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  • #JackMa: Rejected for Employment at #KFC Before 'Billionaireism'

    A majority of today's elite entrepreneurs encountered countless adversity. From wrongful employment termination, rejected after filing numerous job applications, to being slandered by family members, lied on by jealous people, and contemplated against by narcissist employers and co-workers, entrepreneurs in the elite class today endured until they prospered. They had a visionary mindset where they desired to be in doing what they love to do. They took a small idea and transformed the game into being thought leaders for change. They didn't allow adversity of any sort ot hinder their progress. As challenges arose out the wood works, they pressed harder in their endeavor to achieve excellence and stay organized without further delay. Who would ever think Alibaba.com founder Jack Ma was once broke and struggling? He knew that a traditional job wouldn't work for him. Instead of relying on the life of a time clock servant, he took a chance at entrepreneurship after studying the marketing methods of world class buying and selling sites like eBay.com. He studied to his hearts' content and had an undying passion for business. When he looked back at the countless rejections Jack Ma faced, he was thankful for every experience and opportunity that wasn't granted to him. That was "entrepreneurial boot camp," and staging gro...
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  • #eBaYStoreDesign: Spiffy Up 'Your Image' With Frooition Signature

    Your eBaY.com store speaks silent volumes about your business. Customers and investors silently judge your appearance. Your eBaY store image along with well written content and other detailed information plays a crucial role in conversion rates. Frooition.com is in the business of helping eBay store owners improve the look of their online storefronts. They listen to you. They work closely with you to design an attractive eBaY store template and bring out attractive features to help you sell better. Increasing sales is your goal and Frooition helps you achieve just that. If you're seri...
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  • #BusinessMuscle for the Hustle: Believe and Achieve

    There’s people in today’s world desiring to start their own businesses hoping to transition to millionaires. It’s easier said than done. What is the value of $1million today? It’s virtually the equivalence of spending pennies on the dollar. How fast can a person spend $1 million? Think hard on that one.

    Related: Making millions selling on eBaY as a side business Can a person truly become a millionaire three years after starting their business? Yes and no. Suc...
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  • #MakingMoney on #eBaY While Sleeping: Possible?

    Many people today have not a clue how ridiculously easy it is to become an affiliate and make money online with eBaY.com. It's not as hard as most people think. In fact, it can be a beautiful source of affiliate income alongside daytime employment or in between jobs. Who doesn't have something to sell on eBaY? How many people do you know "including yourself" have specifically searched for something and purchased it off the world's number one online auction site? Just about everyone. That said, becoming an eBaY affiliate and makin...
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  • #Tictail Lets You Start a Free Online Shop to Sell Anything

    Maybe you’re one of those folk who buys things from Goodwill or consignment shops and resell for profit. Or possibly looking to get rid of some old stuff around your apartment or...
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  • #Amazon Stays One Step Ahead of #eBay With #AmazonPrimePlane

    Amazon's new Prime airplane earned immediate buzz on YouTube and social networks. The company uploaded a new video yesterday to their video channel discussing the new move. The Prime plane will deliver goods within a 15 mile radius of warehouse facilities, Amazon explains in their...
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  • eBaY Says Most Retailers Expect Strong Online Holiday Sales

    Affiliate marketing proves itself times over to be a stable source of income for affiliate marketers and likeminded online marketers. Making money from affiliate programs is not as hars as most people think. Get started and succeed in affiliate marketing with these key ingredients for success: 1. A willing mind to be in this line of work for the long run (you will not make money overnight). 2. Willing to spend money to acquire a domain name and web hosting to start a blog or website (good for branding yourself). 3. Create "lots and lots of content" daily based on a niche you decide to discuss on your blog or website. 4. Create and add feedback on meaningful discussions on social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Del.ici.o.us, Twitter, App, and other netwo...
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  • eBaY Sends "Password Reset Update" E-mail to Affiliates, Buyers, and Sellers

    Are you or were you an affiliated publisher of eBaY? If you've recently heard in the news, eBay was allegedly hacked. Oh wait. It's not alleged. eBay was HACKED! The company sent out an e-mail today urging everyone affiliated with them "affiliates, buyers, and eBaY sellers" to change their passwords ASAP. eBaY says in the e-mail: "...
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