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  • #SideHustle: Now's the Time to Start Hustling in Entrepreneurship

    Have you been on your job too long and feel change is needed in your life? Are you currently happy with your salary as an employee who puts forth sincere effort for their employer only to get a virtual slap in your face? It's time for you to start your side hustle and take control of your life as an aspiring entrepreneur. As some employers in America continue getting away with under the table disrespect to targeted employees, it should be looked at as a silent ...
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  • Troubled #NewarkDelaware Man Facing Kidnapping Charges

    Calvin Davis of Newark, Delaware, brother of Curtis Daniels, was arrested by either New Castle County or Delaware State Police 2 days ago. Davis allegedly walked into a day care and suspectedly snatch 2 infants. The employees allegedly wrestled the infants away from Calvin and he took flight afterwards. Location where Davis allegedly tried to snatch infants: Please pray for this troubled person because prayer and faith can turn anyone's life around. How does his mother Anna feel about this?...
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  • 5 Inspiring Ways to Overcome Life’s #AwesomeChallenges

    #ThinkPositive while #strivingforexcellence to #overcome #obstaclesoflife -

    Things happen in everyone’s life for a reason whether spontaneous or planned. Everything that’s meant to be adverse for challenging in one’s life journey to eternal perfection is not always bad. A bad thing can transform to good if you see the bigger picture in the midst of troubling times and rely on the Lord Jesus to guide your footsteps. You’ll fall for anything if you refuse to stand for something good or stand up for yourself. Events in your life not only bring out unique qualities about yourself, but hidden things in a person’s heart about you. Either way you look at it, be thankful you’re going through life’s awesome challenges as it molds you to be better spiritually and earthly in all you do. Always, always, always give God the praise in good and bad times. It’s those sensitive experiences that shape you into the soldier the Lord thy God wants you to be for His perfect purpose and will for your life.

    1.Read scripture - The Bible is all truth. And it’s also a natural medication and remedy to every challenge you face in your life. Reading scripture will definitely soothe your soul, provide answers to unanswered questions in your heart-soul, help you rest easy at night, and keep you inspired for total soul salvation - transformation.

    2. Let people go when necessary - You may or may not be one who grew up with certain childhood friends you feel you have an unbreakable bond with. Drop them when necessary like a "1st date girlfriend!" One thing you’ll notice is when you make...
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  • Positive Thinking Turns Adversity into Blessings and Opportunity

    Stay determined to transform adversity into complete goodness with the help of the good

    Lord Jesus Christ to give you your full strength. And, share that goodness with others. Lift them up too in your journey. That's what being a leader is about. Image credit: Zig Ziglar - Facebook When something negative happens in your life, you may possibly feel in the moment it's the virtualy end of the world. It's not. Adversity happens in everyone's life. There's nothing you can do to prevent it. However, the way you react to it can make you a better person. That is, if you continue thinking positive despite dealing with the adverse challenge. This quote gives anyone hope for a bright future Imag...
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  • Believing in Yourself is The Real Transformation

    Have you ever had someone throw you away without explanation? Just up and go with a stone cold heart? If you've answered yes, chances are, it possibly happened to almost everyone else. Whether it's a business or personal relationship that went sour for whatever reason, it doesn't mean the end of the world for you. It takes a vision for your life to prevail over adverse events. Adversity is guaranteed to enter your life. No one is immune. It takes something life touching for a person to finally "get it." And, when you get it, grow from it, and discover new creative ways of mentally progressing, all one can do is use their gifts discovering new potential within. Forbes has a very interesting article on the humble beginnings of Waste Management CEO Wayne Huizenga. From a high school jo...
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  • How to Use Negativity to Succeed in Life

    You already know life has problems. No one can breeze through life without experiencing adversity. It can be loss of a job, unemployment, rejection in relationships, decrease in salary, falsely accused, blackballed, slandered, thrown away by some family members because of secret jealousy, judged by phony friends due to your situation and finances, homelessness, financial instability, or not given credit when due. Whatever the adversity experienced in your life, it doesn't mean the end of the world for you. How you deal with problems in life can make or break you. ...
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  • Do Successful CEO's Have it Easy?

    If you want something out of life you have to be willing to take a risk and start a business. It will not be easy starting up. You have to be willing to go through all with awkward feelings associated with starting a business from scratch. The most successful entrepreneurs and built their businesses from scratch is and experienced the most devastating times in life. Need more inspiration to start a business while facing adversity in your life? American Express OPEN...
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