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  • #DonaldTrump: The 'White House Bully' Might Feel Stupid After Seeing This About #Mexicans

    Truth: Mexicans and all races of people are GOD's people. If anyone discriminates against Mexicans, you discriminate against GOD, because The LORD Jesus Christ who is GOD made everyone, including you and I. Many people feel U.S. President Donald John Trump has something against Mexicans, people of Hispanic descent, and allegedly other races. Trump wants to "build the wall." That was his slogan for a while. If Donald Trump really has something against Mexicans and wants them sent to Japan or all deported from the United States due to allegedly having a distaste for the Mexican race, then the video above will possibly dissapoint him. Success has a unique way of setting anyone's mind on hot coals and making them feel scorched....
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  • #SideHustleMillionaire: Anything You Put Your Mind to You'll Succeed

    You have to love Forbes. They put out the best information. Forbes continues to be a leader in the business and financial world. On November 6, 2013, they uploaded a new video to YouTube channel discussing tech startups and raising donations and Kickstarter. In the video, they discuss how a person put a simple idea into action and experimented with raising m...
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  • #GDPR: DrewryNewsNetwork Announces #EuropeanUnion Compliance

    In compliance with the EU (European Union) and the new law concerning privacy and disclosure, Drewry News Network is pleased to announce that Dnn is now GDPR compliant. For European site visitors of Dnn, you'll have to opt on to accept the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) before proceeding to DrewryNewsNetwork. The GDPR European law went into full effect May 25, 2018. The new EU GDPR law affects all businesses across the world. ...
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  • #WorkingTogether: Thank You for Supporting the Drewry News Network #OnlineCommunity

    As a young inexperienced startup back in the early 2000's, DrewryNewsNetwork is grateful for the new members coming into this growing online community. It gives the founder much to be thankful for, devising new and creative ways to encourage more to be apart of this beautiful place. This is just the beginning of doing the transformation work. ...
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  • #BNSF: #BNSFRailroad Continues to be a Leader in #Business Thanks to #WarrenBuffett

    Drewry News Network respectfully salutes the undying entrepreneurial spirit of Berkshire Hathaway CEO and side hustle billionaire Warren Buffett. Since a child, a young Warren had a keen eye for business. He mingled with pinball machines, chewing gum, sales and marketing, and earned his 1st $53k by age 17. In fact, he was so good in entrepreneurship that he couldn't see himself working a traditional cushy 9 to 5 day job like most Americans. So he believed in himself and did the transformation business work at full strength, steamrolling in faith of earning himself a bright future in business. And surely he succeeded beyond his financial expectations. What sta...
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  • How to Use #FamilyDrama to Become a Future #SideHustleMillionaire

    Maybe you have an aunt, aunts, uncle, uncles, cousin, cousins, nieces or nephews that allegedly had it out for you since childhood. They don't like you nor had love for you because you're just too different. You don't fit in. Those feelings carried over with them to adulthood and resurfaced when new family drama arose. It could be a cousin who has skeletons in their closet that slandered you. It could be an uncle who felt you were too good. It could be a phony acting aunt who says they love you in one breath and tries to look like a saint in church and rep their image before the pastor, but in another breath they secretly hate you and want to see you hurt while struggling to portray a squeaky clean image before the pastor and congregation. Are you listening?

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    Whatever the case of family drama is, you can become a "side hustle millionaire" off of family drama. That's right. Starting your own business and building a future million dollar venture is possible by using negative energy from jealous family members. Becoming a side hustle millionaire off of family slander is a dream come true and possible for anyone who believes in themselves, stays humble, and continue the journey of doing the transformation work.

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  • #MrVegas: Still Pouting and Whining About Being Put Out of #FirstChurch #Jamaica by Pastor #GinoJennings

    Pastor Gino Jennings of First Church of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania preaches only truth from the scriptures and never adds his opinion. The scriptures were written for our learning. And anyone that speaks against scripture and challenges it is a fool. Man was created in the beginning knowing nothing. He had to be taught because man didn't know himself. How could man teach himself? Impossible. Scripture is our everyday teacher because there is no other form of learning better than learning from the ...
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  • #FirstChurchPhiladelphia: #MrVegas 'Sent Home With His Tail Between His legs and Terribly Beaten' at His Own Game by Undisputed Champion Pastor #GinoJennings of #Philadelphia

