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  • #Forbes Encourages Everyone to Start a Business

    Unemployed? Looking for a new career while employed? Don't know where your life is going career wise? Unsure of your retirement and if you'll be financially secure in the future? Great. If any or all of this is lingering on your mind, now might be the time for you to start a business. If you dare to discover your true entrepreneurial strength and want to get your feet wet in the world of traditional or online business, Forbes recommends you to start your own business and get organized "with no delay" while striving for excellence.


    Unemployed Americans have a unique advantage in starting their own business. How so? Most Americans today who are unemployed have a positive advantage of mentally regrouping their career strategy. They may possibly have the time to rethink their approach towards life. They have free time on their hands to optimize their resume, perform necessary research on the type of business they may potentially be interested in starting, alongside possibly searching for daytime employment.

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  • #GetOrganized: Asian BIllionaire is Youngest on Forbes List

    He did it in 5-6 years. Started from scratch and grew it into more than a virtual social networking chia pet. Yoshikazu Tanaka is a young man holding enormous wealth. He started from the bottom like most entrepreneurs did and worked his way up with a visionary mindset. Tanaka knows struggle and did the transformation business work. Social networking holds hidden millions in earnings from ads for those who start their own social networking portaland stay consistent with doing the work. In a personal opinion, it's viewed by some that being a billionaire is really more like a curse. Having that kind of money is really not that healthy. But, if you are a billionaire, perhaps giving the fortune away would leave anyone with a feeling of being complete, since the excessive funds one may have on hand will go to the good of helping other genuinely in need. H...
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  • #Forbes: Shortlist of '10 Best Cities for Marketing Jobs'

    If you can land a job at Forbes doing anything, you have job security in the bag. If you have a degree in marketing and looking to step your game up in your career, you may want to possibly consider relocating to New York City. That is, if you don't mind possibly traveling the NYC subway to and from work every day in your new founded marketing job in the Big Apple. A college degree in marketing with related experience allows anyone to work anywhere in the world for any company, knowing your degree will never get "played out," while potentially getting you big bucks in your new marketing job, wherever you choose to work in the United States. The job market is tough today. If you're blessed to get a job in marketing anywhere in the United States, go for the gusto. Today's market virtually forced a lot of people to start their own businesses as a side hustle and build their future from scratch. If you're able to get a job in marketing and build your business simultaneously without burning yourself out daily, again, go for the gusto. Not everyone is able to maintain a day job whether it be in marketing and build a business at the same time. ...
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  • #Forbes: #Pinterest to Roll Out 'Ads'

    Forbes spills the beans on Pinterest. The company, now valued at over 7 billion in corporate earnings allows business, everyday people and politicians to create free pinboard and pin meaningful content as they please, with the ability to insert a link pointing back to any URL or deep pages within a blog, discussion forum or website.

    Related: Pinterest: Here Come The Ads (But They'll Be Tasteful!) - Forbes.com This method of "free will marketing" enables anyone to drive free traffic from ...
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  • #GoingGlobal: Does the World Care if #Facebook Turns 10?

    Forbes discusses Facebook's 10th birthday and a successful decade in business as the world's most popular social network. As the world knows, Mark Zuckerberg originally launched the social network in 2004 as a means for Harvard University students to stay connected. Zuckerberg's idea became so successful that he virtually didn't have to pay for online advertising of Facebook, as word of mouth virally spread about Zuckerberg's social network invention around campus and abroad. ...
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  • #BuildingYourBusiness: #MakingMoneyOnline is Mentally Liberating

    The beauty of building a business on the World Wide Web either from your home computer or laptop is that once your business starts making satisfactory money on the web, it allows you extra time to spend with your family and spouse. If you ever wondered what it's like to start a business from scratch and work towards accomplishing the life of a .com lifestyle, continue reading. It's certainly not a get rich quick overnight operation. There's lots and lots of work involved, as you'll have to also write "lots and lots of content." When you build your online business from scratch to the point of making money online steadily, not only is it mentally liberating, but it allows you to free up your time. The truth of the matter is building a business on the World Wide Web from scratch without resorting to paid online advertising services is very difficult, especially when you are a one-person operation. Launching and oper...
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  • #Forbes: 10 Best Cities for Marketing Jobs

