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  • Rejected to #Millionaire: They Come Running Back When They See You 'Doing Good'

    Is this the truth? Rejecting the wrong man only puts him closer to getting rich and forgetting you exist. A savvy thinking man gets glad, not mad....
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  • Transformation Through Character and #Health

    Transforming into healthier living holds unique benefits. The human spirit is lifted into a higher positive state. Mental clarity settles in, allowing the mind to engage into deeper intellectual activities, such as pursuing...
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  • #RealTalk: Removing Phony Facebook Friends and Family Members off Your Friends List

    Seek The LORD Jesus Christ for achieving transformation progress in the quest for righteousness. When it comes to Facebook friends, not every friend is your friend on the ever so popular social networking site. That goes for fake friends who hang around just because you have something they want, or phony family members. While Facebook is a wonderful networking social portal on the World Wide Web to reconnect with old classmates, make new friends, and build your business simultaneously by way of properly utilizing Facebook, there are so-called friends on the friends lists of ...
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  • #PersonalDebt: Dave Ramsey Speaks on 'Hope and Money'

    When it comes to taking financial advice who's a successful business CEO, it's best to make sure you used every part of the Q-tip to clean out thy ears. Accomplished entrepreneur Dave Ramsey speak in a YouTube.com video about life and overcoming personal debt....
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  • Contributing Editor
    started a blog post #ExoticCreatures: Would You Own This as a Pet?
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    #ExoticCreatures: Would You Own This as a Pet?

    These boneless creatures have a biblical history dating back thousands of years.What's your feeling towards owning these reptile creatures? Are they worthy to be owned as housepets?...
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  • #HigherLearning: Why You Should Pursue an MBA

    It's extremely difficult in today s era to stand out from the average job applicant. Companies are raising the bar of expectation, wanting job applicants and current employees to have more than a Bachelor's degree. Nowadays, most companies are looking at bachelors degrees in the same vision virtually as high school diplomas. While a Bachelor's degree is always good to have and will surely open doors to lucrative employment opportunities, the buck should not stop there. Going further with in your pursuit to achieve hi...
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  • #Philadelphia: Heartbreaking Video of Gentleman Allegedly High on 4th and Lehigh

    According to this video uploaded to a Facebook page, this took place in Philadelphia at 4th and Lehigh Avenue. The young man in this video was allegedly high off of Molly. What is ...
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  • #WhataFool: Plastic Surgery Obsession Drives German Actress Out of Her Mind?

    No flesh stays youthful for a lifetime. You can be a millionaire of billionaire. Your flesh will still age regardless how much money you have.
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  • Troubled #NewarkDelaware Man Facing Kidnapping Charges

    Calvin Davis of Newark, Delaware, brother of Curtis Daniels, was arrested by either New Castle County or Delaware State Police 2 days ago. Davis allegedly walked into a day care and suspectedly snatch 2 infants. The employees allegedly wrestled the infants away from Calvin and he took flight afterwards. Location where Davis allegedly tried to snatch infants: Please pray for this troubled person because prayer and faith can turn anyone's life around. How does his mother Anna feel about this?...
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  • Don't be Surprised at Anything #DonaldTrump Does or Says

    Trump.com's the Donald now authorizes the United States military to hand out free tactical weapons to police officers as a means of allegedly controlling the people. Just know that everything happens for a reason because scripture has to be fulfilled. In other political news... North Korea just fired a missile that successfully crossed into Japan's airspace. How will the Donald and Japan react to that? Will Kim Jong-Un of North Korea trigger a reaction from the United States that'll lean toward DonaldjTrump.com starting World War III?...
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  • 5 Simple Ways to Overcome #Rejection and Move On

    #love and #relationships; getting over the #breakup - drewrynewsnetwork.com

    1. Work on a weight loss transformation - This'll keep your mind occupied off of the feeling after parting ways with someone you held dear to your heart. It won't be easy because you're human. Fighting off romantic feelings is always difficult because you're human. But once the unhealthy weight starts coming...
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  • #MatureMen: How to Profit Mentally from #RejectionbyWomen

    On a social networking site, a female makes a post that says verbatim: "While you're trying to spit your game, learn to swallow my rejection lmao!!!!!!!!!" For a savvy minded person, rejection is opportunity inverted. It takes a determined, yet, humble man to profit mentally from rejection. Profiting from rejection does NOT entail financially capitalizing and flossing money in the woman's face who rejected you. That only makes you look like a desperate fool. Profiting mentally from rejection entails deploying a number of self-improvement techniques. First, dealing with the feelings of being rejected all...
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  • 5 Inspiring Ways to Overcome Life’s #AwesomeChallenges

    #ThinkPositive while #strivingforexcellence to #overcome #obstaclesoflife - www.drewrynewsnetwork.com

    Things happen in everyone’s life for a reason whether spontaneous or planned. Everything that’s meant to be adverse for challenging in one’s life journey to eternal perfection is not always bad. A bad thing can transform to good if you see the bigger picture in the midst of troubling times and rely on the Lord Jesus to guide your footsteps. You’ll fall for anything if you refuse to stand for something good or stand up for yourself. Events in your life not only bring out unique qualities about yourself, but hidden things in a person’s heart about you. Either way you look at it, be thankful you’re going through life’s awesome challenges as it molds you to be better spiritually and earthly in all you do. Always, always, always give God the praise in good and bad times. It’s those sensitive experiences that shape you into the soldier the Lord thy God wants you to be for His perfect purpose and will for your life.

    1.Read scripture - The Bible is all truth. And it’s also a natural medication and remedy to every challenge you face in your life. Reading scripture will definitely soothe your soul, provide answers to unanswered questions in your heart-soul, help you rest easy at night, and keep you inspired for total soul salvation - transformation.

    2. Let people go when necessary - You may or may not be one who grew up with certain childhood friends you feel you have an unbreakable bond with. Drop them when necessary like a "1st date girlfriend!" One thing you’ll notice is when you make...
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  • Contributing Editor
    started a blog post GOD is Real Whether You Believe or Not
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    GOD is Real Whether You Believe or Not

    spared the driver's life as the driver survived driving off a cliff. The person had no choice to learn a valuable life lesson about texting while driving. This is a clear example demonstrating to people that it's not all text on your cell phone, while driving. Many states have now laid down a law aga...
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  • How to Deal with Negative People and Stay Mentally #Healthy

    Prayer alone can help you reach full strength to intellectually overcoming negative people and using them to your positive advantage of receiving more blessings from

    GOD Building muscle for life goes way beyond doing cardio and exercising at the gym. It's more to it than buying and drinking protein shakes. It's about staying in a positive mental state when dealing wi...
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