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  • #WeightLoss: 4 Videos Worth Watching to Help You #LoseWeightNow

    Former Beneficial bank Delaware employee Domingo discusses Bragg.com Apple Cider Vinegar with the mother in this YouTube.com video. Everyone gains weight as they age. Or “gracefully season,” another terms for “aging gracefully.” Weight gain is something that can’t be avoided. But it doesn’t mean that gaining weight can’t be reversed. As your body ages, it naturally gains weight. Your eating habits change. Your sleep patterns change. You sometimes eat food or have drink shortly before bedtime. You may go hours throughout the day before having your first meal of the day. Once you start losing weight, you’ll have a greater respect for life by having a new outlook, and achieve way more than having a smaller waistline, flat stomach, and sleeping better at night. Mastering the art of weight loss is not an overnight process. Strive daily by taking baby steps towards honorable health changes. Never mind about how slow you rerail your health along the way. If you skip a meal, fail to exercise, or eat something any day you have no business eating like Twinkies or bon bons or other sugary assorted candies, potato chips with excessive sour cream or extra large hoagies with extra mayonnaise,extra cheese, and extra meat packed on the bread, or lay in bed and snacking throughout the day with the mini refrigerator riding shotgun near your TV or bedside, pick yourself up immediately and keep going. Don’t gloat on the past. Brush yourself off and strive daily to go th...
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  • #JeffJohnson: Ultimate Example of #SideHustleMillionaire Success

    Those who know the name Jeff Johnson knows he's a true inspiration to everyone in the online world of affiliate marketing. Jeff, like Stephen Pierce, continues to this day, even after becoming an internet millionaire, in being of service to others, passing the torch of inspiration frequently and shares valuable information with everyone online with the intent of keeping others empowered for side hustle internet marketing success. Passing this information along will help others who desire to break into the world of online marketing t...
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  • #Divorce: The Wedding of #PrinceHarry and #MeghanMarkle is 'Null and Void'

    Meghan Markle already has a first husband still living. There is Biblical law speaking against divorce and remarriage. Price Harry may not know what he's getting himself into, but divorce and remarriage is "sin." Trevor Engelson is Meghan Markle's real husband, not Price Harry. Trevor is still living and is therefore Meghan's real husband. The broadcasted wedding of Meghan and Harry is an outright act of defiance of Scriptural law and sinfully promotes "divorce and remarriage." Prince Harry is NOT married to Meghan Markle. Trevor Engelson is the first husband as previously mentioned. The marriage of Meghan to Harry is "null and void." Meghan Ma...
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  • #SideHustleMillionaire: #JobSecurity is in #AffiliateMarketing and #Blogging #SideHustles

    Stepping out on faith has no guarantees. It can be done anytime in your life. You can start a blog at any age. You don’t need to answer to anyone. Your mind can transform you and your life into a virtual walking bank. Or you could be absent-minded and not earn one red cent from the Internet. Millions of people across the world today are sick and tired of getting up in the morning and going to a job they don’t like. They have to be around people that make them feel uneasy on the inside. They have to do their job even when they don’t feel like doing it. And they may not have a plan B or plan C at the time for escaping the daytime employment scene. With the awesome power of the internet today and living in the era of information technology, anyone with a smart...
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  • #SideHustleMillionaire: #BloggingMillionaire Success of Michelle Schroeder-Gardner of MakingSenseofCents.com

    Michelle Schroeder-Gardner is the iconic example of true side hustle entrepreneurship. Before gaining notoriety as a million-dollar side hustle blogger, she was an everyday person like the average American graduating with a master's degree (MBA) in finance and accrued high personal debt. Though her life is a virtual everyday vacation today with her blog earning her over $1.5 million dollars annually, she worked a regular cushy job where as her employment wasn't fulfilling to her. Michelle started her blog MakingSenseofCents.com in 2011 as a hobby and knew nothing about making money online nor how to start a blogging side hustle. After reading a few articles online about blogging and searching for ways to supplement her existing income buy blogging and selling stuff online, Schroeder-Gardner decided to try her hand at starting a blog about her daily life going to work and personal finance, unsure which way the wind was going to blow for her future blogging career. Lo and behold, after learning how to search engines like Bing, Google and YaHoO! reward blogs and websites with free search engine traffic by the amount of content they post to their sites daily, she decided to amp up her content marketing efforts to see if she could make money online. Not only did she earn her first $100 check in 2011 six months after she launched her blog, but it was enough motivation for her to earn a can of beans in the beginning as a “side hustle blogger,” to take the leap into the abyss of becoming a side hustle blogging millionaire less than 5 years later after launching her blog. She's been featured on sites like MarketWatch.com, Forbes.com, CNBC.com, Reuters.com, NasDaq.com, and many more. Her blog helps people...
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  • #CPRL93: #PoloRalphLauren to Continue Reissuing Vintage CP-RL and Asscociated Garments from the 90's

