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    started a topic Drama on New York Subway Train

    Drama on New York Subway Train

    After the man in the video seen wearing the 8-ball jacket was slapped by the young lady in his head with the heel of her shoe on a New York City Subway train, he slapped the sugar-hill out of her and sent her flying across the train. It was a virtual WWE wrestling match in the moment foll...
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  • Illegally Inside #NewYorkCity #Subway Tunnel Filming ?

    This man has guts to be inside the New York City subway tunnels having himself filmed and uploaded to his video channel on YouTube. He even admitted in the beginning of his video he doesn't have any permits or anything and doing this of his own free will. He goes deep inside NYC subway tunne...
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  • Some Bankers Are Possibly Likely to 'Run Game' on You

    Many bankers in New York City are fast-talking manips. That's how most of them got over as some never got caught. However, not all bankers are shiesty and try to run scams. There's still honest bankers around today concerned with maintaining their integrity and serving the people in honesty. ...
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  • Lunatic Stranger Pushes Man on #NewYorkCity #Subway Tracks

    #Elderly #man pushed to his #death onto the #NewYorkCity #subway #train #tracks - www.DrewryNewsNetwork.com/register

    A pathetic puke punk pushed a 61 year old man to his death on a New York City subway platform. Why would anyone do such a thing as this to a complete stranger? This is murder. The person responsible should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and placed on death row. The person responsibl...
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  • Nurse Who Possibly Has Ebola en Route to Maine

    A nurse in New Jersey is headed to Maine after allegedly contracting the deadly virus known as Ebola. New York City also experienced the 1st case. How will the governors of New York and New Jersey deal with this?...
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  • Life in Bedford-Stuyvesant Brooklyn for the Middle Class

    This is a treat for those who've never been to New York. Ever wondered what life was like in Brooklyn, yet, any other borough of NYC? Get an inside glimpse at what life is like for the working middle-class in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn....
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  • #HowardSchultz Possibly to See Decrease in #Corporate #Profits?

    Starbucks.com CEO Howard Schultz may possibly be facing a new problem. Schultz, who's been in control and operating Starbucks since 1985 and came from Breuklan projects in Canarsie, Brooklyn, is being called out by someone on Facebook. The Starbucks drink labeled "Pumpkin Spice Latte" is being talked about real greasy. Whoever posted the greasy wall post on Facebook had the following to say about "Starbucks Pumpkin Latte" "...
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  • Tommy Hilfiger's Manhattan Plaza Apartment

    Tommy Hilfiger has it good. He has real estate almost everywhere in America. Check out his Manhattan apartment. Nice and spiffy.
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  • Billionaire John Paulson Speaks on Home Purchasing

    Purchasing a home is more than just owning property. Billionaire Paulson speaks in CNBC video about the importance of buying a home and making a mature investment. Renting means you are throwing money away and passing up opportunities of ownership. If you're in the market looking to purchase a home or desiring thought-provoking advice how to purchase your next home, bookmark thi...
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  • North Korean Dance Spoof Video Circulates Across NYC and Internets

    North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is feeling salty. The video above and many others depicting his face are being circulated across New York City online and across the U.S. Un is possibly feeling some kind of way and allegedly asking for him and his face to no longer be 'mocked' on the web. What's yo...
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  • Contributing Editor
    started a topic Memories of the New York City Subway

    Memories of the New York City Subway

    Who hasn't rode on the New York City subway? Virtually everyone. For New Yorkers born and bred, riding the subway is almost an everyday thing. They have great memories of the days they rode the train as kids, sometimes venturing away from home and traveling across the Empire state as they pleased. Some New Yorkers remember the roaring days when trains ran elevated and sometimes on the street. Back then, New York was not completely revolutionized with overpass El's. After 100 years of the subway being in existence, those born and raised in the big apple continue to have good memories of days of enjoying riding the subway. If you visit New York sometime and like to learn more about the history of the subway, you can visit the transit museum located in Brooklyn. View Larger Map...
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  • NYPD Cop in Staten Island Man's Death Loses Shield and 'Gat'

    ABC News | ABC Sports News After Eric Garner, a 43 year old man from Staten Island died from being put in a chokehold by NYPD officers, one of the cops in the investigation has already been stripped of his gun and badge. ...
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  • Al Sharpton Rallies for Man Who Died in NYPD Custody

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  • Metrocard Scammers Getting Bagged by NYPD

    This is absolutely insane. Most New Yorkers who born and raised in the Big Apple remember back in the day when they had their old school style bus and train passes made out of paper and when they wanted to go through the yellow gates nearby the token booth, all they had to do was flash their badge to the token booth operator and walked on through the yellow gate. They got these combination paper train and bus passes from the high school or junior high sc...
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  • Contributing Editor
    started a topic Why Do #NYCSubwayTrains Have Colors?

    Why Do #NYCSubwayTrains Have Colors?

    Ever wondered why New York City subway trains have different and loud flavors? Watch the video and learn why. Visit MTA for more information on subway trains and their unique colors....
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