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  • #Delaware: 5 Jobs to Apply for Employment in New Castle County

    It can be an uphill battle at times trying to find a decent paying job in the state of Delaware. Who can survive nowadays working for $8 or $9 hourly? There's still opportunities in New Castle County Delaware to find good paying jobs and live happy. Truth is, some people in Delaware whether it's New Castle County, Kent County, or Sussex County, or just flat-out lazy and don't put forth enough effort to look for stable employment and settle for anything. Why would anyone want to be lazy looking for a job when the internet is readily available for finding a good paying job in New Castle County? With that said, you have no more excuses for procrastinating in looking for work. Regardless if you have a college degree or no degree, there's a job in Delaware somewhere for everyone. Delaware employment inspiration: Source: NewsJournal.com Are you one of many Delawareans currently slacking or looking for a job or seeking a better-paying job? It's okay to admit to yourself you slacked a bit. That's part of being human. We all slack. Even the founder of this site slacks on certain things from time to time. It's a growing experience to acknowledge your shortcomings and work on changing your ways. Below is a random pick of five jobs in New Castle County, Delaware recommended for you to apply for potential employment: 1. University of Delaware (UDEL.edu)- U of D in Newark, Delaware is always on there a game when it comes to education and employment. University of Delaware attracts people from all walks of life and meaningfully brings them together. Working and or attending U of D as a student is always a beautiful learning ex...
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  • #HiringinDelaware: August 2017 #DelawareEmployment Update

    It's an uphill battle at times to find the ideal job in the state of Delaware and prosper in that job two decades or more. It's an uphill battle at times to find a job paying so much money hourly. Searching for the ideal job in Delaware can be challenging, yet rewarding. It can bring out unique qualities within you never thought you had. On the flip side, it can frustrate you. Not everyone conducts a weekly Delaware employment job search online or off-line. Though some on the other hand are addicted to the Internet and would rather search for jobs in Delawareonline.com job classifieds. Then there's those days you don't feel like going on Careerbuilder.com or other job we...
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  • #RehobothBeachDelaware: The Best Vacation Spot in the #StateofDelaware

    Rehoboth beach Delaware proves itself times over to be the best vacation getaway spot. Being in Rehoboth beach is like traveling to Santa Barbara, California. It helps you forget all of your problems. Read hobos beach will also leave you with a feeling of not wanting to go back home. There, you'll find not only quali...
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  • #HealthBill: Will Delaware Benefit Health Wise from Legalizing #RecreationalMarijuana?

    Is this a move on Delaware Governor John Carney's part allegedly out of inspiration or desperation? Delaware already has marijuana legalized for medical marijuana card holders. But will recreational marijuana benefit Delawareans overall? You be the judge....
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  • #RehobothBeach Delaware: A Place You Never Want to Leave

    Ever been to Rehoboth? Rehoboth Beach, Delaware? If not, it's one beautiful place you don't want to leave. Located 40+ miles below Dover, Delaware, Rehoboth Beach is a place of relaxation, convenience, good food, outlet shopping, and more. Rehoboth Beach Delaware is definitely that place if you're looking for good deals on almost everything. Quality dining in Rehoboth Beach at Jake's seafood restaurant in Rehoboth Beach, Del. Strawberry Daiquiri minus alcohol JakesSeafoodHouse.com Rehoboth Beach Delaware also offers fine prices shopping at the finest outlet stores such as Timberland.com NineWest.com Coach.com Tommy.com RalphLauren.com Aeropostale.com BrooksBrothers.com TommyBahama.com VanHeusen.com VictoriasSecret.com OldNavy.com TheNorthFace.com JanSport.com Izod.com Lacoste.com ClarksUSA.com BananaRepublic.com Guess.com Crocs.com Levis.com EddieBauer.com and more! A special discounted sale ran yesterday at the Coach.com factory store in Rehoboth, Delaware where customers saved 50% off everything: Tanger outlets in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware Visiting and shopping in Rehoboth Beach gives anyone a piece of mind and helps them to temporarily forget the challenges of life. It's worth filling up the gas tank with 93 Octane fuel, taking the peaceful drive down Route 13, and enjoying the beautiful scenery on the way to Rehoboth. You're guaranteed to leave Rehoboth Beach satisfied and smiling for days....
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  • Support Gregory Lloyd Morris on February 25 in His New Play #BlackJobsMatter

