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  • Benefits of Cardiovascular Exercise

    Believe it or not , most of us perform cardiovascular activity in some form each and every day, even if it consists of walking a few blocks from your place of residence, to the bus stop, and or subway station. Any kind of walking activity, whether doing it to improve your exercise regimen, or just being productive in or before you start your day job benefits your human metabolism. Regardless of how it’s performed, it all benefits your metabolism and train of thought, in terms of being more intellectually acute. When a person amasses body fat, the mind ...
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  • 2 Easy Ways to Increase Your #Metabolism

    Have you ever wondered why you get headaches sometimes and feel fatigued? Trouble concentrating in studies such as Business, History, and Mathematics? Trouble sleeping at night? It's possibly due to excessive weight gain or not eating enough nutritious meals throughout the day. When you avoid eating every few hours, don't drink enough water...
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  • Contributing Editor
    started a topic ​Benefits of #WeightLoss

    ​Benefits of #WeightLoss

    Losing weight is more than looking good on the outside. It's a state of mind and journey for life. There's so much more to it then getting a smaller waist, fitting in those skinny jeans again, eating smaller meals, and feeling like a different person. What some people don't look at or think about before a...
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  • Simple Ways to Achieve #BetterHealth in The #NewYear

    The new year presents everyone with opportunities to make all kinds of healthy changes. A chance to lose weight. To work uninterrupted in building and rebuilding your body. A chance to get back on track with healthy eating habits. A chance to mend broken relationships. A chance to RIGHT wrongs. A chance t...
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  • Inspiring #WeightLoss #Transformation of Tevante

    CNN.com has a beautiful weight loss transformation success story on a gentleman named Tevante. He was a blubber hound in high school and often rejected. Depressed, he continued eating and falling deeper into the web of unhealthy weight gain. As CNN reports in the article, he started losing friends "they were fake friends anyway." If you were fat and depressed and people walked away from you, chances are, you too would be eating like there's no tomorrow and not caring about losing your health. Ironically, through faith and staying on tra...
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