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  • #Forbes Encourages Everyone to Start a Business

    Unemployed? Looking for a new career while employed? Don't know where your life is going career wise? Unsure of your retirement and if you'll be financially secure in the future? Great. If any or all of this is lingering on your mind, now might be the time for you to start a business. If you dare to discover your true entrepreneurial strength and want to get your feet wet in the world of traditional or online business, Forbes recommends you to start your own business and get organized "with no delay" while striving for excellence.


    Unemployed Americans have a unique advantage in starting their own business. How so? Most Americans today who are unemployed have a positive advantage of mentally regrouping their career strategy. They may possibly have the time to rethink their approach towards life. They have free time on their hands to optimize their resume, perform necessary research on the type of business they may potentially be interested in starting, alongside possibly searching for daytime employment.

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  • Food for Thought: #Jobs and Starting a #SmallBusiness During and After #College

    Maybe this is an indirect hint of encouragement to start your own business. Who knows. A majority of America's youth go through four years of student loans, graduate from college with a bachelor's, Master's, J.D. or Ph.D post-doctorate. Some end up in debt paying back student loans.

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  • Striving to Serve You With Lots and Lots of Quality #Content

    While this site strives to grow and serve you more in being useful in your daily web activities, Drewry News Network is constantly working around the clock in adding more content, video, and more to...
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  • #Capitalize off of Sleazy #Dating Partners by Thinking Positive and #StartaBusiness

    Have you ever struggled with staying and thinking positive after a breakup? Have you ever been dismissed from a relationship because the one you were temporarily dating was secretly sleeping with their ex? A person can't be a professional corporate events director and sleep with their ex at the same time, thinking they hold positive spiritual and relationship worth. ...
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  • Humble Beginnings of ItWorks! CEO #MarkPentecost

    Always give the Lord Jesus thanks for all the success you gain in your business journey to entrepreneurial excellence. Putting GOD first guarantees success! You probably never knew who he was in the past nor the successful product he continues to profit from today. His name is Mark Pentecost. Just like an everyday person who gets up in the morning...
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  • How to #GetOrganized in The #NewYear

    1st in your life is true transformation of the heart. Striving for excellence to get organized in life is a tough path to walk. You lose friends. Family and fake friends smile in your face one minute and say one thing, but do another and expect you to chase them after they walk away. Organizational leadership requires any aspiring leader to get out of their comfort zone and into the positive mindset of quickly adapting to change, no matter emotionally and spiritually challenging the transformation. Healthy ways to start any new year:...
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  • Why It's Not a Good Idea To Get Your Ex Back

    When a relationship is terminated, you should cease from all communication with that person. Does not matter how deep your feelings are for the individual. Cease from any and all communication, whether it be on social media, telephone, or otherwise. No speaking through other people is allowed. Forget ...
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  • How to Use Negativity to Succeed in Life

    You already know life has problems. No one can breeze through life without experiencing adversity. It can be loss of a job, unemployment, rejection in relationships, decrease in salary, falsely accused, blackballed, slandered, thrown away by some family members because of secret jealousy, judged by phony friends due to your situation and finances, homelessness, financial instability, or not given credit when due. Whatever the adversity experienced in your life, it doesn't mean the end of the world for you. How you deal with problems in life can make or break you. ...
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  • Use Failure as a Stepping Stone to Abnormal Success

    Every successful larger-than-life entrepreneur today experienced the most humiliating failures. Nobody started out on top. If you want to succeed in business and in the uncertain game called life, you will fail during humble beginnings. When you fail while starting out in your business venture, it does not mean you won't be a successful...
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