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  • #AffiliateNetworks: 5 Affiliate Marketing Companies to Keep a Close Eye On

    We all know the internet is here to stay. The internet continues to be a wonderful avenue for people from all walks of life to establish a respectable online presence and build a potential million-dollar online business. It doesn't matter who you are. Where you're from. What you've been through. all that matters is content, creativity, iron will, and most importantly, building and sustaining relationships with your target audience. Owning a blog or website and partnering with reputable affiliate marketing companies is a great way to build your financial strength without worrying about your retirement. Affiliate marketing and working from home in your spare time by owning a niche based blogger website and publishing content frequently to your site is no doubt the best way to positively build your online reputation, earn traffic from social networks and search eng...
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  • #Addiliate Helps Publishers Earn #AffiliateIncome Through Monetizing #AdSpace

    Here's another great affiliate network you should take a serious look at. They've been in existence since 2010. Addiliate is an affiliate network connecting advertisers and publishers. They help publishers monetize their traffic with relevant offers to the niche of a blog or website. Another words, they're not going to pair you up with an advertiser in fitness if the niche topic of your website is about home cooking utensils. Kapeesh? They care about you succeeding and earning good money from their affiliate n...
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  • #CommissionJunction University Past Highlights

    CJU shares a video on YouTube of their annual Commission Junction event in Santa Barbara, California. Commission Junction, now known as CJ Affiliate by Conversant, made their presence felt in affiliate marketing since 1998. CJ is among the elite in affiliate marketing today throughout the world. Their goal is to forge successful working relationships between advertisers and affiliate marketers. The ultimate...
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  • Ways Advertisers Can Stay on Their #AffiliateRecruitment Game

    Ever felt confused as an advertiser at times when strategizing to recruit qualified affiliate marketers? This episode of Affiliate Summit on YouTube discusses advertisers staying on their A+ affiliate recruitment game and how to seek video affiliates to effectively market affiliate programs. Video marke...
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