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  • #RehobothBeach Delaware: A Place You Never Want to Leave

    Ever been to Rehoboth? Rehoboth Beach, Delaware? If not, it's one beautiful place you don't want to leave. Located 40+ miles below Dover, Delaware, Rehoboth Beach is a place of relaxation, convenience, good food, outlet shopping, and more. Rehoboth Beach Delaware is definitely that place if you're looking for good deals on almost everything. Quality dining in Rehoboth Beach at Jake's seafood restaurant in Rehoboth Beach, Del. Strawberry Daiquiri minus alcohol JakesSeafoodHouse.com Rehoboth Beach Delaware also offers fine prices shopping at the finest outlet stores such as Timberland.com NineWest.com Coach.com Tommy.com RalphLauren.com Aeropostale.com BrooksBrothers.com TommyBahama.com VanHeusen.com VictoriasSecret.com OldNavy.com TheNorthFace.com JanSport.com Izod.com Lacoste.com ClarksUSA.com BananaRepublic.com Guess.com Crocs.com Levis.com EddieBauer.com and more! A special discounted sale ran yesterday at the Coach.com factory store in Rehoboth, Delaware where customers saved 50% off everything: Tanger outlets in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware Visiting and shopping in Rehoboth Beach gives anyone a piece of mind and helps them to temporarily forget the challenges of life. It's worth filling up the gas tank with 93 Octane fuel, taking the peaceful drive down Route 13, and enjoying the beautiful scenery on the way to Rehoboth. You're guaranteed to leave Rehoboth Beach satisfied and smiling for days....
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  • 5 Best Places for #Fishing in the State of #Delaware

    This is a follow up post from 2014 on "best Delaware fishing spots"... Whatever you do, don't bother with Beck's pond in Newark, Delaware. You're wasting your time if you do. Even if you start your early fishing stint at four or five o'clock in the morning at Beck's, it's not worth it. Instead, it's wise to take a trip further south in the state of Delaware toward Kent and Sussex County catch quality fish. And meatier ones too. Shortlist of best places in Kent and Sussex counties to fish: 1. Garrisons Lake (Kent County) - If you have a boat or not, this is definitely a good spot. You want to have nightcrawlers or yellowish looking worms as bait, and be on the walkway deck as early as 5 AM. If you have fake worms that's okay. Rumor has it that you can purchase a box of 400 fake worms at Cabelas.com by Christiana Mall for as little as $20. A young man was witnessed placing a fake worm on a whole after talking and showing a picture of bass on his cell phone and catching a l...
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    started a topic Recommended Fishing Spots in Delaware

    Recommended Fishing Spots in Delaware

    #Fresh #bluefish bought from #Newark #farmersmarket in #Delaware - DrewryNewsNetwork.com

    Delaware is a beautiful state for retirement, starting a business, getting a good job, and fishing. There's many freshwater lakes the beautiful state of Delaware. There's beaches in northern and southern Delaware available to go fishing virtually any hour of the day. Before fishing at any lake or beach in Delaware be sure to read guidelines posted on the board about hours open to the general public before throwing your lines with a worm on the fishing hook in the water.

    Lums Pond

    You may want to check out Lums Pond near Newark if you haven't been to your local lake fishing lately. There's freshwater bass and catfish to be caught. The best time to try your hand at catching them is early in the morning. If you're an early bird and can make it to the pond roughly around 5 AM for the sun rises, be sure to be stocked up on fresh live worms. You also don't want your fishing hook to be too big in size because bass and catfish may catch on that it's a whole and probably won't bite the bait.

    Check out Walmart in Newport or the location in New Castle for the best prices on fishing hooks and worms. You can get a 2 inch hook in a pack of six at Walmart.com for less than two dollars. A small cup of large nightcrawlers is three dollars and change. If you don't have fresh fishing line, you can pick up a spool ranging from $3-$10. You can find your fishing necessities at Walmart near the sports section near the bicycles and treadmills.

    Saint Augustine Beach Another place you want to check out for good fishing in ...
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