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  • #GoodSolidNutrition: 5 Easy to Prepare Foods that Naturally Raise #Testosterone

    Men over 30 experience instantly declining levels of the primary hormone known as Testosterone. Testosterone, also dubbed as "T," is responsible for helping to maintain numerous functions on the male body. Healthy levels of natural Testosterone help men achieve more than building muscle in the gym and going above and beyond in the bed...
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  • #Diet: Overcoming Depression With Faith

    Having faith in GOD and self allows you to be teachable and an open heart of free will to change. Believe it or not, the food you eat affects your overall attitude. Your food choices affect how you look at life. Your food choices affect body composition. Your food choices impact your health for years to come. Healthy food ingested benefits spirit, mind and body for years to come. Junk food detracts from living life and your body's ability to perform at its fullest positive potential. Indeed, you are what you eat. ...
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  • How to Achieve #MarthaStewart Style Cooking Creativity

    You can achieve food preparation excellence in the kitchen when it comes to preparing attractive and nutritious meals on like Martha Stewart. While Martha is a cooking professional, all it takes is a willing mind to adapt to new and healthy thinking patterns. Martha not only keeps her audience engaged through showcasing her delicious dishes, but also offers healthy food tips and makes mouths salivate at the same time over irresistible entrees. Short of healthy ideas for preparing nutritious food? You can always tune in to Martha Stewart on YouTube, on You...
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  • What Purpose Does #Ashwaganda Serve in the #Body?

    What is Ashwagandha? Watch this educationally informative video by founder Drew Canole and learn about the amazing herb Ashwagandha that contains beneficial health properties.

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  • #HealthyEating Tip of The Day

    Instead of preparing lean meats and fish in gravy, sauce, or in a pan with liquid, it''s a better practice to pre-season your lean meats, and tofu, before cooking. Place Tofu, lean meats or fish in a steaming pot, and steam your foods instead of preparing them in sauce or gravy. By doing things this way, you elimi...
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  • Can #Vegetarians Meet Daily #Protein Intake Requirements?

    Vegan bodybuilders struggle with getting the right amount of protein in their daily diets. Though they avoid eating meat such as beef, pork, chicken, turkey, venison and so on, there are creative ways to meet daily protein requirements for muscle growth. The following excerpt is borrowed from a Facebook fanpage: "...
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  • #EatingRight to Improve #Health and Maintain Longevity

    Healthy eating and transformation goes beyond an 18 week fitness journey. It's a lifetime journey striving for excellence. Getting organized across the board with maintaining consistent good solid nutrition, cardiovascular activity, exercise, and positive thinking are feasible goals anyone can achieve. When you do the transformation work in your mind and heart of having faith and putting faith in action with work, your results can t...
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  • Tips for #EatingHealthy and Getting Ripped

    They always say when something is in a person, you most likely can't take it out of them. If a person is determined to succeed despite mistakes made along the way, they get back up and keep doing the transformation work at full strength. They don't give up for anyone. They may take a while off, bu...
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  • #LYFEKitchen Expands #HealthyFastFood Throughout #America?

    What a truly inspiring thing to see new health food restaurant chain featured on Bloomberg television. The founder of life kitchen is a former McDonald's executive who felt America needed change. A change in choices people make when purchasing fast food. He came up with the multimillion dollar idea to launch the company. He's consistently providing Americans with hearty nutrition and inspiring people to stay consistent when it comes to eating right. Can Americans look forward to seeing LYFE Kitchen in states such as New Jersey, New York, Virgi...
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  • Contributing Editor
    started a topic GloZell Eating Baby Food?

    GloZell Eating Baby Food?

    GloZell earns healthy money from her videos on The video above is eye-catching due to this young lady eating what seems to be baby food. If GloZe...
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  • Helpful Year-Round Diet and Nutrition Tip

    You might find yourself being a happy camper by shopping at your local farmers market instead of the supermarket. If you live nearby a farmers market be sure to visit them weekly. Why? Fruit and v...
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  • #CheesecakeFactory Review: Fresh #GrilledSalmon Entree

    The portion sizes are just right. Not too much and not too little. did an excellent job with this dish. What dish exactly? It's fresh grilled Salmon with delicious sauce with corn and mashed potatoes. This is a wonderful dish to eat if you're a person on a diet or looking to build lean muscle. Anoth...
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  • Why It's Good to Eat Garlic With Food

    When making healthy changes in your eating habits and watching everything you eat in efforts of accomplishing your weight loss goals, consuming raw garlic is a great way to increase fat...
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  • Benefits of Eating Healthy

    Image: WebMD It's always a challenge to stay on the right track of eating healthy. A positive and iron will attitude towards making healthy changes gives anyone the upper hand in being a champion for better health. While it's virtually guaranteed anyone will make mistakes staying on the right path of eating healthy by slipping and eating ...
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