    During the 1990's in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn, the Brooklyn Lo Life crew was running the show when it came to wearing Polo by Ralph Lauren. The Lo Lives were a famous boosting-shoplifting crew that emerged out of Brooklyn - Marcus Garvey Village and St. Johns & Utica Avenue in Crown Heights Brooklyn. These two crews from Brookly formed together from MGV & SJP and called themselves Lo Lifes. Formerly, MGV heads were known as United Shoplifters Association, while the St. Johns & Utica heads used to call themselves Ralphie's Kids. In these times and as previously mentioned, you couldn't be caught walking by yourself in any part of Brooklyn, whether it be Park Slope, Brownsville, Vandeveer projects off of Foster and New York avenue, Red Hook, Bushwick, Bedford Stuyvesant or anywhere else, if you didn't know people from other Brooklyn chapters of the Lo Lives crew. T...
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  • #FarRockaway: The Beauty of Fishing in #NewYork

    Whether you're fishing in Brooklyn off of the Coney Island pier, Riis Park bridge connecting Brooklyn to Far Rockaway, or fishing on a boat in deep waters within the New York metropolitan area, you're virtually guaranteed to come home with a good catch of meaty fish. If you are not going fishing, then you're most likely coming home with a large bucket of crabs after crabbing. Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island sound with Broad Channel are by far the best places to go fishing. With fresh bait like live sandworms, rest assured you're coming home with fish ranging from striped sea Bass, Bluefish, Porgies, jumbo sized Flounder, and baby Shark (...
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  • #Manhattan: Alleged #Racist Threatens to Call #ICE on #Hispanic #Employees -- Why?

    A man seen in the NYPost.com video in a Midtown Manhattan restaurant is making Fresh Kitchen look bad. The man seen in the video is an alleged racist. According the NBC New York, the man threatened Spanish speaking persons with deportation by mentioning he was going to call ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) on them. Why? What satisfaction does he get out of having someone allegedly deported back to their country? Racism is alive and very well still in America. Fresh Kitchen 270 Madison Avenue New York, N.Y. 10016 Tel: (212) - 481 - 3500 His reason for threatening to call ICE: He heard them speaking Spanish. This man thinks he's better than others possibly. If that's the case, he's not better than anyone just because he has money. He is a servant of equal value on the same level as the Hispan...
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  • #SideHustleMillionaire: The Beauty of Consistency in Building Your Business

    It's never easy during humble beginnings of entrepreneur shift to transition from employee to an entrepreneurial mindset. You virtually have to force yourself to get out of patterns such as waking up at a certain time in the morning, showering, they getting ready to head off to your day job. You have to get used to working more hours and get used to feelings of uncertainty. When you're working for someone else, you make money the moment you clock in for work. Your job might come with potential benefits such a pain sickly, pension plan or 401k retirement savings plan, and maybe earning a healthy monthly commission based on meeting and a speeding your sales quota. All of that is out the door when it comes to side hustle online business entrepreneurship. Building an online business for a real world business requires getting out of your comfort zone and adapting to the mentality of moving forward while...
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  • #SEO: No Need for #SearchEngineOptimization Software in #ContentMarketing

    Millions of people today either amateur or experienced marketers often struggle with search engine optimization. Optimizing for search engines, also known as SEO, is a process of fine-tuning your blogger website to rank well in bing, Google, and Yahoo search engine results pages for the purpose stop getting traffic to a site and earning online sales and repeat customers. Good search engine optimization not only helps a blogger website rank high in search engine results pages, but it also helps site get traffic without publishing content daily for years to come. Some ...
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  • #SideHustleMillionaire: 5 #SideHustle Articles You Must Read Now