    #GregoryLloydMorris #state #play at #GrandOperaHouse in #WilmingtonDelaware -- http://www.drewrynewsnetwork.com
    Image: DelawareToday.com

    He's an outstanding and respected English professor at Wilmington University. He's from Los Angeles, California. He's not only a professor in English, but an individual who understands and appreciates struggle. His adverse trials and tribulations inspired him to be better, tirelessly encouraging others to put their best foot forward in the uncertain game called life. His upcoming stage play "Black Jobs Matter" discusses challenges Black people face such as "barriers to employment," starts February 25 at 7:00 PM at the Baby Grand in Wilmington, Delaware. DNN encourages you to fork out the money, bring your family, friends, and coworkers to this inspiring play that will touch one sensitive topics people of color face today in Wilmington. ...
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  • #Delaware Governor Jack Markell Dispatches Emergency Assistance to #RehobothBeach

    Did the ocean come to life in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware? Maybe. Governor Markell declares a state of emergency for Rehoboth Beach as waters came tumbling over the shore line. The video speaks for itself.

    Update: Governor Jack Markell of Delaware updates his Facebook fanpage with the following:

    "Our DelDOT crews have done outstanding work today in the midst of challenging conditions,” said Governor Markell. “I’m grateful for all that they have achieved today,...
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  • Contributing Editor
    started a topic How to #StaySafe in #Delaware

    How to #StaySafe in #Delaware

    New Castle county councilman David Tackett is concerned about Delawareans. He posted an alert today on his Facebook page with the following:

    "Crime Alert

    Residents Reminded...
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  • Quality #Jobs to Apply for in #NewCastleCounty #Delaware

    There comes a time in almost everyone’s life way you have to look for another job. It’s important to have your employment resume optimized with the skills, education, and the right keywords to gain the interest of potential employers and scoring a good grade during and after the job interview. Perhaps you’re one of many folk who doesn’t care too much for logging into various job sites to view new job postings. DrewryNewsNetwork strives for excellence to serve you with quality and relevant ...
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  • #Delawareonline Says #SerpesBakery in #Elsmere Caught Fire

    Almost everyone and their family purchased cakes and other baked goods from Serpe's bakery in Elsmere, Delaware. Sadly, the bakery caught fire.

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  • #Delaware Senator #ChrisCoons in Spotlight Over #Iran Nuke Deal

    Chris Coons, a Delaware democrat, talks up the Iran nuclear deal he supported. What was Coons forgiven for exactly?

    Read more here on Chris Coons
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  • Contributing Editor
    started a topic #Google in #Delaware?

    #Google in #Delaware?

    Google.com incorporated in Delaware? If this is so, it proves that Delaware is by fat the best state to incorporate and start a business in.
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  • Mouth Watering #Delaware #HibachiBuffet Photos

    If you appreciate eating healthy lunches from time to time at Delaware Hibachi Supreme Buffet and Grill restaurants, perhaps the photos below will give you a few creative ideas on ways to eat healthy and not overdo it on overeating. It's mind over matter when it comes to eating right and portion sizing Hibachi buffet lunch plates with the right foods. This is one of many creative examples of eating the right food when out and about at not just a Delaware Hibachi buffet restaurant, but any restaurant in general. This is a portion-sized calorie controlled plate of Grilled Chicken, Shrimp, and Steak over lettuce and tomato. A portion sized serving of protein should be no more then the size of a clenched fist. You may also measure your protein sizes by acquiring a food scale and balancing out no more than 8 oz. of meat of choice (Chicken, Shrimp, Crab, Venison, Turkey, Scallop, Salmon). This photo is the same as the one above, but an up close and personal view Robin Leach style. This photo represents ...
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  • How to Catch #AtlanticCroaker #Fish in #LewesDelaware

    An ambitious fisherman in Delaware shows his skills when it comes to fishing for Atlantic Croaker in Sussex County Delaware.
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  • #DelawareStateFair Video Coverage on #YouTube

    Amazing coverage from the July 2015 Delaware state event .
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