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  • #Forbes Encourages Everyone to Start a Business

    Unemployed? Looking for a new career while employed? Don't know where your life is going career wise? Unsure of your retirement and if you'll be financially secure in the future? Great. If any or all of this is lingering on your mind, now might be the time for you to start a business. If you dare to discover your true entrepreneurial strength and want to get your feet wet in the world of traditional or online business, Forbes recommends you to start your own business and get organized "with no delay" while striving for excellence.


    Unemployed Americans have a unique advantage in starting their own business. How so? Most Americans today who are unemployed have a positive advantage of mentally regrouping their career strategy. They may possibly have the time to rethink their approach towards life. They have free time on their hands to optimize their resume, perform necessary research on the type of business they may potentially be interested in starting, alongside possibly searching for daytime employment.

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  • #StartupAdvice: Have Faith in the Journey to #Startup Greatness

    Can any ol' startup thrive in today's world of information technology? Yes and no. An online startup in some people's minds can be seen as an awkward idea transformed into reality. The tech transformation-start up can be in the form of starting a blog or website discussing a certain topic, and off-the-wall web application that goes from a strange idea to possibly 100 million downloads in less than three months and being featured on sites such as,,,,, and, and more. And the success of any online startup also and mainly has to do with the entrepreneurs mindset and their visionary thinking where they see their startup in the next 5 to 10 years. ...
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  • #FailureisNotanOption: Stay the Course With God and #NeverGiveUp

    Relying on God and prayer to see you through life's uncertainties is true transformation of the soul and heart. To progress daily is a blessing. To strive in positive life changes is to pass inspiration abroad. To analyze self in front of others and openly work to correct thyself shows humility. To help someone else in need with useful information or acts of generosity open doors of blessings from above. To forgive is to cleanse your heart. To talk to The ...
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  • #Businessand Faith: Faith and Works in Starting and Running a Profitable #OnlineBusiness

    In all you do as an entrepreneur who is starting out online, just know that success will not happen for you overnight. It's a very patient process. Until you start to see viable results from your online business, continue pressing forward. A majority of the world's most successful entrepreneurs online and offline were once the biggest losers during their humble beginnings. Each and every entrepreneur had to overcome some kind of adversity and act on a leap of faith before becoming a huge success. From not finishing college, to living at home with your mother past a certain age, not having money to buy nice things and to take someone out on a date, and so forth. Entrepreneurs who achieved their dreams endured hardship faithfully. And with the free world of the world wide web called the internet, the world can be your oyster in starting and building a successful online business. Taking that leap of faith on your behalf is "long overdue." Starting your online business is not as hard as you think. Believ...
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  • #Forbes: 10 Best Cities for Marketing Jobs

    Give thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ always if you're blessed to get a job in marketing anywhere in the united states. And if you don't yet have a job, thank God anyway. He will make a way out of no way for you. If you land a job at Forbes doing anything, you pretty much achieved job security. If your degree is in marketing and looking to take your career to the next level in today's world, consider relocating to nyc. That is, if you don't mind riding the new york subway to and from w...
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  • The Goodness of Starting an #OnlineSideHustle

    Helping your church and pastor through financial contributions and service from the heart is the real transformation and will keep you residually blessed by the
    Lord Jesus Christ

    who is

    alone. Truth: Today’s era is not the era for relying on your employer and job for a healthy pension. Pensions are pretty much out the door. Wondering why companies today are quick to offer you a 401 (k) plan? Corporations know people are spending happy. Once your 401 (k) is spent to the bone, you’ll be right back out in the workforce slaving away. Even if it means you’re 80+ years old and looking for a job again. That’s the iron-clad truth. However, if you have an alternative plan for financial supplementation to add to your retirement income or existing day job income, you may fair out well if you start an online side hustle from your laptop or comfort of your home and steadily work at it. 'Work Slowly and Steadily Toward Your Online Business Goals' Maybe you’re one of those people who work a job where your employer treats you bad. While the disparate treatment from your boss could be a silent deterrent toward you quitting your job, you could use that treatment from your employer as indirect motivation to start an online business and work on it in your spare time. What skill set or special craft do you harness that people will find value from? Is it blogging and writing a certain style about a favorite topic that’ll attract and retain readers? Do you have a love for writing on things such as shoe and sneaker reviews, computer review...
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  • New York City #GovernorCuomo Giving Out #FreeCollegeTuition?

    #NYGovernorCuomo giving out #CollegeTuitionGrants? -

    While the bill has not yet passed in legislation, continue believing faithfully that this kind gesture on behalf of the Lord Jesus Christ possibly moving through NYC government will hopefully come into fruition. While Donald Trump has the upper hand on winning the United States presidency over Hillary Clinton which may have left New Yorkers in an upset, they have something good to look forward to. The proposed move by current New York City Governor Andrew Cuomo to give New York residents free college tuition may upset Donald Trump. Do you think Trump will feel phazed by Cuomo's move to help residents o...
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  • Contributing Editor
    started a blog post Everyday is Opportunity for a #NewBeginning
    in News

    Everyday is Opportunity for a #NewBeginning

    Whether people acknowledge your positive attributes or not, keep moving forward at full strength and always know


    smiles upon you, knowing you can keep going the extra mile with

    Christ by your side! #quote #quotes #quotation #quotations #inspire #inspiration #inspirational #inspirationalquotes #encourage #encouragement #motivate #motivation #motivational #motivationalquotes #positive #persevere #positivity #positivequotes #perseverance #personalgrowth #personaldevelopment #hope #stayhopeful #vegan #vegansofig #vegansofinstagram A photo posted by Jennie Evelyn (@sunshinyjennie23) on Jan 10, 2016 at 5:20am PST Starting your morning on a positive note can sometimes be challenging. Everyone has their days when they don't feel so positive. Always remember a new day is an opportunity to grow in positive ways. There's always room for improvement, so look at everyday as an opportunity for spiritual, physical, and emotional improvement. Keep moving forward when you feel you can't. Happy Sunday from DrewryNewsNetwork. #positivequotes #groweveryday #fitness #healthyeating A photo posted by Vicki Finney (@vickfinn) on Jan 10, 2016 at 5:41am PST P.S. Keep your new year's goal at heart of making healthy changes by eating right, losing weight, and being a champion for change. Change starts in you....
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  • Achieving #EntrepreneurialTransition by Faith

    Whether you're looking to raise money online for whatever cause for starting up a business from small beginnings, entrepreneurs from all walks of life need to have one thing. Faith. Just having the size of a mustard seed of it has the authority to make anything good coming to fruition.

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