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    started a blog post #PoloRalphLauren Store in #CamarilloCalifornia
    in News

    #PoloRalphLauren Store in #CamarilloCalifornia

    Camarillo, California is by far one of the most beautiful places to be on the west coast. It's not far from Santa Barbara, California, home of ConversantMedia.com. The map above by Google gives you an direct inside glimpse of an outlet drive thru mall in Camarillo that houses Polo.com flagship outlet store by Ralph Lauren. Enjoy toggling on Google maps. Stay tuned for more Google maps....
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  • Attending #CJU Meetups Are Quite Fun in #SantaBarbaraCalifornia

    Commission Junction made it's presence felt in the affiliate marketing industry since 1998. Based outof Santa Barbara, California, CJ is virtually the largest affiliate marketing online network in the world. Their goal is to keeps advertisers and affiliate marketers connected, while helping affiliated publishers make money online from their home or anywhere in the world, by way of a computer and internet connection. CJU - Commission Junction University conducts their annual online marketing meetup in Santa Barbara. Location of CJ Affiliate by Conversant: 530 East Montecito St. Santa Barbara, CA 93103 United States Tel: 800-761-1072 Fax: 805-730-8001 ...
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  • 6 Blockbuster #AffiliatePrograms on CJ to Promote

    Image: MoneyConnexion.com Making it big in affiliate marketing takes time. You first have to know what the topic of your blog or website is going to be. Then, develop a consistent mindset to create quality written and informative content so you can effectively target and retain your audience in longevity. Then comes the challenging part. Joining the right affiliate network or networks as a publisher after performing your research and partner with well established advertisers who have a consistent track record of monthly affiliate payouts. Approved publishers of CJ.com known as CJ affiliate by Conversant “formerly Commission Junction” have the grand ability to select quality brand name publishers to work with who pay their affiliates “handsome commission...
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  • #CommissionJunctionUniversity: Meetup September 2017 in #SantaBarbara

    #affiliatemeetup #sponsored by #CJUniversity in #SantaBarbaraCalifornia @ #FessParkerDoubleTreeResort - http://drewrynewsnetwork.com/forum/affiliate-marketing/affiliate-marketing-meetups

    A beautiful thing to know about the Internet is affiliate marketing is here to stay. If you have no clue what affiliate marketing is, it's a process of promoting online retailers' products and services in exchange for earning an [affiliate commission]. "Affiliate commission" is commissions earned as an affiliate marketer partnered with an online retailer in agreement of promoting their products or services. People from all walks of life including those who are unemployed and employed are quietly engaging in what's called "affiliate marketing," placing themselves financially in a grand position to earn a hefty fortune in affiliate commissions.

    'CJ Affiliate by Conversant' Commission junction, now known as CJ affiliate by Conversant is a beautiful affiliate network based out of Santa Barbara, California. The company has been in existence since 1998. Their mantra is to meaningfully bring advertisers and publishers to gather for the sole purpose of working together online to i...
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  • 5 Fire Hot #AffiliatePrograms to Join on #CJAffiliatebyConversant

     – www.drewrynewsnetwork.com/forum/affiliate-marketing

    Affiliate marketing proved itself to be a stable and viable source for earning a decent living. Since its debut in the mid 1990’s, affiliate marketers who dedicate themselves to creating valuable content such as blog posts, special offers, YouTube.com videos, and webpages eared a silent killing either from the comfort of working from home or on their laptop working anywhere they could tap into a secure internet connection.

    Affiliate marketing is here to stay as more people today are resorting from working day jobs and quietly transitioning to online marketing full time. If you’re not yet an affiliate marketer or blogger, you can always learn more about the internet marketing industry by performing searches in your favorite search engine such as Bing.com, Google.com, or YaHoO.com to learn more. As with any business, you can earn more or less depending on your determination, effort, humility, and persistence.

    ‘Commission Junction’

    CJ.com, formerly known as Commission Junction and now CJ Affiliate by Conversant, continues to be a leader in the affiliate marketing industry. They’re not only a stable affiliate network who works closely with affiliates to help them succeed, but also works with the world’s biggest names.

    CJ by Conversant works with advertisers...
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  • #CommissionJunction University Past Highlights

    CJU shares a video on YouTube of their annual Commission Junction event in Santa Barbara, California. Commission Junction, now known as CJ Affiliate by Conversant, made their presence felt in affiliate marketing since 1998. CJ is among the elite in affiliate marketing today throughout the world. Their goal is to forge successful working relationships between advertisers and affiliate marketers. The ultimate...
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  • Foodstirs.com Launches New #AffiliateProgram on CJ

    This is your golden opportunity to cash in on earning nice affiliate commissions on the CJ affiliate by Conversant affiliate network if you own a high traffic blog or website tailored to the food audience. Did you know foods blogs are highly search and read by people searching for everything related to food from Bing, Google, YaHoO!? There are some people who do nothing more than search those search engines for food related blogs and websites to read. If you're not yet in blogging, perhaps it's time for you to reconsider starting a blog as a futurely profitable side hustle. Foodstirs is a successful food site showing folks how to create delicious and memorable desserts from scratch. The company was founded by three women on the concept of "creating memorable experiences through baking and keeping people connected." Pretty nice concept, isn't it? It looks like a MarthaStewart.com website. They have "...
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  • New Advertisers on CJ Affiliate by Conversant #AffiliateNetwork

    CJ Affiliate by Conversant, a.k.a. Commission Junction, regularly brings on new advertisers in efforts of finding qualified affiliates to promote niche-based affiliate programs. If you own a blog or website that generates steady streams of search engine and social networking traffic, perhaps you'll find some or all of the following new affiliate programs a good fit for your site.

