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  • #Delawareonline Says #SerpesBakery in #Elsmere Caught Fire

    Almost everyone and their family purchased cakes and other baked goods from Serpe's bakery in Elsmere, Delaware. Sadly, the bakery caught fire.

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  • #Delaware Senator #ChrisCoons in Spotlight Over #Iran Nuke Deal

    Chris Coons, a Delaware democrat, talks up the Iran nuclear deal he supported. What was Coons forgiven for exactly?

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  • Contributing Editor
    started a topic #Google in #Delaware?

    #Google in #Delaware? incorporated in Delaware? If this is so, it proves that Delaware is by fat the best state to incorporate and start a business in.
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  • Mouth Watering #Delaware #HibachiBuffet Photos

    If you appreciate eating healthy lunches from time to time at Delaware Hibachi Supreme Buffet and Grill restaurants, perhaps the photos below will give you a few creative ideas on ways to eat healthy and not overdo it on overeating. It's mind over matter when it comes to eating right and portion sizing Hibachi buffet lunch plates with the right foods. This is one of many creative examples of eating the right food when out and about at not just a Delaware Hibachi buffet restaurant, but any restaurant in general. This is a portion-sized calorie controlled plate of Grilled Chicken, Shrimp, and Steak over lettuce and tomato. A portion sized serving of protein should be no more then the size of a clenched fist. You may also measure your protein sizes by acquiring a food scale and balancing out no more than 8 oz. of meat of choice (Chicken, Shrimp, Crab, Venison, Turkey, Scallop, Salmon). This photo is the same as the one above, but an up close and personal view Robin Leach style. This photo represents ...
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  • How to Catch #AtlanticCroaker #Fish in #LewesDelaware

    An ambitious fisherman in Delaware shows his skills when it comes to fishing for Atlantic Croaker in Sussex County Delaware.
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  • #DelawareStateFair Video Coverage on #YouTube

    Amazing coverage from the July 2015 Delaware state event .
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  • #GetOrganized With Your Business and Incorporate in #Delaware shows how simple it is to get your business incorporated in the great state of Delaware. Incorporating in Delaware has significant tax...
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  • Delaware Governor #JackMarkell Experiencing 'Online Shiestyness' from Fraud Domain Name

    Jack Markell, Governor of the great State of Delaware, is currently experiencing an online scamster using his name as a fake domain. The site redirects to the governor's name. On the fake Markell website, it depicts an image of the Delaware Governor endorsing someone he wouldn't. That's a political sham of using someone's real name as a domain and trying to paint a political picture which is incorrect. How to potentially track do...
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  • 5 Best Places for #Fishing in the State of #Delaware

    This is a follow up post from 2014 on "best Delaware fishing spots"... Whatever you do, don't bother with Beck's pond in Newark, Delaware. You're wasting your time if you do. Even if you start your early fishing stint at four or five o'clock in the morning at Beck's, it's not worth it. Instead, it's wise to take a trip further south in the state of Delaware toward Kent and Sussex County catch quality fish. And meatier ones too. Shortlist of best places in Kent and Sussex counties to fish: 1. Garrisons Lake (Kent County) - If you have a boat or not, this is definitely a good spot. You want to have nightcrawlers or yellowish looking worms as bait, and be on the walkway deck as early as 5 AM. If you have fake worms that's okay. Rumor has it that you can purchase a box of 400 fake worms at by Christiana Mall for as little as $20. A young man was witnessed placing a fake worm on a whole after talking and showing a picture of bass on his cell phone and catching a l...
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  • Delaware's #BeauBiden Loses Fight to #BrainCancer

    Image: Former AG Beau Biden and son of current U.S. Vice President Joe Biden is reported to be deceased as of May 31, 2015 from brain cancer. reports. ...
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  • Frank Bruni Discusses #UniversityofDelaware on #CBS This Morning

    (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); = id; js.src = "//"; fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs);}(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk'));Post by University of Delaware Alumni Relations. Frank Bruni speaks on University of Delaware and who attended U of D who has an impact in today's United States politics. We know our Vice President Joe Biden of Delaware is a UD alumni. And so is current New Jersey governor Chris Christie. Universit...
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  • #DELDOT Acknowledges #Potholes in #Delaware

    On today, the Delaware Department of Transportation acknowledged a growing problems throughout the #StateofDelaware. Potholes? Yes,potholes. They're not only in #Wilmington, but throughout #NorthernDelaware and #SouthernDelaware. DelDOT says on a Facebook fanpage post: "Potholes! We know they're out there, but we don't always know where. Report potholes to DelDOT, using the link below, and we'll fill them as quickly as possible." So far, they patched up a few on Route 141 and possibly on Route 273 heading into Newark. DelDOT is striving to patch up the potholes and better serve Delawareans. If you have a pothole to report an...
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  • #WorkRelease #Fugitive Caught in #SouthDakota and Back in the #StateofDelaware

    What made this fool think he could flee from the Delaware work release program and make way over yonder to South Dakota and get away Scott free? Is this man out of his mind or what? He could've finished his work release duties and went home to start his life over from scratch. Instead, he chose to virtually play "Romper Room," leading authorities in South Dakota on a high-speed car chase only to find out he's a wanted man in the state of Delaware. According to, John Landoll, Jr., a 34-year-old male of Newark, Delaware, will be facing a slew of charges after getting bagged by stat...
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  • Medical #Marijuana in #Delaware? Oh Really?

    #MedicalMarijuana in the #StateofDelaware? -

    The Delaware Department of Health and Social Services (DHSS) made quite an eye-catching post this morning on On their Facebook fanpage, DHSS says:

    "To clarify, Delaware's Medical Marijuana Program allows for one compassion center, which has been issued a state permit...
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  • #FBI Arrests #MichaelTrotta in #Massachusetts 'Without Drama'

    #Delaware #statepolice and #FBI looking for Michael Trotta, the man #accused of #abducting his 3 year old daughter -

    Though Mr. Trotta did this, he still deserves forgiveness, because the only one perfect is GOD, who is The Lord Jesus Christ. However, when and if Mr. Trotta starts his jail term possibly in Delaware, he will look back on this and regret it. 43 year old Michael Trotta is in hot water with Delaware authorities. He's accused of allegedly kidnapping and. According to NBC Philadelphia, the FBI is on the case and possibly looking for him. NBC Philadelphia now reports three-year-old has been found safe and sound and the father arrested by FBI agents....
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