    Looking to get a second job and work part-time for extra money? Currently unemployed? Unhappy at your current day job and looking to make a healthy career change? Fret no more. Although gone are the days of job security and working toward achieving a healthy retirement, just know contributing money and building up your future pension strength has virtually disappeared. But that's not to say there is an opportunity to build a secondary stable source of income. This is where the beauty of the side hustle comes in. Good news is, you don't have to go out and look for a physical second job when it comes to online side hustles. An online side hustle is the process of starting a blog or website and advertising products and services for sale on it. When people click on an advertisement on your blog and make a purchase, you earn what's called and affiliate commission. The ads on your blog or website are sponsored by a merchant you choose to partner with that's relevant to the content of your site. This is one of many ways people use the awesome power of the internet to put themselves in the positive position of potentially making money online 24 hours a day. That's right. 24 hours a day even while you're sleeping. Side hustles put people in the position that put forth genuine effort and create quality content on blogs and websites to earn healthy income 2 to 3 years after starting their side hustle blogs and websites. Many people today quietly run an online side hustle and achieved side hustle millionaire status. They are average, everyday people just like yourself who started out either wrongfully terminated from their job, unemployed, homeless, living at home with their parents, falsely accused, slandered, bad mouthed by a narcissist employer, so on and so forth. They started their business side hustle online out of inspiration or desperation and did the transformation business work, by...
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  • #WeightLoss: Change Your Life and Build a #LeanBody by Drinking #AppleCiderVinegar

    Fact: Everyones struggles with losing weight as they gracefully season. It's a fact of life. No one remains the same weight throughout their life. Sometimes you tend to munch and not do cardio or stomach exercises to maintain a flat belly. Sometimes you go to town on eating out often at places like Checkers, McDonalds, Burger King, or Hibac...
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  • #Forbes: Can Love and Business Co-Exist Peacefully?

    Is it possible to blend business and love with your business partner who's a member of the opposite gender? Forbes discusses the potential of business and love working hand in hand. What do you think? Disclaimer: DNN doesn't advocate men sagging their pants, wearing tight pants, any jewelry sporting tattoos, nor women wearing pants, mak...
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  • #JuicingVegetables: Block Estrogen Naturally by Drinking Green Vegetable Juice

    Keeping unhealthy weight down and estrogen suppressed should be every man's goal. Did you know the foods you eat, amount of sleep, vitamin supplementation, and fresh pressed fruit and vegetable juice ingestion affect how your body operates and plays a crucial role in your weight? Eating and drinking leafy greens and regular consumption of green ...
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  • #JobSecurity: #AffiliateMarketing Freelancing vs. Traditional #Employment

    Hope in traditional employment is an uncertain feeling to fathom in today’s world of information technology and employment uncertainty. Automation is taking over the way most companies do business, phasing out the need for human intervention. According to the website Ladders (April 25, 2018), it’s predicted that “Even Wall Street is undergoing automation-enhanced shifts, with over 230,000 jobs predicted to be lost to bots in the next eight years.” When you hear of automation overpowering human services, job security is surely in question with or without a college degree.

    College graduates working for some companies who suddenly become a secret target by their employer and co-workers for termination may find their employment soon in question, without regard of years employed with the company nor how much revenue achieved. This leaves some workers to rethink their future with their current employer and external options to consider, should a random downsizing happen or sudden termination without an honest reason to you why you were let go. Want to work less for an unthankful employer who’s not paying you enough and have a piece of mind? Affiliate marketing and blogging is your pathway to future financial freedom and online employment stability. Termination can be your biggest motivation for seeking out online entrepreneurship as a way of life and stable income.

    'Affiliate Marketing Defined' What is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is a process of marketing goods and services as an advertisement placed on a blog or service promoted by an affiliate of that advert in hopes of earning what’s called an affiliate commission. The affiliate sets up a blog or website centered around a niche topic and finds relevant affiliate programs to join and promote on their blog or website that’s relevant to the content they publish. As the future of traditio...
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