    The following information is available and referenced originally from CJ.com.

    New advertisers on CJ: ContactMarek Zadrapa Emailinfo@softcotton dot cz CountryCZECH REPUBLIC URL Softcotton dot cz CurrencyCZK Joined Network05-25-2016 CategoryBed & Bath Serviceable AreaCZECH REPUBLIC Supported CurrencyCZK Czech Koruna Earn attractive commissions with Softcotton.cz new Affiliate Program! SOFT COTTON is a registered trademark of a French company that has been m...
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  • 5 Best Recommended #AffiliatePrograms to Join on CJ

    Commission Junction, now known as CJ Affiliate by Conversant proves itself time and time again to be a leader in the affiliate marketing industry. Emerging from humble beginnings in 1998 the same year Google and Ezinearticles started, CJ built their business respectively from the ground floor up. The company proved itself to be a winner since, overcoming countless hurdles and succeeding in times of economical uncertainty. CJ Affiliate by Conversant is committed to helping advertisers and publishers forge meaningful and successful online working relationships with the intent of increasing online profit p...
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  • #GoodHousekeepingTV Joins #AffiliateMarketing on CJ.com

    The world of affiliate marketing continues to grow at full strength. This industry provides opportunity for anyone who has a passion to learn, succeed, and transform the history of human thought. If you've been putting off the idea of moving forward with starting a business online such as a blog or website with a dedicated web hosting solution and seeking to make money from affiliate programs, now is the time to quit procrastinating and get in on this industry that's classified as "good money," and a great way to get organized as an...
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  • #KerriPollard of #CJ Steps Down as Affiliate Network President

    Who is Kerri Pollard? She soon to be former vice president of CJ.com. CJ, formerly known as Commission Junction (now CJ affiliate by conversant), is affiliate marketing company based out of Santa Barbara California. CJ has been an online advertising and affiliate marketing leader since 1998 "same year Google.com started," providing revenue generation opportunities for advertisers and publishers to partner together on the World Wide Web and promote products and services. Kerri Pollard posts the following on her Facebook page: "After 16 years, it is with much sadness that I step down as CJ's President, but with much excitement that I welcome Waleed! I will be re...
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  • #DoverPublications Paying #Affiliates a Starting 10% Commission on CJ.com

    #CommissionJunction (CJ affiliate by Conversant) continues to be the leading #affiliatenetwork. Since 1998, they've paved the way in the #onlinemarketing industry, partnering with quality #advertisers to present #affiliatemarketers with golden opportunities to earn steady income by promoting affiliate programs on their blogs, discussion forums, and websites. CJ.com is an affiliate network known to pay affiliate publishers good money, giving affiliate marketers via grand opportunity to work on their online businesses from anywhere in the world with the laptop or work from home. A new affiliated merchant has entered the network. Dover publications his company based out of New York that's been around since 194...
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  • NBA Legend Earvin Magic Johnson Gives Keynote Today at #CJU2014 in Santa Barbara

    #MagicJohnson #speaking today at #CJU2014 in #SantaBarbaraCalifornia and inspiring others to join #affiliatemarketing - DrewryNewsNetwork.com
    Image Credit: MagicJohnson.com

    NBA.com basketball legend and icon Earvin Magic Johnson will be speaking today at the 2014 Commission Junction University conference in Santa Barbara, California at Fess Parker's DoubleTree resort. Johnson was invited by Commission Junction University to deliver a keynote speech and inspire people. Magic is also encouraging people to consider affiliate marketing as a career to increasing their earning potential. Preview of flash mob dancing it up at CJU 2011 at Fess Parker's DoubleTree in Santa Barbara: ...
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  • NBA Legend Magic Johnson Delivers Keynote in Santa Barbara, California

    #MagicJohnson #keynote #speaker at #CommissionJunction #CJ #affiliate by #Conversant #affiliatemarketing #conference in #SantaBarbara #California - DrewryNewsNetwork.com
    Image: CJ.com

    Magic Johnson is the keynote speaker of the Commission Junction "CJ Affiiate by Conversant." The event is held in Santa Barbara, California from September...
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  • Former WWE Champion Hollywood Hulk Hogan Launches Hostamania.com

    Terry Boella has made a successful career change after retiring from the world of professional wrestling. Most of us grew up watching him wrestle. Boella is known in wrestling as Hollywood Hulk Hogan, a name that continually stirred...
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