    Give thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ always if you're blessed to get a job in marketing anywhere in the united states. And if you don't yet have a job, thank God anyway. He will make a way out of no way for you. If you land a job at Forbes doing anything, you pretty much achieved job security. If your degree is in marketing and looking to take your career to the next level in today's world, consider relocating to nyc. That is, if you don't mind riding the new york subway to and from w...
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  • BlogHer Helps #FemaleBloggers Diversify Online Income

    Blogging is big business if you don’t already know. People like blogging mastermind john Chow have been blogging since the internet dark ages before affiliate marketing and search engines like Google and YaHoO! Came into existence. Back in the internet dark ages, the dark web was a black background with green letters; the web was originally intended back then only for the U.S. government to exchange information on what was known then as “intranet.” Today is a different story. Despite enormous changes and living in the age of information technology, blogging proves itself to be a stable means of a person’s voice being heard and a stable means of earning income from ads on a blog. CNN did a very nice story about blogging and how it can potentially be a decent six figure salary for anyone that puts their mind to succeeding as a part time or full time blogger. Today, female bloggers earn just as much money as men do, if more.

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  • #Forbes Preaches Importance of Early Entrepreneurship

    Forbes continues to be a positive business leader in the world of valuable financial information sharing. DrewryNewsNetwork respects Forbes, as well as the other wonderful financial information titans. In an article on the Forbes website, it talks up the sensitive and thought-provoking topics of "Starting a Company When You're 25, Not 52."

    Are you getting organized with NO delay when it comes to being the CEO of your own business, or just procrastinating and allowing time to pass you by?...
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  • Contributing Editor
    started a topic Economics of #CloudComputing

    Economics of #CloudComputing

    Forbes has an interesting article discussing cloud computing economics. The content of the Forbes article discusses cost reduction strategies and living in the age of digital information. Publishing information to the web from a cloud server potentially becomes costly because corporations not only look to cache large sums of information one company servers, but also archive information which requires large amounts of disk space and memory-RAM on cloud servers. Companies look for unique cost reduction strategies maintain cloud servers and improve productivity, online sales, and use digital services to its fullest potential to deliver satisfaction to customer...
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  • #Forbes Offers Ideas on Businesses Anyone Can Start With Almost no #Money

    Stop looking at your current situation and what you don't have. The best of the best started businesses in the worst times of their lives. What makes you so different from them? It's all about having a positive mindset in doing the transformation business work. Not sure what kind of business you should start? No worries. Just watch the video by Forbes and be inspired to get started while feeling financially uncomfortable. The Forbes YouTube video discusses seven different businesses you can start tomorrow with virtually little or no money. Acting on faith without a clear vision is how most entrepreneurs st...
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  • #Forbes Gives Inside View of #YouTube Video Factory

    Say what? YouTube.com has a virtual video factory? How come people haven't been informed about this sooner? Most people know about the corporate YouTube headquarters that once started out above a pizza shop in California. But a separate YouTube video factory?...
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  • Humble Beginnings of ItWorks! CEO #MarkPentecost

    Always give the Lord Jesus thanks for all the success you gain in your business journey to entrepreneurial excellence. Putting GOD first guarantees success! You probably never knew who he was in the past nor the successful product he continues to profit from today. His name is Mark Pentecost. Just like an everyday person who gets up in the morning...
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  • The Honorable Business Transformation of #SarahBlakely

    At age 29 she used her life savings $5,000 to start her own business. Of course, she met challenges along the way. Her path to entrepreneurial success was not easy. Especially, trying to succeed in a business world dominated by men. Through it all, she not only made a positive mark by thriving in her business endeav...
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  • How Would You Build a #Business From Scratch?

    #SirRichardBranson and #others #speak on #Forbes about taking #risks as an #entrepreneur and #starting a #business - www.drewrynewsnetwork.com/forum/business/entrepreneurial-upliftment

    If you had no help, unemployable, broke, and fake friends and family turned their back on you, what would you to do make a transformational life comeback? Would you fold up and go live at the YMCA? Sleep on a park bench? Sit around and whine about what's not right in your life and blame others for your failure? Or, put your heart, soul, and back into starting a business from scratch and faifully build from the ground floor up?

    Forbes has an interesting article discussing the topic of business you can start from scratch. Twenty businesses you can start with literally no money.

    Food for thought about...
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