    Shots FIRED! Jamaica is stunned. From the Jamaican prime minister to former dancehall musicians, they either witnessed or heard the news. Pastor Gino Jennings flew to Jamaica with First Church security and FC Jamaican staff and Jamaican law enforcement on deck at the Hope Road YMCA in Kingston. Pastor Jennings arrived in the island answering Mr. Vegas' call for a face to face debate. It was not only a debate, but an ultimate showdown. Before the debate ended, Pastor Jennings put the nail in the coffin by shutting Vegas down and having him "forcibly escorted out." Pastor Gino Jennings has it "right." He preaches hard truth that many reject. Jennings addresses Mr. Vegas in regard to women wearing lipstick, ankle chains, toe rings and toe nails, makeup - facepaint, weaves, jewelry, and looking like Jezebel. Vegas says there's nothing wrong with a woman wearing pants, sporting flesh , and wearing facepaint. Pastor Jennings retaliated against Vegas with nothing but truth and Bible. Pastor Gino Jennings proves himself times over to be a TRUE Apostle and the undisputed champion. knows what time it is when Obama indirectly and quietly lost to Jennings after sending Harry Knox to First Church years ago to debate Jennings on Homosexuality. The result of Mr. Vegas being forcibly kicked out of the debate will most likely be a dent in his music career. Mr. Vegas can look forward to his music career possibly being in jeopardy due to his loss to Pastor Gino Jennings. If Vegas...
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  • #GinoJennings: Disposition Facebook Video from #MrVegas After Getting 'Smashed Up Real Good' With Scripture by #PastorJennings

    Mr. Vegas of Jamaica wants the world to know how he's feeling after losing the debate over Jezebel and face paint to Pastor Gino Jennings of Philadelphia. Pastor Jennings clarified everything with scripture as he always does and never came with ideology like Mr. Vegas did. Pastor Gino remains ...
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  • #Jamaica: #MrVegas Takes Backseat to Undisputed Champion Pastor #GinoJennings of #Philadelphia

    No Bible was referenced by Mr. Vegas to backup any claims he made concerning face paint originating from Africa and used in African tribes. Mr. Vegas rudely spoke over Pastor Gino Jennings. He was forcibly escorted out by First Church Jamaica staff and plainclothes "Jamaican Police." Mr. Vegas can definitely look forward to a dent in his career after his failed attempt trying to champion Pastor Jennings. Gino Jennings is right and Mr. Vegas conceded to defeat after being put out by speaking against Pastor Jennings allegedly referring to him as an F****** P****, and saying other religious tings out of turn. Mr. Vegas is a former church boy himself who sold out to the devil for success in the music industry....
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  • #FacebookMarketing: Should You Care if People Like or Don't Like Your Content on #Facebook?

    Some people and companies don''t possibly focus on the frequency of people liking their content posted to their Facebook walls and Facebook fan pages. While they may possibly be focused on meaningful engagement, their purpose may just be to have their content seen by Facebook profile users or sell something direct. Does it really mean anything if people do or don't click the "Facebook like" button on new content posted to Facebook profiles and fan pages? OPENForum discusses this sensitiv...
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  • #FalselyAccused: #NorthwesternUniversity Can Potentially Help You Get #Exonerated

    Northwestern University is committed to helping the falsely accused and wrongfully convicted-imprisoned get a fair chance at potential exoneration. The state of Florida has by far the worst track record, especially Broward County, of wrongful convictions and imprisonments. If you're a minority living in Florida and someone falsely accuses you even with no evidence and you have no paid lawyer, depending on what your Felony score is, you may quality not only for a cost-free public defender, but also on the day of the supposed trial get a last minute offer or "adjudication withheld," in exchange for ...
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  • Racist #NewYorkLawyer: He's Apologizing 'Like a Little Boy Should' (Opinion)

    He looks a bit hispanic himself, don't you think? The racist NY lawyer is reported by to have "apologized" for his racist rant. DNN's opinion of him is his job and office space are now allegedly in jeopardy since he wrongfully mouthed off. Soon, his bank accounts mig...
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  • #SideHustleMillionaire: Achieve #SavvyMarketer Status Through Meaningful Social Engagement

    It takes more than posting links to products and services one walls of social networks to become a savvy marketer. Meaningful relationship building on social networks, such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are wonderful ways to not only get out your SWOT marketing messages, but also build deeper relationships with those who affiliate with you online. Mea...
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