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  • #MovingOn: Finding Inspiration to Move Forward Successfully After a Breakup

    #relationships and how to #handle yourself after #dating #rejection -

    Breaking up is never an easy thing to do, especially when you're deeply in love with your partner. Letting go of feelings you have for someone you truly care for is not an overnight goal that can be easily accomplished. However, breaking up can give someone a lot to think about in terms of self-improvement and analyzing where the relationship went wrong.

    Getting dumped is never an easy emotion to deal with, no matter how long you have been with the other person. If you're getting dumped during a relationship, it potentially feels like it's the end of the world in the moment. However, as the dumping is taking place, it's always a good thing to not have any communication with the person who dumped you afterwards. Why? You don't want to seem desperate in getting them back. You don't want to seem like a stalker. And most of all, getting dumped should be a time for you to analyze yourself to see ways that you can improve as a person, even if you potentially did nothing wrong during the relationship.

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  • #Education: A College Degree Unlocks Hidden Opportunity Graduating from college with a quality education has unique benefits beyond traditional purposes. College education stays with you for a lifetime, increasing your intelligence about the world around you. Relationships on a more meaningful level are forged and lifetime bonds are made. A college education also helps one take control of their lives in ways unimagined. Striving to acquire your college education is worth the 4 years of stress, intensity, staying up late to study and so much more. It's an investment in yourself that will open so many doors you've never dreamed of. Getting a college education helps to get a good paying job in a respectable position of employment, with the opportunity of advancement faster than most can move up in the company. ...
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  • Knowing When to Quietly Sever Some #BusinessRelationships


    is against "divorce and remarriage." It's "null and void." The Bible clearly speaks out against divorcing your spouse and marrying someone else while your 1st spouse is still living. The young lady in this video mentioned she's divorced. That is ok by the law of the land among people, but has not a leg to stand on before the creator of the universe. Have you ever been in business for yourself and made a small pact with someone in your line of work only to find out later when things didn't go your partner's way concerning you, they start to indirectly and subliminally call you names? Su...
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  • Business Transformation Success: Humble Beginnings of #SamOvens

    Total transformation is impossible to be completely grandfathered in overnight. It takes lots and lots of spiritual and entrepreneurial conditioning. A mind of determination and willingness to adapt in changing times. A mind refusing to quit when things get hard and when people walk away from you from non-belief. While Sam Ovens started out as small potatoes from his parents garage launching his consulting venture, he did the business work in faith steamrolling ahead at full strength. Despite his circumstance at that time acting out...
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  • Business Transformation Success: Humble Beginnings of #StephenPierce

    Public service announcement to people who build themselves up by putting others down:

    Putting others down negates from your spiritual net worth. Never write anyone off due to their adversity or financial position in the moment. They'll most likely be the same one

    blesses to overcome their woes and be a sincere hand to others in need, while the one or one's who originally conspired against the struggling person sit back in mental and spiritual agony wondering how she or he is making accelerated achievements, knowing in the back of their mind they could never speak to that person again and only try staying updated on what that person is up to nowadays through other people. If there's anything inspiring about Stephen Pierce, it's his humble beginnings and determined spirit toward succeeding and positively impacting the lives of others. He was once homeless. Stephen slept outside and had absolutely nothing. Wh...
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  • Food for Thought: Building #SpiritualMuscle Through Learning Scripture

    God is the only one who can help anyone achieve supreme muscle building beyond sculpting a lean body.

    drewrynewsnetwork openly and shamelessly acknowledges The Lord Jesus Christ as God almighty.

    Humans naturally build muscle by going to the gym, eating healthy, doing cardio, and taking vitamins. This is good for maintenance of the flesh. Scriptural learning is the foolproof and guaranteed method for building spiritually striated muscle. While most people think muscles only consist of ...
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  • Contributing Editor
    started a blog post Everyday is Opportunity for a #NewBeginning
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    Everyday is Opportunity for a #NewBeginning

    Whether people acknowledge your positive attributes or not, keep moving forward at full strength and always know


    smiles upon you, knowing you can keep going the extra mile with

    Christ by your side! #quote #quotes #quotation #quotations #inspire #inspiration #inspirational #inspirationalquotes #encourage #encouragement #motivate #motivation #motivational #motivationalquotes #positive #persevere #positivity #positivequotes #perseverance #personalgrowth #personaldevelopment #hope #stayhopeful #vegan #vegansofig #vegansofinstagram A photo posted by Jennie Evelyn (@sunshinyjennie23) on Jan 10, 2016 at 5:20am PST Starting your morning on a positive note can sometimes be challenging. Everyone has their days when they don't feel so positive. Always remember a new day is an opportunity to grow in positive ways. There's always room for improvement, so look at everyday as an opportunity for spiritual, physical, and emotional improvement. Keep moving forward when you feel you can't. Happy Sunday from DrewryNewsNetwork. #positivequotes #groweveryday #fitness #healthyeating A photo posted by Vicki Finney (@vickfinn) on Jan 10, 2016 at 5:41am PST P.S. Keep your new year's goal at heart of making healthy changes by eating right, losing weight, and being a champion for change. Change starts in you....
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  • 5 Smooth Ways to Ignore Your Ex on #Facebook and The Real World

    Going through a breakup is never nice. Feelings are involved in the moment. Female or male, no one feels good to part ways and know someone else might come along and turn your ex into their soulmate. Unless the person you broke up with either deserved it or just was not a good fit for you for whatever reason, just know it's not the end of the world, as the sea is abundantly contained with "worthwhile fish." Have you ever wondered after a breakup ...
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  • #NewCastleCountyPolice and #TomGordon Roll Out New #Security Ploy

    New Castle County Government's Thomas Gordon came up with a great idea to keep Delawareans secure. put the word out today in a news article with a video interview of the New Castle County head man in charge. The security ploy will reach the goal of effectively linking cameras posted throughout New Castle county as a stronghold for combatting potential terrorist attacks. The move will also link "thousands of private cameras," Delawareonline mentions. This will keep Delaware safe, productive and moving forward. ...
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