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  • #TipsforMen: How to Make The Grade Among #SingleWomen

     single man ought to be mindful way they approach women when them out for potential marriage - http://positive-affirmations.drewrynewsnetwork.com

    While some see it fit to meet a woman online, the ideal place for a man to meet a woman is in church. In a majority of approaches a man takes to courting a woman, there are things she specifically looks for in approving him. Stimulating conversation other than "traditional man to woman talk" will not only positively stir up a woman's mind for the good of see...
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  • #MatureMen: How to Profit Mentally from #RejectionbyWomen

    On a social networking site, a female makes a post that says verbatim: "While you're trying to spit your game, learn to swallow my rejection lmao!!!!!!!!!" For a savvy minded person, rejection is opportunity inverted. It takes a determined, yet, humble man to profit mentally from rejection. Profiting from rejection does NOT entail financially capitalizing and flossing money in the woman's face who rejected you. That only makes you look like a desperate fool. Profiting mentally from rejection entails deploying a number of self-improvement techniques. First, dealing with the feelings of being rejected all...
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  • 10 Simple Reasons Why #Men Should Rejoice After Rejection

    Reasons why men should be thankful for rejection: 1. Puts him in a state of mind to do things the right way and go back to church to get saved and seek a good wife 2. Produces a feeling to prove something to himself; go back to college and get his degree, open a business, lose weight, and improve himself across the board. 3. Improve is standards; what he wi...
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  • Ladies: Consider This Before #MeetingaMan to #Date Offline

    #howto #askquestions without the #man #walkingaway - www.drewrynewsnetwork.com

    Ask him how he feels about

    Going to church and getting saved. Feel the man out for maturity. See what his future goals are. Ask his full name and date of birth, so you can run checks...
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  • How to Handle Aggressive and Demanding #Women

    Not all males find aggressive and demanding women to be a turn on. There’s times when men are turned off by females acting so. Some females run men off by demanding them to explain themselves about certain things when...
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  • 5 Things #SingleMen or #SingleWomen Should Think About

    #dating and #pitfalls of #relationships - #think about #this when considering to #date someone #new - http://www.drewrynewsnetwork.com

    Almost everyone feels the “dating newness” when meeting someone for the first time. It’s a silent inner excitement of having someone new intentionally in your life. And with the feelings of [dating
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  • 5 Smooth Ways to Ignore Your Ex on #Facebook and The Real World

    Going through a breakup is never nice. Feelings are involved in the moment. Female or male, no one feels good to part ways and know someone else might come along and turn your ex into their soulmate. Unless the person you broke up with either deserved it or just was not a good fit for you for whatever reason, just know it's not the end of the world, as the sea is abundantly contained with "worthwhile fish." Have you ever wondered after a breakup ...
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  • Helpful #Dating Tips for #Men Seeking #SingleWomen Online

    A woman is always happy to recieve a stimulating message from a new male friend online. She reads, smiles, and feels excited. She's probably thinks to herself "oh wow, he just might be my soulmate." And her cheeks might start to get tickled pink. After she reads your stimulating dating message, her mind is now silently exploring all of the wonderfully infinite opportunities. She's wondering and hoping you're visually satisfying in person. Her interest grows quietly to meet you. As a man, you know the right words to say to a woman to get her entic...
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  • Why It's Not a Good Idea To Get Your Ex Back

    When a relationship is terminated, you should cease from all communication with that person. Does not matter how deep your feelings are for the individual. Cease from any and all communication, whether it be on social media, telephone, or otherwise. No speaking through other people is allowed. Forget ...
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  • Contributing Editor
    started a blog post Who Cares if They Got Back Together?
    in News

    Who Cares if They Got Back Together?

    It's no surprise Jennifer Lopez and Sean Diddy Combs are possibly back in each other's arms and dating again. What do real people care about this? Are they helping to improve the economy? Are they contributing to helping the poor and contributing themselves to helping the community? Something to think about. Just because J. Lo and Diddy are back doesn't mean more jobs for Americans. Agree?...
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  • A Thank You Message to People From the Past

    After past relationships have ended in your life, don't be surprised if the one who doubted you and secretly put you down behind your back tries to come back around later down the road. Whether it's an ex from 10 years ago, a fake friend who judges your finances and smiles in your face, or people who make you feel left out...they're still secretly checking on your progress in life. And sometimes, they are doing it through ...
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  • Relationship Specialist TonyaTKO.com Discusses 'Changing During Dating'

    If a person really wants to change they will do so on their own with the without dating. Is that right? A man can't change a woman. A woman can change a man. You have to be willing to do it of yourself if you desire to achieve great things in life beyond meeting that special someone. Dating and rel...
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  • A Message to All Men Striving for Excellence

    You may possibly know what kind of woman you desire to be with before and while dating her. Your intentions is to be a faithful man to her, and possibly a husband someday. While most women have positive intentions of having a good man in their life and transition into marriage someday hopefully, there are some women who date men just to see what they are about. Be careful of the kind of woman you date. Not all women have alternative intention...
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  • Contributing Editor
    started a topic New Relationships and Marriage Forum

    New Relationships and Marriage Forum

    Welcome to thy humble abode. This is the new relationships and marriage forum where virtually everything under the sun is discussed. There's many things taking place...
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