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  • #SnowBeach: DrewryNewsNetwork Makes Special Request of #RalphLauren in 2017 - 'Request Granted'

    Lo heads out of Flatbush Brooklyn and throughout New York City in the height of the Polo era in the 1990's have been longing for Ralph Lauren, born Ralph Lifshitz of Bronx, NY, to bring back the vintage Polo 1990's collection.

    Related: Polo Ralph Lauren To Retro Legendary “Snow Beach” Pullover - hiphopwired.com As many know, Lauren has been struggling to bring back most of the favorite pieces Lo heads truly enjoyed; some of which include Polo knit bear sweaters, polo crest knits, Polo P-Wing, Polo stadium 1992, Polo sportsman, Polo Indian head knit sweaters, polo cycle jackets, and more. Ralph has been listening to the people and has brought back some of the goodies galore from the vintage days. DrewryNewsNetwork is quite confident old school Lo heads from Flatbush Brooklyn and throughout New York City will see this message, especially claimed Lo Life founders Rack-Lo and Thirstin Howl III, along with other Lo heads such as King Fila of Flatbush, Dallas Penn, BEK Live, and Fredro Starr of Onyx. Famous crews from East Flatbush Brooklyn known for flamming Polo:...
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  • #Polo: Ralph Lauren Brings Back Classic Teddy Bear Knits and #92PoloSki

    Ralph Lauren, born Ralph Lifshitz from Bronx, New York, must've been keeping his ear tuned to the streets of Brooklyn and elsewhere. For years, people in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn, along with fellow New Yorkers from the other 4 boroughs, voiced their feelings loudly to "Polo Lauren" about bringing back the old school Polo classics from the 1990's. "Polo Ralphie" listened.

    Some of the famous Polo wearables from the 1990''s include:
    • Polo P-Wing
    • Polo Teddy bear
    • Polo Snow Beach
    • Polo
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  • #LoLife Movement in #Brooklyn and Throughout #NYC

    To this very day, cats are still striving to keep the legacy of Lo Life alive. Even rapper Jay-Z Read “BK Anthem” by Jay Z on Genius knew about the shiesty Lo Life movement. Back then, if you rocked that Lo and you walked for self, the best choice was to stay nearby the "yibs." Yibs, meaning where you lived. Today, it doesn't mean anything to boost Polo.com anymore. It was just a phase of life for most inner city youth back in the early 1990's. ...
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  • Boosting #Polo by #RalphLauren is 'Played Out'

    In the late 1980's, a small group of youngsters from Brooklyn formed a crew known as Lo Lives. The Lo Life crew was allegedly started by a guy who calls himself "Rack Lo." In that era, many inner city youth from parts of Brooklyn, particularly from the east Flatbush section, would band together and either ride the bus or most likely the NYC subway to Manhattan with intentions of boosting that Lo. Lo, meaning Polo by Ralph Lauren. Most of the Lo Lives from Brooklyn were so successful at boosting Lo that it became a full-time career for them and an addiction that spilled over into adulthood. Back then, boosting Polo.com was so serious that most Lo heads spent time in Spofford juvenile jail or headed off to Rikers Island all in the name of "boosting that Lo." Back then, if you were seen by yourself and didn't have props with you at the moment moving, cats would run up, circle you, and in some cases, flip a razor blade from underneath their tongue and put it to the side of your face and say "son, run that Lo, son." That's how serious the "Lo movement" was back then in Brooklyn. The Lo movement in Brooklyn became so popular that it spilled over to other boroughs of New York City. Real heads from Flatbush who stayed rocking Lo back in the day:...
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  • Origins of the #LoLife #Fashion Gang in #Brooklyn

    For those who don't know, the Lo Life fashion gang originated out of Brooklyn, New York. They originated in the early 1980s in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn, progressing across numerous neighborhoods throughout the borough. Lo Lives is a clan of inner-city youth on a mission to steal as much ...
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