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  • #GoogleDocs Offers Free #ContentMarketing Tool for #Marketers

    Affiliate marketers, bloggers, college students, and everyday working people can now look forward to maximizing their offline and online productivity thanks to Google Docs. For those who don’t have a product key to use Microsoft Word or the bundled Microsoft Office package on their desktop or laptops, no need to worry. When you create...
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  • Are Long Term Strategic Objectives Necessary for #Success in #InternetMarketing?

    Do you think it is wise to set “long-term” strategic objectives when it comes to Internet marketing? DrewryNewsNetwork believes every online marketer needs to do so. It’s necessary for the long-term success of companies to have objectives set in place. How else will companies survive without them?

    The founder of DrewryNewsNetwork had no idea how to get started such as acquiring a domain name, web hosting, nor how to install a blog or website only dedicated web hosting package. There was no long-term vision: only thought in the moment of getting online one way or another. While the founder sat stuck on stupid like a sitting duck in 2005 and had no long-term strategic objectives nor Internet marketing experience, it didn't deter the CEO from playing the game of patience and learning along the...
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  • Can Image Sharing on #Facebook Increase Traffic to #YouTube Videos?

    There's no question Facebook is a multilevel social platform for personal and business purposes. While most folk use Facebook just to keep in touch with family, friends, coworkers, former classmates and ex-loves, most use it not only for business. The online business savvy use it to increase traffic to blogs and websites. Very little do a majority of people know sharing photos on Facebook on a blog or website can and will incr...
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  • The Truth About #ContentMarketing as a Business

    #contentmarketing as a #parttime or #fulltime #onlinebusiness -

    Search engines such as Bing, Excite, Google, and YaHoO! scour the web 24 hours a day looking for fresh and informative content to crawl and list in their search engine results pages. Search engines give preference in terms of listing blogs and websites publish informative content daily in a higher position in search results pages. Bloggers and other content creators who take time to create informative content from scratch and provide useful links relevant resources for more information end up receiving more organic traffic in the long run vs. sites who scrape content from others illegally, sites who publish 1 to 2 paragraph blog posts-webpages will only seek quick indexing in the moment by search engine spiders in search results pages, and sites who only publish 1 to 2 sentences that may possibly published 10 to 20 times daily " the sites possibly consist of entertainment-music industry blog updates on your favorite music artists." Another words, the more quality time a blogger or content creator invests in publishing something worthwhile to read that's not a quick blurb, the more they are rewarded by search engines without resorting to paid one dime in advertising to get residual traffic from search engine results pages.

    Building Your Business Site With Content One thing millions of everyday people don't know is they can start a blog or website without prior experience. Getting started is not as difficult as most people think. You'll first need a domain name and web hosting package to host your blog-website on. Once a domain name and web hosting has been secured, you can install blog or website software on your web hosting package as the first step in getting started "building your business site with lots and lots of content." WordPress i...
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  • #Startup Idea: Run Your Own #OnlineDating Site

    Image: Did you know the founder of started the world's most famous online dating site from a one-bedroom apartment? He grew the site from literally nothing. He earned money in the beginning stages of the site from Google AdSense. As the site grew in registrations due to his hard work and heavy online promotion, POF went from humble beginnings to Interne...
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  • #FacebookFanPages for Your #OnlineBusiness is an Absolute Must

    A Facebook fanpage for business affords bloggers and online marketers unique advantages. It's a virtual must-have if you desire to succeed in online relationship building. Most bloggers and internet marketers who work online full-time today and active on and other social networks will tell you firsthand t...
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  • #ArticleSpinning is Not a Good #SEO Move

    From time to time, bloggers and Internet marketers sometimes resort to "article marketing" as a cost-effective means of promoting themselves without spending a dime on PPC advertising. While article marketing still remains a somewhat cost-effective means of promoting an Internet business but not as strong as it used to be, some Internet marketers are still resorting to "article spinning programs." They sometimes download PLR content from sites tha...
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  • HubSpot Helps Marketers Attract Customers on Facebook is the leading online marketing software company helping businesses of all sizes achieve Internet marketing objectives. From getting better positions in search engine results pages, measuring effectiveness of published content, and using creative social media tactics to drive new business to your blog or website, HubSpot is that company. If you haven't yet considered creating a Facebook fan page and using the world's popular social network to att...
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  • How Much Can be Earned from Online Advertising? discusses the hot topic of online advertising and making money from ads. The internet ad industry continues to boom in an uncertain American economy. People go online to purchase their favorite goods and services, while saving money on gas and in most cases, not having to worry about paying online sales tax vs. traditional stores. For affiliate marketers, bloggers, and corporate startups, online advertising is a very promising field of increased income potential. Anyone can possibly earn a piece of the online money pie by getting involved in "affiliate marketing." If you'd...
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  • The Truth About Affiliate Marketing and Content

    Image Credit: If you want to make money online as a full-time affiliate marketer or blogger and don't know where to start, creating unique content for your site is the first step to generating affiliate commissions. You will go for months at a time before you start generating revenue from affiliate programs. Keep creating content and stay faithful. co-founder and blogger Shawn Collins explains the sensitive topic of creating content and effective content marketing. He discusses having patience when building your affiliate business from scratch. Without pati...
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  • Major Mistakes Some Content Marketers Make

    Affiliate marketers, bloggers, and other content creators know good SEO takes time to achieve. SEO is an abbreviation for "search engine optimization." Search engine optimization is a process of creating quality content on your site, or, in an article or press release, in efforts of getting better positions in search engine results pages and increasing traffic to your site. It's not an overnight success operation anyone can achieve, unless you're using illegitimate tactics known as "Black hat SEO." That's something you want to stay away from when looking to build a positive online reputation, increase organic traffic, and stay listed in search engines like, ...
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  • Learn Basic Blogging from Darren Rowse

    Darren Rowse is among the blogging elite. He's truly the example of a pro blogger. Yup. ProBlogger is his domain. He started his blog 10 years ago after reading an article...
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  • Put Your WordPress Blog on Steriods Now with This WP-Plugin

    WordPress is a must have for dedicated entrepreneurs looking to achieve multiple goals. It's the most flexible CMS blogging content platform in the world. With your dedicated server web hosting package, WordPress is easily available to install on your domain as simple as a one click operation and following simple instructions. With options for easy...
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  • Use Pinterest for #FreeAdvertising

    Pinterest is among the top business maven elite networks web business owners shouldn't ignore. If you find yourself spending thousands and millions of dollars on paid online advertising services like Google AdWords, Bing, YaHoO! ads and others, you can minimize your online advertising spend by creating a free Pinterest account. By ...
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  • Why You Should Take the Internet Seriously

    The Internet is a great place for anyone to supplement their income part-time alongside their daytime employment. Many people have Internet service in the comfort of their homes or installed...
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