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  • #RealTalk: Removing Phony Facebook Friends and Family Members off Your Friends List

    Seek The LORD Jesus Christ for achieving transformation progress in the quest for righteousness. When it comes to Facebook friends, not every friend is your friend on the ever so popular social networking site. That goes for fake friends who hang around just because you have something they want, or phony family members. While Facebook is a wonderful networking social portal on the World Wide Web to reconnect with old classmates, make new friends, and build your business simultaneously by way of properly utilizing Facebook, there are so-called friends on the friends lists of ...
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  • #AmericanExpress: #OPENForum Speaks on Facebook Plugins

    OPENForum.com by AmericanExpress.com has a new look on the OPENForum community site. It's trendy, attractive, eye-catching and more. In fact, DNN applauds, commends and respects American Express OPEN Forum for engaging with small business owners on the world wide web in helping them engage deeper into social networking. In today's world of social networking on the internet, there's not many companies who use social media as a means of connecting with people from all walks of life. The importance of using social media is to build new positive relationships with everyone. Using social media can do so much good for any kind of business. ...
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  • #SocialMediaMarketing: Using Facebook and Paid Services for Increased Visibility

    Facebook is the preferred social networking platform today for dual use. Old classmates stay in touch, new relationships are forged, and online marketers/bloggers auto-publish their content to their Facebook wall to their Facebook friends list. The world''s most-popular social network can also help boost business for you, without spending a dime. Most people today use Facebook to re-connect with old classmates, from elementary, junior, high school and college. When the Facebook platform was designed, Zuckererg originally intended for it to be a network just for Harvard students. As word of mouth grew about this new online network among the Harvard elite, Zuckerberg had no idea how much bigger Facebook would be, in terms for business. Can Facebook boost SEO for online businesses? Absolutely! Let's take a look at some really cool things that can help grow your website, blog, and or online business to the next level and boost SEO "Search engine optimization", using the Facebook Pl...
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  • #GoingGlobal: Does the World Care if #Facebook Turns 10?

    Forbes discusses Facebook's 10th birthday and a successful decade in business as the world's most popular social network. As the world knows, Mark Zuckerberg originally launched the social network in 2004 as a means for Harvard University students to stay connected. Zuckerberg's idea became so successful that he virtually didn't have to pay for online advertising of Facebook, as word of mouth virally spread about Zuckerberg's social network invention around campus and abroad. ...
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  • How Do #BlackPeople Help #Facebook Get Richer?

    Did you know Black people are allegedly responsible for the world's most popular social network getting richer then rich off of them? Stay tuned for an upcoming post discussing Black people and Facebook.com....
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  • Cool #FacebookApp Lets You See Who Viewed Your Profile

    You don't have to wonder too much anymore about who views your Facebook profile. Sure, we all want to know exactly who checks out our Facebook profile without our knowledge. You were in the dark back in the FB heyday about who stopped by your page. Today's age of information technology has the brightest minds from around the world sitting at home or in a college classroom writing up unique code that'll enable anyone to pretty much see or do almost anything. And a Facebook profile visitor app is something everyone wants. ...
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  • Contributing Editor
    started a blog post Man Gets Scammed on #Facebook for $350
    in News

    Man Gets Scammed on #Facebook for $350

    There were people in the past running a Publisher's Clearing House scam. They were not apart of PCH. They somehow got names and numbers of people, called them up, told them they won $450,000 and a new Chevrolet, and to wire them $499 by getting a money order from Walmart. That scam was reported to the Del...
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  • Change Your Mindset and Stop Posting Nonsense to Facebook: Too Much Money to be Made in Affiliate Marketing

    There are people in this world who do nothing more than lay into Facebook talking day in and day out about things allegedly meaningless. They possibly have a large count of Facebook friends they stay connected with and desire to garner attention to their profile throughout the day. They post memes, comical videos, and small posts about almost anything just to see who will respond to them and click the Facebook like button. Very little do they know they could easily chang...
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  • #Zuckerberg Holding Social Networking Financial Heavyweight Title?

    Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg shows no signs of stopping in his social networking and entrepreneurial endeavors. The social media billionaire, who is under 30 years of age at this time, continues to remain successful, while on his "A+ game," increasing Facebook ad sales and applied to the NASDAQ list.

    Related: Facebook empire starting from scratch Reports also mention Facebook is on track to potentially and virtually earn somewhere in the ballpark of 6.1 billion on Bloomberg. Is he worth more than 6...
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  • Using #Facebook to Build Your Business

    If there's anything Facebook is good for, it’s building your traffic, so your business visibility can expand. Businesses of all kinds are flocking to Facebook for free and low-cost web traffic. YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook today are all sure means of building your business, and converting free traffic to potentially new customers, and sales. Facebook can’t be ignor...
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  • Does it Matter if People Don't ''Like'' on #Facebook?

    Facebook is a social networking site almost everyone and their grandparents use in their daily lives. The Like button is the quickest way for people to share content with their friends on Facebook. Some people don't mind about how many likes they get. Others do because they measure things such as i...
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  • Did #Facebook Succeed Penetrating Chinese Markets?

    If Facebook succeeded making its presence felt in Chinese internet markets, the social network possibly gained leverage in tapping more than 400 million users. What's the world's famous social network's next business move? Bloomberg...
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  • Zac Johnson Shows #AffiliateMarketers How to Capitalize from #Facebook and #Twitter

    Facebook and Twitter are two of the world's most famous social networks. One is a microblogging service and the other one is a virtual tell all of your business social network. Either way you look at Facebook and twitter they are potential cash machines to affiliate marketers. Zac Johnson is a multimillionaire affiliate marketer that loves what he does which is helping others to succeed financially through education and opportunities through affiliate marketing. Johnson sent out the following e-mail newsletter message to subscribers mentioning the following about making money on Facebook and Twitter: We’ve already covered a lot of important informati...
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  • Quality #Content and Steady Web Traffic Equals #PassiveIncome

    Josh Coffy, founder of Flight Media recently released a free downloadable guide for new and experienced online marketers. Whether you’re new or intermediate in the world of Internet marketing, everyone seeks unique...
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  • #MarkZuckerberg Needs to Hurry Up and Roll Out the 'Dislike Button'

    Image: BusinessInsider.com CNN Money had an interesting article back in September 2015 about Zuck possibly rolling out the "Facebook dislike button." While the article says the company has finally decided to work on the project, nothing emerged from Facebook yet in reference to the new button. Did Facebook decided to quietly ...
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