what works and what doesn't. ...
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  • #Marriage is a Sacred Vow: No Such Thing as Divorcing and Remarrying

    Getting married is a sacred ritual and a vow you take before The LORD Jesus Christ. Many people from the world today believe that it's okay to divorce and remarry from your first husband or first wife. This concept of thinking is absolutely false. Did you know as long as your first husband or wife is still in the land of the living that you're married to them no matter what? Yes, it's absolutely true. A man was made for a woman and a woman made for a man. A man was not made to lay with another man nor marry another man. A woman was not made to lay with a woma...
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  • #JordanRetro: Still a Few Sizes Left for #Jordan12Bordeaux

    #MichaelJordqan and #Nike continue to prove the #airJordan #sneaker is #priceless and holds #value. The #Jordan #sneakers have #successfully #withstood the #test of #time & #impact #people from #all #walks of #life long after the #NBAJordan #retirement. #Collecting #Jordans is #good for #business and #vintage #collectors of the #Jordan #classicsneakers. - https://drewrynewsnetwork.com/forum/shoe-reviews

    FootAction.com is currently showing at the time of this post on their website a few good sizes left in the "Nike air Jordan Retro 12 Bordeaux." The "Bordeaux Nike Jordan" is a reinstroduced version of the original "Nike Jordan Retro 12," but with...
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  • #CareerBlogging: Side Hustling as a Blogger to Break Free From Your Employer

    You're probably one of millions of people across the world in the middle of a career change. You're probably a college student who's on the verge of graduation or already graduated looking for work. You're probably one of millions of people across the world in the middle of a career change. You're probably a college student who's on the verge of graduation or already graduated looking for work wondering where your next paycheck will come from. Or you're probably just flat out on y...
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  • 3 More Employers Hiring in #NewCastleCounty #Delaware

    Finding the best jobs throughout the state of Delaware can always be found in a tiny classified ad in a newspaper or on a job board. The most relevant Delaware employment information can be shuttled to you through a friend on a social network. Perhaps you're in the market right now for new and steady employment. Maybe you're making a career change. Looking for a better-paying position with a bright future with the respectable employer. All good things are possible to those who believe and do the transformation work. The following positions don't necessarily require a college degree. It's good if you have one....
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  • 5 Jobs in #NewCastleCounty Delaware Worth Applying For

    Making a career change can leave anyone feeling as if they’re under construction to be more than just an employee. Agree? Not everyone knows what specific jobs are hiring and where those job postings are. It could be anywhere. In the newspaper. Online. Possibly in a Craigslist classified ad. Maybe on AngiesList.com. Who knows. And sometimes, it can be emotionally exhausting to search for the job you want, leaving you feeling some type of way in the moment and possibly applying for a job you really don't want paying less money. Dnn strives for excellence with no delay helping to bring you the most informative and recent information with the intent of helping you apply and get hired with a good-paying job so you can earn a decent livelihood. The only thing Dnn asks after reading this post is to share what you’ve read with others you feel are seeking gainful employment in their field of expertise. Finding a good-paying job nowadays is an uphill battle. It can be done but it's a lot more work than I imagined. You're also welcome to tweet these posts on Twitter.com, share with everyone you know on Facebook.com, discuss in YouTube.com videos, and pin on Pinterest.com. Dnn will be updating frequently on the Delaware New Castle County forum of employers looking to hire qualified job applicants paying decent hourly wages. Five employers with in New Castle County picked at random by Dnn are currently hiring. These employers do not require their job applicants to have a college degree. If you're someone looking to go back to s...
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  • #HealthyLifestyle: Thinking Healthy and Striving to Stay in Good Health

    It's good solid nutrition super Thursday. Be thankful for any and all healthy changes you're quietly accomplishing. If you've fallen a bit with eating and or missing workouts or cardio at the gym, don't give up. Pick yourself up and keep doing the transformation work, while believing you can achieve greater things. Don't ever surrender. Keep fighting like a true champion and with a heart of humility. Make it a great day with believing in yourself and giving thanks. Aside from cardio, exercise and good solid nutrition, be thankfu...
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  • #ContentMarketing: You Have to Be Dedicated for Your Blogging #SideHustle to Prosper

    Many bloggers who think it's piece of virtual cake to start a blog around a niche topic discover that the blogging side hustle is definitely no get-rich-quick operation. There is no such thing in blogging an online marketing as putting in very little effort and reaping instant profits. Unless that is, you're running scams online. And even that will crash and burn. Truth is, blogging works. It works so well to the point of many people quitting their day jobs and earning a full-time income and some becoming blogging millionaires like Michelle Schroeder-Gar...
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  • Effective Strategies in #DrivingTraffic Using #SocialMedia

    Content creators of all niches online are always seeking unique ways of effectively sharing their content among the social media masses. You can have a great website, blog, or affiliate landing squeeze page. Without traffic, you're virtually a sitting duck on the web. Traffic is what drives the affiliate revenue and keeps content creators motivated and continually creating meaningful content for the target online audience. While striving to stay successful in content publishing efforts, content creators of all niches must have a humble mindset, be willing to learn new things, and work virtually at all hours of the day, sometimes including working the twilight online...
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